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  1. Well, alrighty then. Good to see Darwin take action on those two before they could spawn more dipshits.
  2. You bastards... I almost feel like I am obligated to you all to make this happen. I think he and his family live in hollowed out trees and hog carcasses, so no idea if they will show. They might steal a car and make it though.
  3. Well just when I thought I was out.... turns out the sister I actually like is also working over Thanksgiving, and the 'rents have decided to move the holiday up to this Saturday so EVERYONE CAN FUCKING BE THERE! That means everyone I can't stand will fucking be there: 1. The other sister and her shit-tard trumpkin husband who may be the dumbest fuck that ever dumb fucked. Their son/my nephew is an idiot, and destroys everything in his path while his shit stain parents do nothing. Their dog is pretty cool, but it is a total pussy which means my dog will bully it all over the yard until it rolls over and pisses itself. Satisfied, Luna will then leave it alone. 2. There is no telling how many hillbilly, trailer park, mouth breathing cousins will crawl out of the woodwork for free shit. My folks have money and once one of those worthless leeches hears they are spending any, the word spreads quick. One of the lil bastards looks like a mini Kenny Powers, mullet and all. 3. I hate them all.
  4. If this were a private forum I would. Too many people I know IRL read this stuff and know who I am.
  5. I would have kept going to see it until they finally arrested me in the theater with my pants around my ankles.
  6. Holy shit! Dotards handlers write his notes in the same cadence as top 40 hits. You cant unhear that in your mind.
  7. I get this weird stinging sensation in my lower right abdomen right below the rib cage. Is that my liver failing?
  8. I'm pretty sure we are talking about white people.
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