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  1. Shes making sammiches in heaven now.
  2. Speaking of serial killers I always thought a good premise for a movie would be about a disgruntled tech support phone agent who tracks down every customer that was rude to him. He starts by Strangling them with a phone cord, and becomes more creative as the bodies start to stack up. He never gets caught.
  3. I was hoping naomi would blow herself up, and I pray for Filip to suffer an agonizing death.
  4. Word of advice: dont flush mid ass cleansing. Or do. If you are into ass play.
  5. Why else would they give a shit about trying to abolish men only clubs/sports/bathrooms/anything? They cant fucking stand it. Drives them bonkers to think they aren't needed for something. I'm single and damn happy about it, but my married friends' wives are always trying to marry me off to their butt ugly friends, sisters , etc. My boss is a woman. Dont need another boss.
  6. #7 looks like something I'd stick my dick in.
  7. Amazing. We have our very own Q-tard.
  8. The People's Front of Judea would like words, good sir! SPLITTER!
  9. We all all laugh, as we should, but this is exactly how these fuckers' minds work. EVERYTHING is the fault of those who dont agree with them. Even shit they do to themselves.
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