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  1. aggy dbs aren’t very good, but their LBs really struggle in coverage. If they their dime unit can’t get it done, this game is pretty much decided. If they have to run nickel Leach is going to run “Mesh” every snap and just destroy their LBs in coverage. I still thinking MSU wins 28-17 or so
  2. Dont forget Jimbo mouthing off all offseason throwing little digs at Bama…. I guarantee Saban hasn’t forgot and may be out to make a point to ol jimbo…
  3. Going to be a shit show. Gas is 3.35 in Michigan yesterday. UK is having shortages. China is having power rationing that is pushing more shockwaves in the supply chain. Major problems with chip manufacturing and it is creating a lagged market impact for all sorts of commercial and industrial electronics. Massive bottlenecks at all ports are further hammering shipping costs. Food costs continue to climb and now we are seeing retail shortages common. Im not a doomsday naysayer, but I would strongly recommend purchasing your Christmas gifts now before we see further chaos as all of these issues roll into the holiday retail season. Best case we just see a 5-10% bump in various retail goods, worst case massive shortages and price increases.
  4. So let me get this straight... Fatterson talks him into de-committing and the Big 12 almost imploads and TCU is looking at now being considered potentially to be no longer a P5 conferenbce. TCU get skull dragged by SMU so Fatterson talks this kid into committing.... So if the pattern hold true we are either going to set RECORDS VS tcu this weekend or some form of natural disaster is about to befall the TCU campus... and just because its page 666
  5. That pick should seal it. Univ of Spoiled Children loses to the Beaver
  6. Dink and dunk time for USC…. Slowly eating clock… was hoping OSU would have scored one more
  7. And what? Promote Orlando? Hell that might actually help the D, so why not give it a shot..
  8. Well consider he would have never been healthy, maybe he is right. He went to USC to heal up because he knew he would never make the field here under Sark.
  9. 42-17 Oregon State…. Condoms are getting shredded
  10. Watching Oregon State working USC at the Coliseum make me smile… All those bitches that bailed to UT-west coast better be enjoying the weather because that entire coaching staff (that means you too mr Shh) are gone in 8 more games
  11. Fuck…. They are becoming self aware….
  12. A little earlt this year, but some things are prophetic
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