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  1. I am officially in Ohio and my movers have dropped off my stuff (and surprisingly didn’t try to screw me over at the last minute). Should I chronicle my weird Ohio interactions here or just save those for other threads...
  2. Every time I see this thread bumped I open it hoping for some type of triumphant return by the best in the business. I miss Hamm... we never knew how good we had it and now we are stuck with the old bimbo meemaa
  3. That is an interesting question. Toledo is like just over the line... google maps say about an hour to one in Ann Arbor
  4. T minus 10 days. Get keys on July 3rd. Hope like hell my movers deliver my shit sooner rather than later...
  5. I had this discussion with a close friend of mine regarding SAT/Standardized testing and student success regarding students in his programs. I think the part of this that people don’t really grasp is that if the testing does its job, ie is used to set a minimum floor or threshold for admittance, then you shouldn’t see statistical significance regarding standardized test scores and student success. That is because the threshold is doing its job. Those that would show the significance of the trend, the low scores with poor success at that university level, would not have been admitted. The more interesting research is when you start looking at the provisional admits and those within the “danger zone” and seeing if the standardized tests are a valid predictor... As far as standardized tests and are they a useful way to determine if a student can learn argument, let’s not forget that unless they get to the point that reading and mathematics are no longer required to complete a college degree, then the standardized test is also there to verify the minimal level of skills in those areas to be successful. Unfortunately due to the extreme variance of the education systems across the various parts of the country, GPA and other HS level data is even less meaningful than standard test data. Lets not fool ourselves with the argument that the bias in standardized testing (language, examples, and complexity in narratives and term usage, etc) is not something that is fundamentally required to still be successful in a college classroom. Can a student be successful without proficiency in those areas before enrollment, of course. But I am not interested if any one student can survive based on this liability, but instead is that population’s likelihood of success less than any other student. So the real question is what is worse, admitting a large subset of students knowing that the variance in student success will be much higher than others (and therefore a higher levels of former students that are stuck in a student debt trap) or use a system that is has a higher variance of predictive success at the detriment of certain populations. And to that I don’t have a reasonable answer because both sides have a valid point. Do I like the idea that a standardized test scores is one of the end all be all’s tied to a student’s admittance to college, no. Is there a better solution that won’t be tied to the same type of bias that already exists, not yet (and more than likely never). So in the end we are just choosing between poor options and then trying to justify the position post hoc to limit public concerns.
  6. Grades came out? Not sure if they went pass/fail or satisfactory/ unsatisfactory, but if he blew off classes during COVID, less than a C means he can’t get a waiver for the positive outcome grade point. If he was borderline... Not saying that’s the case, but it’s about that time that official grades and appeals are done
  7. I dont give a shit about the 12th man tradition, but I damn sure do care that they got a copy right and make money off of it. The sooner it gets debunked the better it is for everyone else
  8. Closing on a house in Sylvania in June. Let’s just say doing this in the middle of the pandemic has been a bit more complicated than anticipated.
  9. So what was the reason he was let out of his LOI anyways? aint complaining for picking up another corner, just curious how he got out of going to Waco...
  10. Laxtonto

    Shit My Kid Says

    I’m extremely dyslexic... if the little squiggly red line don’t catch it, I’m pretty much screwed. I’m happy to be in the ball park so that’s it readable
  11. Laxtonto

    Shit My Kid Says

    My 4 year old loves dinosaurs. So he’s playing with his triceratops and tells me “Triceratops eats plants... he’s a herbivore “ so I ask him about his Tyransotrus Rex and he says “TRex eats meat, he’s a carnivore”... So I asked him what does daddy eat, and he just looked at me and said “mommie”.... touchet kid, touchet
  12. Curious if this is prioritized based off of income, filing date, last name or what. Didnt file my most recent return due to I would have to pay in about 1100 and would rather wait till July and keep the cash on hand just in case. Last years my AGI was literally 149k, so right under the max for filling married, so I am really curious where I am in the line for this.
  13. Well I am having to relocate across the country for work and lets just say that its a bit stressful. My job is fairly recession proof as a tenure track academic. Picked a location that has stable property values and essentially have to hope for the best. Best part is that the steadied drop in interest rates are helping some, but at some point it hits diminishing returns. Bigger concern is about paid movers... if we do go to some form of lockdown, how the fuck is that going to work?
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