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  1. A while back, a WWII movie was on in the background, and my 4-year-old asked me why Japanese people don't have eyes.
  2. None of you "Lake Charles is the worst" people have ever been to Monroe.
  3. I'll be in Lubbock for 24 hours but haven't been in ~15 years. Where are the best places to eat?
  4. Not my wife, but a woman at work saw a hawk perched outside one of our windows. She asked if I thought it was a boy or a girl. I had no idea, but another woman said boy, because she's "pretty sure all hawks are boys."
  5. I'll be staying near the Tampa convention center in a couple weeks. Any other good recommendations near there?
  6. I'll be in Odessa for two weeks for work. Any other places on the Odessa side of town that haven't yet been mentioned?
  7. I really liked Gui on McKinney for a long time, but it appears to have changed ownership and is called Ta-Ta now. Not impressed. The food quality slipped a little, but the price went way up. No plans anytime soon to return.
  8. Yes. And all of my good and possessions will be attached to my person.
  9. Isn't the Big Texan just a tourist trap with mediocre food though?
  10. Aside from driving through it once, I've never been. Where are the best places to eat while there?
  11. "Misbehavin'" has been playing in my head non-stop since Sunday.
  12. So all the games are on ESPN+?? Guess I won’t be seeing any of it.
  13. Is the ACC Network carried by everybody?
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