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  1. So the Big 3 in Dallas have: 1) A team in which the owners don't care. 2) A team in which the owner is an idiot. 3) A team in which, for some reason, nobody wants to play for its *owner. Cool. * Kind of going out on a limb, but I'm speaking of the inability of the Mavs to sign top-notch free agents.
  2. Good one from my wife. First, you have to understand she's the sweetest, most softly spoken person I know. A few years ago, I had a soccer game. I'm habitually early to everything. She's habitually late. One thing that usually gets her going on time is when she has to get me somewhere on time. I can be quite a little bitch in traffic. So anyway, we're sharing a car for a couple of weeks. And, of course, we're running late for my game. She can tell I'm about to lose it. Suddenly, an old pulls in front on the one-lane road we're on and is driving 20 mph under the speed limit.
  3. Yea. I saw that one yesterday. I have no idea what game I'm trying to recall. I'm thinking the game in which I rearranged my room was the next game when they lost to CR on the road on a shitty PK call. I do remember it being a qualifier AND a back-to-back in Central America. I'm about 99% sure this (Guat, then CR) is it. I really started watching the US right around '97, and do remember most everything after 2002 because a friend of mine and I have watched or attended every US game since then. If I get more time, I'll try and figure it out. I'm perplexed, because I know it was in
  4. I took advertising in college and the prof made it sound like there was all kinds of research, focus groups, psychology, etc... involved in every ad campaign. I think she and Mad Men lied to me. I know that ads and tv appeal to the lowest denominator of society these days, but good Lord, put some thought into it people.
  5. Yeah. I started in '97. Working my way forward. I'm wondering if I'm cross referencing two games because I just saw where we lost to CR in 2000, in the 90-something min, on a shit PK call by the refs in Saprissa (ironic, isn't it?). Also ironic... the shit call was a hand ball on Beerholder. I just remember that we had two road games in a row in which something went really wrong at the end. After the second game, I ...uh... rearranged my bedroom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdZIUYGujJg
  6. I, too, turned it on at the very end. I'll watch any soccer game - especially when I kind of have a rooting interest. I've seen far too many games over the years in Central America where the refs are either incompetent, biased, or afraid to make a call in that atmosphere. (Granted, this one was in an empty stadium presumably.) Out of all the UT and Cowboy games in which I've thrown post-game fits, the angriest I've ever been watching a game was a US soccer game circa 1999 @ either Honduras or Guatemala. It was a qualifier. US was up a goal at the very end. Home team sends a long bal
  7. There's a Cooper tire commercial where the actor says that he's finally learned the proper bean to meat ratio in chili.
  8. That was absolutely effing ridiculous. Typical CCL officiating on the road.
  9. I found the same thing via a search for Lost Spring.
  10. When I saw this thread bumped, I had assumed it was due to a different story which came out yesterday. I'm in a hurry and can't find the link, but a player was shot in the leg at a nightclub last year. Nobody would talk about it to the cops because, apparently, he was shot by another player on accident. Said shooter is still on the team and said he carries, "To protect other football players". Lol.
  11. We won? 49 more to go.
  12. Knoxtnhorn

    USMNT 2021

    Oh, I wouldn't touch Twitter with a 10 foot pole... or FB, or Insta, etc... Even when I limited my Twitter account to just sports stuff, I still worried about getting doxxed because someone I followed said something stupid or controversial. Surly is my extent of on-line interaction. Ironic, isn't it?
  13. I spoke too soon. I feel like crap. I'm going to sleep.
  14. Knoxtnhorn

    USMNT 2021

    So tempted to create a Twitter acct just to tell Jozy to go f himself.
  15. Pfizer 2 almost 24 hours later. Absolutely no side effects. Last night, I thought I was starting to feel off, but that could have been the bottle of wine or the fact that my wife had woken me up at 5AM for ... stuff. When I press at the injection site, I can feel a tad bit of soreness, but nothing worse than how I feel after mowing the lawn. I'll check on my wife when she gets up. My SIL supposedly had a week's worth of reaction to #2, but she's a lazy, hypochondriac that is always looking for a reason to skip work.
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