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  1. 100%. If you listen to most pro life speakers, they blame “promiscuous” women within a sentence or two after their opening comment about protecting the unborn child. And you definitely never hear them blame their sons for participating in the pregnancy.
  2. I guess even the hard core trumpers have too many mypillows in their house now so Lindell needs to find a new grift. Coffee is a decent choice. Buy the worst, cheapest coffee you can’t find, slap on some MAGA branding. Profit.
  3. Why am I not surprised that A&M had a branch of the KKK on campus. Or am I wrong to assume past tense?
  4. Green dress is Larry David’s daughter.
  5. I have the newish Sonos beam and it rocks. The Arc is the next level up and fits your dimensions. $900 though.
  6. Im not saying that usdc isn’t worth a dollar. I’m saying that you don’t know where Yotta has stored that usdc in order to earn enough to pay 4%. Celsius had billions (usd value) of crypto holdings paying high interest for crypto investors and they’re now refusing withdrawals. IF, and it’s a big IF, Yotta had placed any non-fdic deposits on Celsius, Yotta doesn’t have a way to pay back their crypto savers. If you use crypto buckets on Yotta, there is zero insurance. Yotta can just tell you the funds are gone due to an external problem.
  7. If anyone has their funds in crypto with Yotta, I would consider moving them to the US dollar, fdic insured side of Yotta. If Yotta had any crypto funds with Celsius or invested in non-stable coins, their crypto side could be very underwater right now. If the funds were with Celsius, it may end being north of a 80% loss. anyway, moving it to US dollar eliminates that complete risk at the cost of 1-3 point loss of interest. You can always switch back if you think Yotta crypto is on solid ground in the future. @Viper fyi.
  8. Obviously everyone uses USD as the ultimate valuation but he bought it for 8,000 ETH and is now listing it for 9,000 ETH. Some crypto investors value their holdings in btc or eth. It doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the lower usd value. They’re not blind. If this owner would have kept the 8000 ETH as ETH instead of buying the NFT, a sale for 9000 is a gain.
  9. In reading between the lines, I bet they're trying to avoid social issues like clothing that someone may link to their race or gender identity. Their legal rep told them to use other reasons as to why they're making this change. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear that they had a 4th grade boy identify this past year as non-male and wanted to wear dresses.
  10. For me, I wouldn't move just because I don't like the politics of my current state. I don't identify my own beliefs with whatever the Texas majority says. I understand wanting to move if you feel unaccepted or have hostile attitudes around you but I'm fairly certain that you can find any community you want in Texas. I'm thinking of partly moving on from Texas just because I want a change of pace. Less heat. Maybe mountains. But I doubt I would ever completely move away from Houston.
  11. You would think that the sound team could hide Vince's voice problems but then again perhaps these recent videos are somehow isolating his vocals. If he sounds this bad during the heavier/loud songs, I can't imagine the singing in home sweet home. Finally I get the point of the nostalgia rock shows are not to sit there and critique the band. It's about getting drunk, singing as loud as you can and pretending you're 21 again.
  12. Come on cliff clavin. You come home and when you discover that your possessions are gone, you’re going to tell people you were burglared? You like everyone is going to say you were robbed.
  13. On the positive side, Motley Crue and especially Vince have given me some good laughs over my lunch break today.
  14. TikTok horror: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdonnHoT/?k=1
  15. What does alarm monitoring do when your not home? The police/security guards will call you to let you know that you were robbed before they could get there.
  16. Videos taken at Motley Crue’s concerts this year are laughable. I would go to the concert to see Def Leppard but won’t since I don’t want my money to be split with Vince. he doesn’t look like he even cares.
  17. 100%. There are plenty of Republican women cheering on this ruling but they won’t hesitate to fly their daughters to California to get an abortion. They don’t want a mistake to ruin their daughters lives. and as you said, the women that face the biggest impact sadly belong to a group that has little say in politics. And I agree some of that lack of voice is self inflicted.
  18. I assume politics can play a role not just because someone disagrees with the direction of the state govt but rather is embarrassed and/or angry about it. It used to be that I was proud to say that I was from Texas. Now if I say it, it's more that I have to acknowledge that our state govt sucks. Which means >50% of our population does as well. I would be curious to know what people are proud about Texas these days. The biggest flex that Texas can say is that others from around the country want to move here. But are there really any Texans, outside of the real estate industry, that want population increases?
  19. I would like to hear Herschel name 3 other countries. Any country.
  20. Even setting aside the 52 state implication, what a ridiculous statement. 1) questioning a political candidate for wanting to improve the state. 2) Acting like a fact is somehow an opinion. Reminds me of morons who used to say: America, love it or leave it.
  21. Incentives are always based on the future hope that something good will happen for the city/county. It should always be tied to results. You want a property tax exemption, it will be applied only after we see local hires.
  22. With a resume like this (video editor for Joel Osteen) of the CEO how could this project fail. https://www.linkedin.com/in/corymcloud/
  23. I wouldn't ride a bike on a road at 12:25am. You have the same right to be on the road as a vehicle you're sharing the road with drunks and people that may not be able to see you.
  24. Why TX, CO and NC is so expensive to buy: Institutional buyers are pushing up home values especially in Texas and particular counties in Texas.
  25. What’s the word on living in NM especially Santa Fe?
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