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  1. Agree. The concept would have been cool had M. Knight or anyone else thought to edit the writing. Some of it was cool; a lot of it was nonsensical.
  2. I thought it would have been interesting for the detective to "win" in the final scene. Think about it. The Byrds scammed and avoided being taken out by cartels, the FBI, a large, local heroin org, etc... They finally solve all their problems, but lose out to some weak-ass PI at the end.
  3. In addition to what Shadow said, I always thought it was cool that most of America was behind Texas in this game. I was too chickenshit to watch the game in public, but I heard many stories (in Knoxville), of overwhelming support for Texas. One sports bar, in particular, had people jumping on tables in jubilation when VY scored.
  4. Samesies. I have no idea what's going on half the time, but, it's my genre.
  5. The Disney ride is also cool. The movie was ... kind of ok.
  6. One month. One month. One month. School is out. New Orleans for 3 days, Disney for 7, St. Augustine for 4. One month. I can do this. Thanks for all the pics and recs. Family and I can't wait.
  7. Of all the dumbshit posts on here from aggy, this may be my fav. The school took a concert venue being used as a basketball court and built a basketball-specific stadium that's actually on campus. (Yes, I know. Semantics. It's down the street from TEC.) Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure folks will be able to recognize the branding and logo as soon as the basketball seasons starts.
  8. I still like going to college games. My son is really into them. Had a blast three years ago at the Texas/Iowa St. game. The next year, we went to the K State game, but left at halftime. Last year's Okie St. game was dogshit. I think many of us would have a different opinion if the product was better.
  9. True that, Also, my son's name is *Emmett. He didn't have much of a choice. But, it's surprising to me how loyal he is considering we lived in TN until he was 9. *My great grandfather's name was Emmett. His name was only 10% fanboi driven.
  10. F that. My 9th grader is a die hard. Much cooler to me for him to support a team in his blood over some rando team like the Pats because they've been good since his birth.
  11. I hear you, bro. I coached high school soccer, and once had a game during TX/OU. Luckily for me, it was the 63-14 game.
  12. Knoxtnhorn

    MLS 2022

    Got home from school and just finished the Real v MC game. CONCACAF up next with my original MLS fav, Seattle. (I was living in TN when FC Dallas arrived.) Now that I'm back (5 years), I waiver between FC Dallas and Austin FC, FWIW.
  13. Yep. Mexican restaurant I take the family to quite often went from $120 to $180 sometime over the last 4 weeks.
  14. Teacher here. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Yes, gift cards are probably the best bet... even if the gift is thoughtful and awesome. (I received my 4th Longhorn hat of the year yesterday.)
  15. It's absolutely brutal. I-30 to Arkansas. I-40 to Knox. When you get about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville, the road gets really sketchy. NOW the truck drivers want to drive like bats outta hell.
  16. Oh yeah. Forgot it was I-30 until Little Rock. PTSD.
  17. Good Lord. I-40. Dallas to Knoxville.
  18. Gee. What a great weekend to be a Horn.
  19. Thanks for the thread. I somehow missed the significance/difference between this and the one in 2017. 2017 was pretty cool. This next one is going to go right over me.
  20. Wonder if Belichek will be able to teach him which team to tackle.
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