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  1. I previously argued on this board (or its predecessor) that Sabbath may be the most influential rock band of all time, because basically every genre of heavy metal can trace a direct lineage to that band. Our resident Beatlemaniacs reacted with measured, justifiable disagreement. JK. They fucking lost their shit.
  2. No doubt. This year is binging the entire series of AHC’s How the World Ends.
  3. No, Trump supporters are not fine with that. In fact, they wish the President wouldn’t steal money from taxpayers. But what option do they have? Siding with vicious gangs of leftist knitters?
  4. If it does, can we rename it Radical Larryngitis?
  5. Pangolin, imo. It’s basically a rat blanketed in a protective coat of toenails.
  6. Jesus, the 80s was a TV comedy wasteland. I can’t think of an 80s sitcom that I would voluntarily watch in reruns. Night Court was among my favorites at the time, but it’s unwatchable now. Even Cheers really isn’t that funny in retrospect. Seinfeld saved the sitcom. Since then we’ve had classics like News Radio, The Office, and Curb, and dozens of other shows that were better than anything on TV in the 80s.
  7. Indeed. Would I vote Sanders in the general? Sure. Biden? Okay. Warren? Yep. Buttigieg? Why not. Klobuchar? Yessir. Bloomberg? Affirmative. My test is simple: is the Dem presidential candidate a person not named “Donald Trump?” If the answer is “yes,” then I am voting for that person.
  8. I no longer have patience for petulant Dem infighting. That shit gave us a tyrant in 2016.
  9. What the fuck is this stupid schadenfreude bullshit? You sound like a Trumper idiot, relishing the taste of “liberal tears.” We’re all on the same team. Grow up, set your petty differences aside, and vote your conscience. Once the dust settles and we have a nominee, we’re all going to need to work together to get that man or woman elected.
  10. Jesus, what kind of question is this? Even Joe Walsh said “for God’s sake, please vote for whomever the D candidate is.” Joe Walsh. The tea party hero. The guy who called Obama a commie or some shit. Joe “Extreme Rightwing Nutjob” Walsh. Even that guy is saying Trump is so dangerous that GOP voters should choose any Dem over the current Republican President. What kind of unhinged lunatic do you have to be to pull the lever for Trump?
  11. He lies because, to the members of his cult, truth is subjective. He merely utters whatever he wishes the truth to be, and the brainless automatons that support him accept it.
  12. The good news is Trump’s hatred of modern art and architecture is totally novel and finds no troubling parallel in the stated beliefs of fascist dictators of the past. Oh wait...
  13. Oh great. Now the wall will be haunted!
  14. That’s actually one of the least idiotic things he’s ever said. Viruses circulate more effectively in cold weather. Warm weather will likely reduce the R0.
  15. Yep. They misspelled “pubic.”
  16. This thread about death and plague has taken a weird turn.
  17. Anastasis is a troll. His only goal is to raise the noise floor with what-about-ism bullshit. Ignore him.
  18. It’s a proven cure for vaginal dryness, as well.
  19. A lot of folks prefer the ED for tonal reasons, too. I like the brightness of the RA, but I have more tolerance for mids and highs than most. Most people would choose the ED because it’s warmer with more low end.
  20. I have the Royal Atlantic, which is in the same line of Mesas. I freaking love it. Probably my second favorite cleans of all my amps (only the PR clone beats it) and tremendous high-gain crunch. Only problem is it’s too damn heavy to move it around and it has like 11 or 13 tubes or some crazy shit.
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