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  1. Knoxtnhorn

    Dallas | BBQ

    That sucks for Mockingbird Diner. Apparently, a guy I went to elem school with was the floor manager. I had been meaning to stop by. Good on Heim. The pork belly burnt ends I had there (FW) may have been the best thing I've eaten since returning to the Dallas area 2 1/2 years ago. I still need something worthwhile in or near Rowlett, though.
  2. Yeah. I usually drive, but she insisted on taking the minivan and I do my best to never be behind the wheel of an effing minivan. On a related note, out of the 2 hours of conversation we had between the wreck and the tow truck arriving, she held onto one comment to bring late last night. I told her that that was two wrecks that she'd been in that were her fault and that I don't want to hear any more backseat driving from her when I drive. I was half-joking, but she remembered to use it as ammo later on.
  3. Finally got around to watching Shutter Island. You know... I didn't really care for it. I had heard about a big twist but...
  4. Knoxtnhorn

    D O M

    I had never even heard of this movie until the late 90's. I was walking through a video store in Knoxville and saw that the back cover had a University of Texas pennant in the background and rented it because of that. The Pat Metheny song is so far from the type of music I enjoy; however, I've probably listened to this song 1,000+ times since then.
  5. Yeah. That wasn't the best use of the phrase. The intention was to differentiate between meaningful points and heaving up 3's, down 5, with 1 second left.
  6. Soooo. We were on the way to a birthday party in Allen earlier when my wife rear-ended another car just before the exit. To the extent that hitting another car from behind is always the fault of the person that hits said car, she really didn't do anything wrong. One of those situations where a couple of different factors had cars braking from 70 to 0 in the span of a couple of hundred feet. What I do want to bitch about is someone else's wife... We had moved the car about 200 feet to the next exit to get the car (and kids) off the highway. My wife had evened motioned as much to the other driver. We pull over. I walk back to the car that got hit to make sure she's ok and get screamed at for 60 seconds. Convo went exactly like this: Me (opening her passenger door): Are you okay? Her: NO. I'M NOT OK. I JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR. Me: Yes. My wife was driving. I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Her: NO I'M NOT OK. I JUST GOT DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER AND NOW I'M IN A HIT AND RUN!!!! Me: Well, it's not a hit and run. I told my wife to pull up so that our kids weren't stalled in the right lane on a highway. Her: WELL, I ALREADY CALLED THE POLICE AND TOLD THEM YOU TOOK OFF. WHY'D YOU TAKE OFF? THAT'S A HIT AND RUN!!! Me: I already explained it. It was an accident. I"m sorry. We pulled up to get the kids off the road. You can CLEARLY see our van about 200 feet in front of you. Her: DO I LOOK OK TO YOU? Me (starting to get tired of the yelling): Again. I'm sorry. It was an accident. This type of thing happens probably 100 times a day in DFW. Its not as if we were bored and decided to just run into some random car to fill our boring day. Her: LOOK AT MY CAR! I'M NOT OKAY AT ALL!!! Me: Fine. Whatever *bad word* I mean, her car was barely damaged. Yes, if she's telling the truth about the cancer I definitely feel for her. But about 60 seconds in, I'm about over getting yelled at - especially given that I wasn't even driving. Oh, and she told the cops I yelled at her.
  7. Props to your wife for teaching in special ed. That takes a lot of heart, courage, and patience. As an elem teacher, I believe that special ed teachers should make more than classroom teachers.
  8. That's the frustrating part. We're not even asking the program to turn into Kansas... yet. Just look competent, make the tournament 3 out of 4 years, make a Sweet 16 run or two. Noooo. We've got to look historically bad, with bad basketball, not make tourneys, etc... And in tracking the game via ESPN's play-by-play app, I knew we were screwed the moment the game got close at the end. No way he designs multiple good offensive plays in the final 2 mins. No way.
  9. I was tracking the game via ESPN's play-by-play. It appears as if we didn't score from about 4 1/2 mins left until garbage time ~ 30 seconds. That must have been fun to watch.
  10. Knoxtnhorn

    D O M

    The ending of that movie just kills me inside. I was Kevin Costner's character in that movie. I screwed a bunch of really good friends - and girlfriend - over before leaving Austin. I went through a wild phase where I just did whatever the f I wanted, to hell with anyone's feelings. The girl in the movie looks quite a bit like the aforementioned college girlfriend. I was a very caring person when I got to college and consider myself the same as a post-college adult. It just really sucks that I met some of the greatest people in college who know me as an asshole. I actually watch the last 15 mins or so of this movie about once a month, so props for starting the thread.
  11. Yep. And well stated. I'm not even a huge fan, but this one would get me. Too many ties to the past for me.
  12. Oh God, we're at home again? The only thing more painful than watching this shit-team, is seeing the "home" crowd. I think there were more people at the Tri-Delt, 3 on 3 tournament that I played in at Gregory way back when.
  13. Knoxtnhorn

    D O M

    How 'bout a Fandango!
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