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  1. So it's not all negative. Thanks. I had forgotten about those.
  2. Slightly off topic. Has our punt return team done anything positive in the past couple of years? I don't recall any great returns. I do recall muffing a punt yesterday, muffing a punt by Jake Smith last year, and fair-catching about 40 punts last year inside our 5 yard-line. F's sake, just let the damn thing roll at this point.
  3. Ha! We had zoo passes when we lived in Knoxville as well. The nice thing about the Knoxville Zoo is that they have a cool kids area AND a building that has some smaller exhibits and another play area. It wasn't too bad of a thing to let the two boys run around either place for awhile while the two of us relaxed. Plus, it was about 5 mins from our house. My post (above) is in reference to the Dallas Zoo. I mean, zoos are cool and all. It' just... 5 trips in about 2 months.
  4. Yep. Vanderbilt game may be an outlier but, if not, aggy may struggle to win another game. By the time they get through Bama, FL, and @ Miss State, whatever semblance of sunshine may be completely gone. Arkansas hung with Georgia for a half (maybe another outlier). Regardless, aggy eked by one of the supposed 2-3 gimme games they have on the schedule.
  5. I work with, quite possibly, the most obnoxious Tech fan in the state. Her son-in-law went to OU, so she doubly hates Texas. Tomorrow is going to be quite bearable.
  6. I was reading through the Texags forum. You know what's funny? I'm thinking Jimbo is holding this team together by a thread. If Mond continues to play horribly, he may not be able to bench him w/o half the team walking. We've relished aggy misery for years. This could top anything we could have ever imagined.
  7. If you're also a Cowboy fan, you have no idea how this week is real life.
  8. Or drinking. One of those two. But, seriously, were you impressed with the dline?
  9. My biggest issue was with the DL. I recall Ossai a couple of times in the backfield. Other than that, I don't recall a single play the DL made. Tech sacked Ehlinger with a scrub-ass DL, rushing 3 late in the game.
  10. Lol. There was a play in the 4th in which they actually said they were impartial. I think it may have been right before Tech's last TD. Anyway, "We're impartial". Next play sounded like Kate B. offered to give them head.
  11. Yurkich has somehow turned a Heisman qb into someone that has thrown for less than 200 yds .... right after HBU threw for, what, 600?
  12. What? 165 yards passing going into the 4th? Is that good?
  13. The zoo. Wife bought passes this summer. We've been 5 times. Same animals. Same habitats. Add to that more people and my SIL yapping about fucking macaroons for an hour. And, no, I did not get autocorrected from macaw or baboons. She really did talk about the dessert for an hour. F's sake.
  14. Knoxtnhorn


    No. I think he was Season 7. Went hot-tubbing in the abandoned truck, lost his flint, quit that night. Some on Reddit were saying that he just made an appearance on the show to help his business back home.
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