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  1. Exact same here, bro. Yesterday, I jogged/walked 8 miles during the morning. Got home with huge blisters on the bottom of both feet. Drank 3 glasses of bourbon in the evening. Got into an argument (minor) with my wife. Put my shoes on and ran 4 more miles at 11PM. Fun times.
  2. @Mr. Blutarsky Thanks for doing this. We had a great time. /creepy paper Looking forward to next week when I'll have a full(er) team.
  3. Um yeah. Watching all the replays before 2010 just makes me sad.
  4. I'm not sure they could have several hundred people in on this w/o someone blabbing.
  5. Um, how 'bout an aggy funeral? I related this story on TOS, so apologies if you've heard it before. My cousin died of a heart attack 3 years ago. His three sisters and he were aggys --- despite the fact that none of them actually went there. (I think maybe one of his sisters attended for a semester.) Anyway, the service was aggy themed. Maroon everything. They actually played the aggy war hymn at the end. As soon as it was over, one of his sisters turned to me and yelled across the room, "That's for you!!!" I responded in my best Garth Algar voice, "Thank you".
  6. Hey @Mr. Blutarsky I'm in and have a team. I'm familiar with a lot of tech; however, I've never used FB Live. Quick ? Assuming I'm the one turning in the answers, would my entire team be on FB live w/ me submitting OR does my team work independent of FB Live w/ me submitting the answer to you?
  7. I feel bad for my wife. My MIL has been dealing with colon cancer for a couple of years now. She had surgery last week to remove a tumor; however, it didn't take. Apparently, she has weeks to live. Even if traveling was somewhat of an option, my wife would never, ever put our two boys in danger by going to Nashville and exposing herself to Covid. She's been handling it well thus far, but I worry that it'll truly hit her at some point. That is, her mom is living out her final weeks, and she's not even going to be able to really say "goodbye".
  8. Knoxtnhorn

    Tiger King

    I said something along those same lines so much during this show that it annoyed my wife. "Oh yeah. Here comes the beta bitch..." I wanted to beat his ass with that bottle of wine at the end. When the Fed and FBI is involved, there's really no way of knowing who was honestly rolling to save his/her ass and who was just parroting lines fed to them. The only person that seemed somewhat sympathetic to me was the guy with no legs. I didn't trust a single word of anyone else that spoke during the series.
  9. That was disappointing, I guess. I kind of figured the producers were going out of their way to show Michelle as subservient, only to have her be the reason Wendell got booted at some point in the future. I suppose not. Kind of odd that Tyson wasn't even thought of as an option.
  10. Good catch. I was typing with my SIL in the background, trying her best to ruin the evening.
  11. I got 4th grade pretty good last year. It wasn't April Fools, but still pretty good. They knew I liked to do pranks, so I really had to plan this one out. We are departmentalized, meaning I taught writing to all of 4th grade. Halloween. t-5 days. I related a story to my classes about how I didn't get to trick or treat much as a child because my parents thought our candy would be poisoned or have razor blades. t-3 days. I read them a story about poison candy. My students loved to hear spooky stories - especially those that I made up. t-1 day. I sew the seed. My first class comes in at the beginning of the day. I had my wife leave me a voicemail message stating that Halloween had been cancelled this year due to a poisoning scare. I played the msg and acted surprised. Did anyone believe me? Or course not. That is, until they saw the news stories on WFAA and The Dallas Morning News. I had found an app where you could take a website template and change the words and pictures. I took screen shots of WFAA and DMN and created fake news stories stating that there was a poisoning scare and that the city councils of Richardson, Plano, and Garland were going to institute a curfew starting at 5PM on Halloween night. The kids complete bought it. At lunch, I told the students that, not only was there a new news article, but I had been contacted to be interviewed. I read the "story" about the cancellation of Halloween on our microphone in the lunch room. When I got to the end, I read the following, "We reached out to a local elementary school teacher to ask him about his thoughts on the curfew. Mr. ******* stated that he was incredibly sad and surprised that......... his students completely fell for this prank!!" They screamed so loud, both principals came running down the hall. /csb
  12. We're halfway through. It's pretty entertaining. One thing I like is that it kind of makes you choose sides, then you end up switching allegiances, then back again. IOW, you kind of get emotionally invested. I honestly thought the McDonald's doc about Monopoly was better.
  13. Or teachers that were supposed to get their observations completed the week after spring break. I know one ...
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