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    2020 MLB thread

    The Buffalo Bills of baseball.
  2. She was talking about the DA making an effort to think of charges that would be more insulting than simply filing no charges. Insinuating that the DA was out to insult Taylor’s memory. Probably an incorrect assumption, but not a grammatically incorrect statement Try to nail down your own comprehension of English before insulting someone else’s.
  3. Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001). That’s the actual title, and it’s exactly as it sounds. Just good stupid monster fighting fun.
  4. Crystal City is a valley team in spirit.
  5. He’s right below Gonzaque in terms of the best pure athlete down there, but he’s just one guy. All 10 of the teams I listed would curbstomp Raymondville. It’s rare to see a real quality valley team from the 4A & below ranks, and when you do it’s usually Port Isabel. I’d put raymondville in the #13-16 range. My models just aren’t high on them this year.
  6. No one asked for it, everyone’s getting it. Helobious’ Valley Preseason Rankings COVID edition: 1. Edinburg Vela - They’re on a poor man’s 2008-2011 Harlingen run right now. No one in the RGV can touch them, unless they shoot themselves in the dick. 2. Sharyland Pioneer - Lost a lot but they have Marburger 3. Mission - Jeremy Duran is the 3rd best QB in the valley IMO 4. Weslaco - Returning a lot of players and stuff 5. Mission Vets - Lost a lot but they have Gonzaque, who transferred to Cornerstone over the summer and then transferred back a few days later 6. Harlingen - Talented sophomore class not quite ready to fill the void. CSND though 7. San Benito - shitty side of the arroyo but they’re decent at football 8. Weslaco East - Burget is one of the most underrated coaches in the state, easily 9. McAllen Memorial - Littleton is just not a very good coach. He’s had an unreal amount of FBS talent for a valley school the past 15 years (Stephens, Kauffman, Sanchez, Nwachiku, the Speights Bros off the top of my head) yet he’s made it to the 3rd round just 2 or 3 times I think. 10. Harlingen South - My darkhorse. The kids that went 10-0 as freshmen are juniors now, many started as sophomores. Bold prediction: 1 of these teams will not finish the season due to virus cancellations.
  7. Reminds me I totally forgot to do my Helobious RGV Preseason Power Rankings. I need to work on that.
  8. Herbstreit isn’t that bad of a commentator.
  9. I had wondered what ever happened to Piggy.
  10. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    I’ve definitely mentioned him before, I’ve tracked his ascension up the Yankee minor league system the past couple years and he pitched in the futures game last year I believe. I definitely didn’t “just discover” him. Superstitions, jinxes, karma, etc. are all refuges for the mentally weak and the stupid; they only work if you believe in them. However if my spouting off really did inconvenience your life even the slightest bit I’d happily do it 100x a day.
  11. I’m still not sure why people think Sam “doesn’t have much of an NFL future”. He’s the 3rd best QB in this draft class & it’s not very close.
  12. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    Well you can throw out any times the Astros roughed him up in the 2017 WS for sure, those weren’t legitimate games. Still even removing that he’s largely sucked when it matters most. He’s like the anti-Pettitte.
  13. I barely found out a few months ago that John Wayne ducked serving in WW2. Definitely changed my perception of him.
  14. If contact like that starts outside the end zone they will never ever call it a safety. Kind of like how if it’s remotely close between a delay of game & a TO being called they’ll always grant the TO.
  15. As soon as the kicker took that first step too early you knew the miss was coming.
  16. Jesus. His exact words were “he kind of reminds me a little bit of Jamaal Charles and Lesean McCoy”. Everyone wants to misconstrue words nowadays in order to feel offended.
  17. I feel like Dillon Stoner has been at OSU for about 8 years.
  18. I’m still waiting for evidence that he’s actually good at college football. He’s had 3 years to prove it & has done nothing.
  19. She was a trailblazer & a great role model for people everywhere, extremely accomplished in her field as well. I also hope she serves as a lesson of what can happen when you put yourself/fame/status before doing what’s right. It’s now a clear mistake that she refused to retire while Obama was in office.
  20. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    9 in a row. And lol at the Yankees ever losing to Cleveland again in the playoffs. Cle got those cheeks clapped in 2017 after being up 2-0. They aren’t a scary team in the slightest. They’re the next Twins in terms of being the Yankees’ gimp. The A’s & Rays are the biggest hurdles for NY this year.
  21. I’m still not seeing how Ehlinger can be any worse than the 3rd QB off the board this draft. Newman is overrated as fuck, I’m not sold on Trask, no idea how good that NDSU guy is but that school will run out of magic eventually. It’s Lawrence/Fields/Ehlinger and then a sea of nobodies.
  22. I don’t think Trump understands how conservative-dominated TikTok is. His whole war on it might backfire.
  23. For context, assignment had a list of 6 “heroes”, students pick one to write a bio on. One of the protestors Rittenhouse killed was also listed as a modern hero on the assignment, as was George Floyd. The other 3 on the list were Gandhi, Malcom X, and Cesar Chavez. 3 of these 6 are not like the others...
  24. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    Yankees have hit at least 6 homers in 3 straight games, a new MLB record. Oh yeah and they’ve won 8 in a row.
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