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  2. Pirate... you beautiful glorious mother fucker... The SEC West and the ags schedule just got a whole lot more interesting
  3. Makes me wonder if the B1G is slow playing this as much as possible to give the Pac12 some time to invent away to invent some serious crow and also try to move forward with some semblance of a season..
  4. The turtle should probably be flipped over if you are doing lines off of parts on another individual’s anatomy.... or so ive heard...
  5. I bet he is... little to no chance that Meatchickens O (especially with no B1G season right now) would get him drafted. Hopefully he blows up this year and becomes a mid round or better pick
  6. So last time I checked with our COVID task force, we were looking at 24k plus positive tests on college campuses and no hospitalizations for students that are already on campus. If the schools have done their due diligence and strongly encouraged those that would be considered high risk (multiple underlying factors that lead to an enhanced likelihood of a severe complications) into a distant learning format and continue to enforce the socially distanced classrooms for everyone, the spike in campus positive cases with most likely not lead to a massive influx of hospitalizations or death. College kids will be stupid and make less than stellar decisions regarding their own and others personal well being, but those decisions will be made regardless if they are on a college campus or not. In many ways, it’s the best case scenario. Lock them on campus and let them slowly get everyone sick instead of letting them loose again after bringing them all together.
  7. No where to go but down... he is capped out with no room to improve fire him now!
  8. 11 pt game now... NICE! A reason to stay up Why go for 2?
  9. 6.7 yrds per carry and 200+ yards... looked good on paper, but there is a ton of shit they can clean up
  10. Damnit Herman... we needed 10 more yards for 700
  11. UTEP under 250 total yards.... Feels weird..
  12. more upset about the flag fore the late hit because we are not going to get the ball back now
  13. QB3?? Loving this blowout shit and still seeing decent execution
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