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  1. For recipes that call for dark chili powder and medium chili powder, which do y’all use for each?
  2. Hi there. I’m a USMNT day-tripper. But are we primed to be good (at least by CONCACAF standards) again?
  3. Looks like I'm going to be out there for a week for a trial (the Eastern District doesn't believe in COVID). I know of Stanley's, but anywhere else out there worth eating at?
  4. “Infrastructure man” might be the worst 7:40 bit of all time.
  5. I feel like “worst officiating ever” gets thrown around a lot. But this right here…
  6. In actuality, his wife likely bitched about everything here, so this titty-baby rant was his attempted justification for their skedaddle back to California. Good riddance.
  7. I gave it two episodes, but it’s just not doing it for me. Not as funny as Kimmy Schmidt, and not even close to being in the same league as 30 Rock. Ted Danson and Bobby Moynihan have their moments, but Holly Hunter (both her and her character) are pretty unwatchable.
  8. When do we expect Bellmont to release the schedule?
  9. I’ve really been enjoying my WSM over the past year, but does anyone have any smoked queso recipes?
  10. Agreed that how they got caught seemed bizarre, but I'm liking it so far. And very much this.
  11. So, forgive me for not reviewing all 90 pages of this thread, but has Urban shown ANY indication, whatsoever, that he might entertain the job here??
  12. We're doing an immediate-family-only Thanksgiving dinner this year, and my yankee-born wife refuses to acknowledge mac & cheese as a proper Thanksgiving side. Without her help, I'm left to make it for the kids and myself to enjoy. As both ovens are apparently already spoken for, any recommendations for a non-bake recipe?
  13. I didn't watch. Did Panama play its scrubs?
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