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  1. He had some promise but definitely didn’t have it upstairs to ever put it all together. He didn’t embody the Yankee Way and had no place in the org.
  2. Love that they didn’t do that dumbass silent treatment shit.
  3. 05/17 Update: still the best team in baseball & it’s not close.
  4. MLB umpiring can be rough but holy fuck at how brutal it is in college & high school.
  5. We’ve got serious weapons on offense, we’re not getting blown out & it’ll likely be a one score game. We’ll also likely lose to 2 shitty teams we shouldn’t like UTSA or Kansas. Texas Football.
  6. How was Herman so terrible at WR evals.
  7. Helobious


    In 8th grade we had to do a biography on an Olympic athlete. I decided to do one on a team USA basketball player because I thought regular Olympic sports were gay. I chose Chris Paul. I’m 28 now and the fucker is still playing, that’s gotta count for something.
  8. I’ll unironically watch the fuck out of that.
  9. @Beau Vine pour one out for YMLA tonight. YMLA offensive coordinator Jeremy Williams was named Sam Houston head football coach and boys athletic director, San Antonio ISD announced Monday. Williams coached at YMLA since its inaugural season in 2020 and returns to Sam Houston, where he was a defensive coordinator from 2018-19. “Sam Houston and the East Side has some of the best athletes in San Antonio,” Williams said in a news release. “We definitely know the standards of the past. We want to raise that bar, get back to the football playoffs and go a couple of rounds deep.” Williams replaces Quincy Stewart, who left the program earlier this year. The Hurricanes were 5-9 in two seasons under Stewart. Sam Houston hasn’t made the playoffs since 2018, the first year Williams was there. Williams, who becomes a head coach for the first time, is also looking to build the other boys programs at Sam Houston, including basketball, which last made the UIL state tournament in 2014. The Hurricanes’ boys soccer team qualified for the postseason for the first time this season.
  10. Went to UTRGV graduation on Saturday for a relative. Pre-ceremony speeches were maybe 15 minutes total, and that was with them being given in both English & Spanish. Graduates & their families were asked to leave after the graduate walked the stage. Made for a nice non-logjam when leaving. Also they put a photo & quote from the graduate up on the big screen as they walked across. It made watching the School of Nursing graduation very enjoyable. Easily the most bearable graduation I’ve ever been to.
  11. The moon looked slightly reddish last night. Wow so cool.
  12. The bar scene in SA is turning straight up unsafe in most places. Everyone’s so fucking quick to pull out guns and start shootings g, no regard for bystanders. That’s at least 3 shootings in bars in nice areas of town in the past month. Not even counting the other bar shootings in other areas that’ve happened.
  13. And the 2009 World Series was the zenith of MLB baseball.
  14. I mean I do love totally drying out my skin and hair so I guess you’re right.
  15. That’s pretty terrible for your skin & hair. And a waste of water. Once is enough unless you’ve done grimy shit.
  16. I’m typing this almost close to teary-eyed. I vividly remember the day the Yankees drafted Judge. Immediately looked up everything about him because I only knew him from the college Home Run Derby before. I read minor league box scores daily over the next three years, tracking his progress. I remember the day he got called up and homered in his first big league AB. He’s done nothing but endear himself to Yankee fans ever since. To see him hit his first walk off homer is purely magical. What a fucking moment. Totally awesome.
  17. If abortion is murder, why isn’t a miscarriage or stillbirth manslaughter? Serious question. I don’t see how you could argue for abortion being murder and then not want all miscarriages/stillbirths investigated to see if it was caused by risky or improper behavior from the mother.
  18. NFL is a different animal entirely.
  19. You think the MLB would ever send over teams like the Phillies & Rays for a big international game like that?
  20. Yankees-Sox had a huge turnout there in 2019
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