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  1. Definitely will miss the classic football games and the baseball games. Moreland and Swindell are top notch. Also saw this from Keith...
  2. Jim Cornette calls her an "upfront cunt" which he respected because she wasn't trying to hide it
  3. NBA fans say hold my beer https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wisn.com/amp/article/large-police-presence-at-water-and-juneau-milwaukee/39997812
  4. It's extremely late. In realignment years there's usually a lot into February and has a ripple effect but big jobs like Allen and Guyer don't normally open in May. Sometimes guys will retire late into apring to help the chances of one of their assistants getting promoted. Might happen here but doesn't seem like the reason for the timing here
  5. This is damn good Hammett, Trujillo, Theodore, the singer from Ugly Kid Joe, and a guitarist from Bad Wolves.
  6. Wow irs one thing if he leaves in January, but mid May is crazy late. Almost have to stay inside and promote at least as interim HC at this point. Former Brandeis HC David Branscom is DC, wonder if they bump him up
  7. What happened to his face? He has almost the same affliction as looch
  8. 1. Don't Yankee up a perfectly good Longhorn football thread. Not even the right board 2. Yankees still try to buy and cheat their way to titles, they just haven't been able to in the past 12 years and counting. There has not been a complete shift in the dynamics of basically everything OP mentioned 3. Fuck the Yankees
  9. But it was "in the hope of convincing her not to break off their relationship, as she intended" I can almost hear him pleading with the murderer's unnamed sister " please, I'm just trying to convince you to not break off our relationship, as you intend. Just give me another chance!"
  10. Hey aggy skoolin can be real hard, MoFo
  11. It really warms my heart when I hear about traditions being passed along to the next generation
  12. Fight was on at a restaurant I was at last night. Haven't watched much boxing in awhile and hadn't seen Canelo before and I must say I was thoroughly unimpressed. So many guys from the 80s would beat the living shit out of both those guys.
  13. Not bad, but I'll take
  14. The sound of the ball hitting the upright is always funny
  15. Fisher runs clock down to leave the game in the hands of his kicker, who was 1-5 . Kicker misses 21 yarder, Fisher loses https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/07/michigan-panthers-lose-after-missing-21-yard-field-goal-as-time-expired/
  16. Demond Demas is a 2020 5 star with more domestic violence accusations (2) than TDs (1)
  17. when you get old and no longer need your balls, you can get them pickled and they turn into almonds. Then you can get almond milk since you are also lactose intolerant
  18. I guess he recovered from fouling a pitch off of his balls yesterday
  19. In case you were wondering what the little xfinity senorita (age 25 btw) looks like under those horrible clothes they have her wearing in those commercials...
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