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  1. I think it would be worth it to see how much heat transfer from your stone to pizza (record time). Assuming the ideal is NY style, it should be thin but hold integrity when holding slice horizontal from the crust. When we used stone ovens, they took 4 hours to get to a usable temp, and you were constantly monitoring the stone for heat loss (sometime stopping and allowing a reheat). All was the quest to prevent the white bottom crust. Everything is a factor though. From rest time of dough to topping temp. It’s easy to adjust the toppings to keep from burning, but difficult to dial in the crust. Once you know time and temp it should remain consistent and allow you to adjust from there. BIL has one now so will experiment with him when I visit. Great little product.
  2. Sounds like a lot more coded messages going across the radio today.
  3. Classic announcer jinx early race when McLaren was running one two. Then we see Danny’s botched stop and the Lando fiasco.
  4. No worries. Hunter gonna sell some art to cover it. Trump was a total piece of shit. It’s ok to admit Biden is a bigger piece of shit with a bigger piece of shit family. These aren’t mutually exclusive.
  5. Is the oven big enough to turn the pizza inside? when the stone is at 900, what is the average cook time, and what is the temperature of the stone immediately following pie removal? Trying to get an idea how it compares to a commercial pizza oven.
  6. 3rd person in last month to mention a “mandatory” $2k fee from a dealer. Usually includes some crap (tint/protection etc) but was non negotiable. One was an AT4 One a Santa Fe
  7. It’s also live on YouTube immediately following the race
  8. https://www.scribd.com/document/527108728/Updated-Memorandum-IRS-Audits-of-the-President-S-Corporations-And-Reasonable-Compensation-to-S-Corporation-Shareholder-Employees https://nypost.com/2021/09/23/biden-could-owe-as-much-as-500k-in-irs-taxes-report/ Biden could owe as much as $500K in back taxes, government report indicates Biden stated, "All I'm asking is you pay your fair share. Pay your fair share just like middle-class folks do."
  9. Need 1 WR, .5 PPR C Patterson @ NYG (WR/RB-yahoo) C Davis @ DEN N Agholor v NO D Mooney @ CLE If not Patterson, would you Flex him (CP) over Gaskin?
  10. To be clear..the buyer is disagreeing with the most recent appraisal he paid to have done on the land in question? He feels this value is wrong (too high - should have trashed it) and he would rather use a year old appraisal on a different property to set the sale price? If correct the price starts at his appraisal and whatever discount you feel like giving. End of story. But maybe I’m misreading this novella?
  11. So what have the parents done exactly? Is there a break down? Using your timeline here, dude arrives home and probably tells family the wedding is off. We spit and went our separate ways. Parents have no reason to question much, not out of ordinary for dumb 20 somethings. Shit hits the fan ten days later with her missing? Then what happened?
  12. misunderstood. Assumed it was the equivalent of hanging a Trump flag.
  13. Still have faith Mooney comes close to being the WR 1 on that team this season. Don’t know if Fields helps or hurts. You need Hines for depth. Patrick is the only one I see as expendable for those backs
  14. guess we should add NO Personal Awareness to the list.
  15. don't think its him based on hairline. woods pick the hairline makes a backward "c", and in the known pic that hairline is in the opposite direction
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