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  1. Joe Castiglione strikes me as a guy who prefers checkers to chess.
  2. I like sitting up higher and having room for all my kids' junk.
  3. What's the ruling for Spring 2021 weddings during a Spring football season?
  4. What do you wear with a navy suit?
  5. Easy decision after it was dropped last year by Hufflepuff.
  6. It helps that the above, the actual "Stars and Bars," was never really adopted by the Klan or other hate groups, as opposed to the battle flag.
  7. Fuck that noise. I have no interest in seeing LSU in motherfucking Shreveport.
  8. This guy definitely beats off while imagining Holden Caulfield.
  9. I was there a couple weeks ago. They've certainly dropped a couple of those hiring requirements.
  10. ...and FC Dallas is withdrawing from the tournament. Fuck.
  11. Lol at my facebook friends swearing off the NFL because of this news. Who to hell cares?
  12. Agreed. Aside from the donations to BLM and "The Eyes," the other stuff should be a quick and simple decision.
  13. The name of the South Dakota town is Gettysburg. Not that that justifies it, but does make it less out-of-nowhere.
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