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  1. Stat girl in stripes was even more impressive
  2. So Dan and Jake from Noon to 3, and Corby and Bob from 3 to 7? What about Danny?
  3. What's the conventional wisdom on how many to get right to receive a call?
  4. It's about time. Unless OU is playing OSU, that place is empty af.
  5. John Malkovich is great so far. Especially liked him downplaying "his" acting prowess and referring to Megan Markel as an influencer.
  6. This thread has me psyched. The wife and I are heading to a friend's wedding this summer in Tuscany. In all, we'll have three days in Rome, two days in Florence, and two in rural Tuscany with exact locations TBD. Aside from places already mentioned, where are the best places to eat in Rome and Florence, and where else in Tuscany should we visit/stay? Siena is an early contender, but I'm interested to hear what y'all think.
  7. Finished it last night. Thought it was an overall letdown.
  8. Watched some of last night's with the wife. The guy this year is such a dork it's cringe-worthy.
  9. I'll be in town for approx. 24 hours. Anywhere I should go to eat while I'm in town (aside from Pollos Hermanos, of course)?
  10. If you look at the major secondary market apps, they're already for sale. I purchased mine through Vivid Seats. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how it will work myself since there's no way tickets for the 2020 season have been printed yet; however, the tickets are fully guaranteed in case things go south. That said, I figured it was worth the chance potentially getting a ticket for "only" $250 seeing how much the ones in Austin were going for. I'll report back after the game to confirm whether I made a savvy, early purchase or fucked up.
  11. Thank you for starting this. I purchased a game ticket around Thanksgiving with the idea that our fan base was in the dumps at the time and theirs was distracted by several more important game on the horizon. I also booked refundable hotel rooms in both BTR and NOLA since I haven't decided where I'll be staying yet. Those hotels (in BTR, at least) will fill up fast if they haven't already. Have not yet purchased airfare.
  12. Was thinking of making the trip to Waco on Saturday for the Baylor game, but $25 just to get into that dump of an arena with school out of session? That place will be emptier than Christ's tomb.
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