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  1. No need to ban you. Watching you demonstrate your stupidity is pretty entertaining. Did you go to college?
  2. Proud boys took one entrance and Oath Keepers the other. And their leaders met up the night before in DC. I guess you already knew that and it’s no big deal to you
  3. Notes leftist Bill Barr up there spouting lies
  4. Seems like there’d be at least a cool mil in that
  5. A world class economist only managed to put away 500K in 40+years?
  6. If thoughts and prayers an fewer doors are good enough for school children, shoppers and churchgoers by God they’re good enough for govt employees
  7. This went exactly how I expected. Well done all
  8. You’re supposed to be arguing AGAINST ARs (if you have land anywhere in Texas you know) The only way this gets fixed is at the ballot box. Convince your friends and family to vote
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