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  1. Austin has more people than the entire population of South Dakota and Texas has three times the population of the entire country of Sweden. Just saying.
  2. With this defense the Cowboys have 8-8 written all over them which will probably win the division.
  3. I saw the spaghetti map yesterday and as PDHorn said it is a weird one for sure. Had it hitting around Corpus and then taking and abrupt right and heading for LA. One string had it headed right to Austin.
  4. I buy that stuff all of the time. It is really good if you squeeze some of the actual fruit into whatever flavor you are drinking.
  5. There really should be no debate. Wear a fucking mask people! Am I doing this right?
  6. Is your name Charlie (Andrew) Hodge?
  7. Yorkshire pudding is what I was thinking as well. If you ever make a prime rib roast make sure you use the drippings to make some. It is fucking glorius.
  8. That kind of stupidity is exactly what could kill football games at any point of the season. Dumbfucks !
  9. What kind of kid's league plays without weight limits? Fucking stupid.
  10. I set mine where the only way to see a tiny part of my car is to lean forward.
  11. "Fear mongering propaganda" ????? Are you an idiot?
  12. Well that is part of racing but not the only part. The best part of racing is the part where cars are all bunched up and passing each other.
  13. PAC12 is totally irrelevant and the BIG10 is just stupid. Fuck them both.
  14. The patty melt is exceptional there.
  15. No one I know will "order" a Sprite by saying "give me a coke". Now if you are at home you might say "let's go get a coke" and you may get a sprite when you get there.
  16. This happens in every sub movie in history. Never understood that.
  17. That is one of the best Noir movies ever made. Excellent.
  18. We Need More Cowbell
  19. The only "1" image that matters.....
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