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  1. Concrete has a warm, crisp tone comparable to ash and lucite.
  2. Exactly. The media needs to start openly calling this what it is: an authoritarian takeover. Stop pretending this is 2012. Things have changed and Trump isn’t just a quirky political outsider. He’s a dictator consolidating power.
  3. Trump isn’t trying to win the debate. He’s projecting control and authority. He doesn’t intend to win this election fairly. He’s planning to steal it.
  4. 41% thought Trump won? Fucking hell. Bring on the asteroid or the nuclear apocalypse or whatever. Homo sapiens is a virus.
  5. If you want to help prevent voter intimidation, you can sign up to be a poll watcher. Info available here: https://go.joebiden.com/page/s/help-protect-texas-voters
  6. Because he’s an insecure asshole who knows he’s a disgusting, detestable loser with nothing to offer and no real friends. The only thing that distracts him from his crippling but entirely justified self-loathing is insulting someone decent. Fuck him.
  7. Trump is everyone’s drunk Facebook uncle. Stupid, insecure, angry, loud. And stupid.
  8. Trump cashing in his Kardashian pardon chips. That shit is such obvious autocratic PR bullshit.
  9. Wallace doing his best Anastasis false equivalency both sides bullshit.
  10. This is a massive clusterfuck. The President is a loudmouth, rude, piece of shit bully who won’t shut his fat stupid fucking mouth.
  11. When my daughter was 10, she got into a spat with her best friend. She wrote out and threw away three letters to that friend, each less angry and more diplomatic than the last, before finally crafting a fourth draft that was an assertive yet apologetic and entirely objective olive branch. It was that moment I realized that a 10 year old girl would be a better president than Donald Trump.
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