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  1. And as soon as I trade some SP thinking Degrom is throwing some, should be back in a month the Mets announce “long game” strategy including 5 minor league starts.
  2. Another shutout for the Astros. Yawn
  3. man you know I have them WMDs you are looking for
  4. I dont know who Derka has traded away and I am trying to get some deals done here SEEEEEEE>>>>????
  5. oh. Hasnt gone through I guess?
  6. since when do you prop up the poors?
  7. I am 100% food/restaurant snob but I love Benihana. There I said it. Also there is one 3 miles from my house
  8. works for me, maybe you're just a dumbasshole
  9. I want to hear the Umps explanation for whatever the fuck he was doing.
  10. $300 for catching fish anywhere is a steal. Assume this is reef catch and not offshore?
  11. Bonefish Grille singingsands.com/placencia-belize-restaurant/ 3 adults 1 kid, multiple cocktails and it was under $100. We ate at all the best restaurants in the area and it was never more than $100. Compare that to Cabo where everything is a billion dollars. I was being generous. Its inexpensive for fabulous food and drink, I will leave it at that.
  12. Yeah you bastard. FESS UP
  13. My one takeaway after spending a week in placencia in a villa we rented is that the beaches are not the perfect white sandy oasis type. And if you want fancy beautiful resort you might be happier in MX. Outside of that would recommend the Placencia area highly. We rented a golf cart and tooled around. Food was outstanding and not expensive. Like $30-50 a person per meal with drinks. I think Turtle Inn is the nicest resort in the area.
  14. Lotta Marlins for the Pville FlipFlop
  15. Noooooo K/BB I hate K/9 I love
  16. Just realized that Gausman is pulling a Burnes. So I got that going for me since we have the worst stat of all time in the scoring.
  17. The museum area is cool and worth a look. My 7 year old loved it.
  18. its the best available bottle on the planet
  19. I have never heard anyone say a single good thing about any Fusion. Hopefully you can change that...
  20. Anyone get their young kids GE? Pain in the ass flying back from Belize and having to stand in line with the cattle.
  21. in the sixth I put the odds of a perfect game at +4500 and nono at +2500
  22. Delivery you should have used. We had dinner with wife's sister. It was raining on the way out of the parking lot and she insisted on rolling down MY window to say bye. In the rain. (that would have gotten the reaction you wanted)
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