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  1. So wait... Turtle Tom is going to get to turn Deshaun into a human battering ram? Dude just cant catch a break
  2. Herman got off to a OK start... just no staying power and blew his load early with no real results.. Fuck you Turtle Tom
  3. Sorry... Was out playing with kids... First good weather I have had here in Ohio since Dec.. EXCITED!!!
  4. I hope he just absolutely destroys teams this spring so we dont have to listen about the lack of reps means hes not elite... this kid is a tool shed
  5. This please me... let’s dance!
  6. Let’s see how this looks in 3 months of the HS baseball circuit....
  7. This dude is a douchebag, but this part is going to be a huge deal if true
  8. Consider this is what I considered the alternative, I will take the merciful version
  9. I hate to say it, but I actually prefer this to the alternative. Maybe it blunts the overall Elko-ness of Fong's slants on state recruiting targets and predictions. Like anything else, you got to have a media "in" nowadays to get the spin going the way you want. Having a guy that is strongly tied to Fong can't hurt. And as an added bonus I would love to see the normal scoops about things tied to the program leak through a national guy than to have to use one of these fuckheads that are our local guys as the outlet.
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