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  1. Injured sparrow came hopping right at my dog who scooped it up and swallowed it without chewing.
  2. Them is pretty damn good psychological horror series. About one of the first black families to move into East Compton and their descent into madness caused by the constant torment of their white neighbors.
  3. I'll probably end up beating a windshield washer to death before the summer is over. I'm yelling at this fuck not to touch my car and I don't carry cash. He just keeps going then comes up to my window with his hand out. Light turned green and he made a move to get in front but I gunned it and he jumped out of the way.
  4. Didn't you have a terminator version of this with my BAC in the HUD?
  5. Hahahaha. Funny, I was texting Northloop during the entire adventure so he could keep the shag updated. My obamaphone didn't have innernets.
  6. She was supposed to meet me at kung fu lounge but didn't show. Stood up by lump. One of many low points in my worthless life.
  7. Mo's bread pudding is easily the best I've ever tasted. I compare all Cajun/creole dishes to his. Incredible chef.
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