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  1. Tom Penders tweeted about being in a coaches presentation from the SEC. All the major coaches were in favor of leaving. Politics kept us from going.
  2. Duncanville just released their updated schedule and they play IMG Academy on 10/9 at Globe Life Park
  3. I was selected for a jury trial for a city noise ordinance complaint. The neighbor had 3 pit bulls and they left them outside all day while they went to work. The neighbor worked nights and could not sleep when he got home. Might try to file on the home owner. FYI - this was a waste of 6 hours of my life that I will never get back.
  4. Check out the Pineapple Ninjaz food truck. Looks like they have a Facebook page. I don’t see a website.
  5. If the Horns win, I am planning on bring my daughters to the game on Saturday. (12 and 13). Sorry no pics. Where is the best place to park near campus for a volleyball game?
  6. Why don’t we also bring up Matt Nordgren as Co OC with Marty Cherry.
  7. That was 87 and 88. I was on the basketball team at Waco High and we had some long road trips for Tuesday games with school the next day.
  8. Love PV and have been to all the major resort towns many time over the last 20 years. Hyatt Ziva is great if you are looking for AI. Best private beach in PV. Los Veranos is the best canopy tour in Mexico. Long runs that go through the mountains and across a river. You can swim in the river when you have finished the zip lines. There is now a boat option to get to Los Veranos that I highly recommend that gives you outstanding views of PV from the ocean.
  9. Looks like Bregman has a girlfriend that is Allstar Game MVP caliber. Reagan Howard. Lives in Austin. Works at Google. Went to Aggie. I am old compared to most of you and not sure how to upload pictures. Google is your friend.
  10. Name a less popular Houston athlete than Tyler White
  11. Anyone send their daughters to the UT volleyball camp? Looking to know if you thought it was worth the money. Sorry - no pics- daughter is 12.
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