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  1. Is Pandora a good go-to? I'm one of those that starts something and then just sticks with it. In this case, YouTube. There are so many ads between, and even during, songs now it's completely unusable at this point. I've been looking to switch. I have Amazon Prime, but it appears as if there's an additional fee to get the entire music catalog. I don't even mind some ads. I just want to be able to put on a song list and not have to hit "skip video" to get to the song.
  2. I ended up having too much to do to attempt the cook today. I'll try again later. My bad on the marinade. I cross-referenced a couple of different things I was going to do. With the brisket, I was going to do a dry rub; not marinade.
  3. @TwiceHorn I need to switch back over to the MB. Even though I've got somewhat of a back roads route for my road bike, the traffic lately has been really annoying. I get having to cautiously cross 66 when I head over to Rockwall; however, I had to slow down, stop, wait, etc... at least 10 times at various points yesterday. I road by Squabble yesterday and decided I'd rather be there. I'm also thinking about getting a Go-Pro soon. That's even more of a reason to hit the dirt.
  4. Corrections and suggestions requested... I'm going to smoke a 5-ish pounder tomorrow using a barrel grill. What minor changes will I need to account for due to the smaller size of this meat? The vast majority of what I'm reading refers to more typical 12 -15 pound pieces. I'm going to marinate tonight. Tomorrow, I'll set the fire on one side of the grill, water pan below the meat on the other side. I'm going to aim for 225-250 temp regulation (of the grill). I know I'm to cook by temp and touch; not necessarily time. I'm planning on, 1. Getting it to a certain temp. 2. Wrapping it in foil and continuing to cook at the same temp. 3. Unwrapping and returning it to the grill for a short time at a lower temp. At what temp would you approach the aforementioned 3 steps?
  5. Right. I get that. I'm just saying, if there are 5 games, then, A) show all of them - at least on delay and, B) put a little effort into it. You've paid for the rights. Put Bayern v. Dortmund on Fox, put today's game on FS1. (They're showing a replay of something called, "2003 Gold Skills Challenge".) Even those that don't watch soccer like many us are starving for live content. I watched effing cornhole (no pics) last night.
  6. Easy. B. I used a scientific formula by which I rated the moves from 1 to 5. 1 being stupid; 5 being awesome. Side B had 8 "awesomes" to Side A's 3. My awesome list A - Shawshank, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park. My awesome list B - Stand By Me, Goonies, Tombstone, The Lost Boys, Raiders, Ferris, Goodfellas, Back to the Future.
  7. Chandler scored in his last game as well. I believe the tying goal late, in a 3-3 game. BTW, what in the holy F is Fox doing? There's like 6 games today, and they're showing one. They've got the rights. They don't even have to send anyone to the stadium. Hell, just show the game w/o announcers. Unless I'm missing something, there's no reason that these games shouldn't - at least - be on FS2.
  8. If only Prestonwood Mall was still open...
  9. I didn't watch the third hour. Can't believe they put beauty and the beast together on one team. Hispanic guy cracks me up. I didn't understand the team fishing in the croc waters. Isn't where they're standing the exact place a croc would jump out of the water and get them?
  10. Lulz. The guy that ran a sub 2 hour marathon is not as good an athlete as NBA players. The guy that bikes 6-7 hours a day for almost a month in the TDF, Giro, or Vuelta is not as good an athlete as an NFL QB or TE. Honest question. Do you think Jesse Owens was a high-level athlete? Michael Phelps? Roger Bannister? Just being able to catch a ball or make a shot does not elevate one's athleticism that much.
  11. Didn't have a wheelbarrow on the first day, so it was one bucket at a time.
  12. Holy S! I moved 2 1/2 tons of pea gravel from my truck to my back patio last week ~ 30 feet, and thought I was kind of bad ass.
  13. If it makes you feel any better, the trails may not be open until December. Effing rain.
  14. No joke. I signed up today because I wanted to check on the routine for bulk trash removal. Good Lord. People bitching about wearing masks. People bitching about not wearing masks. People bitching because a bagger at Tom Thumb wasn't working hard enough. And, more topical... People bitching because their bulk trash wasn't being picked up in a timely manner. And some lady trying to sell two red, hard-covered books for $200 for "decoration". I.E. the books weren't collector's items, antiques, signed by the original author, or anything else special. Just two books that, I guess, you could pay $200 for to put on a shelf to make it look better.
  15. All 7 of these players have had games on tv this week (FS1 and FS2). Brooks played extremely well against Bayern. Sargent - bench Adams - on as a sub; wasn't paying much attention so I don't know how he did. Reyna - came on as a sub yesterday. Nothing bad, nothing good. Chandler - on as a sub. Did okay. McKennie - Played ok but his team sucked. Morales - Played today. I don't recall seeing much from him. I know. Great analysis. I guess it's better that they're mostly playing. Did Fabian Johnson get loaned out or get injured. Why wasn't he on this list?
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