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  1. Searched and didn't find anything. Heading there next week, with plans to see Joshua Tree and where they lit up Ol' Gram. Any other neat shit to see/ good restaurants?
  2. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
  3. Man. I can’t think of much more that grosses me out more than a warm toilet seat.
  4. Man, same here. I remember that eating an entire package would somehow remove the skin off of my tongue and cheeks.
  5. Those two fat fuckers should have been allowed one club each. On the green, only one man walks off the green. You’re right- the flag move was a bitch move. And while the rest of you slapdicks are watching these two Saturday afternoon heroes swing at each other, Blondie and me are heading to the clubhouse for drinks and whatever else might come up.
  6. Not saying he deserved to get bitten, but I did laugh out loud.
  7. Just regular jealous if it’s only a rape van?
  8. How many wives did the poor bastard have??
  9. I reckon I’m as American as anyone from Tennessee.
  10. OP I got in your mom’s hole last night.
  11. Additional media on the yoga tights blonde??
  12. Ain’t nothing better than riding a fine horse in new country. Except my wife’s nip slips, and we’ve been together for ten years.
  13. The pipe I gave your mom last night wasn’t flexible.
  14. You’ll be in the area of Three Forks. I thought the historical and economic significance of that area was amazing, and it was very neat that we could swim in the headwaters of the United States’ longest river. Worth checking out, if you’re into that kind of shit.
  15. Mike can’t remember how to set the oven. I can identify.
  16. If we’re going, let’s go on and go.
  17. Yes. What started out as a hairline fracture in the barrel would after several minutes make a gap that would cut the shit out of your tongue.
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