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  1. Console or PC? picking up an x box 1 this Christmas so I have the option now to play it on either console or PC
  2. This is probably my favorite game of the year. Will have to see how it compares to the Jedi fallen order over Christmas
  3. So all weekend no real new information... Yep the 9.95 guys really are all sorts of plugged in..
  4. https://disrn.com/news/nas-pensacola-shooter-identified-as-saudi-aviation-student-possible-terror-motive-being-probed
  5. Wouldn’t this really provide one more reason to push USC to go axe Helton for Urban? The loss of Peterson will make UW weaker and the entire conference is down enough that a splash hire could push USC back in front in what looks to be an upcoming downturn in big name coaches for the conference.
  6. Looks like Herman was told to fix the staff or he’s next and so loyalty is lost in the face of self preservation
  7. God bless you all, you bunch of degenerate bastards. In the last 8 days I’ve been in 8 states and then at my in laws for Thanksgiving with a 4 month pregnant wife with a head cold. Little holiday drama but I am just sick of people and low level bullshit. You guys keep up the good fight, I’m going to start the arduous journey from Texas to SD
  8. Amazed he made it out of the stadium yesterday. You can’t lose to UNT, SJSU, and WKU in 15 months at home and survive
  9. Not sure.. lots of people out there are turning on Bama and their weak schedule. They are looking at their best wins being potentially Auburn and then? A&M? If you play a weak schedule and don’t go undefeated the national blowback will be too much. If they are going to select a second SEC team it will have to be UGA and I’m not sure the politics are there for that either.
  10. Lose the turnover battle, give up a kickoff return for a TD and still beat a ranked opponent. Ill take it. Should have been a 10+ win, but team stupidity is what hurts us more than anything else. How many drives were killed by bad penalties, especially in the red or green zone?
  11. Do they fire Morris at half, this evening, tomorrow or Monday? If they lose to WKU and SJSU in the same season you got to fire him....
  12. Laxtonto


    I am considering to get an Xbox this Christmas to let my son play lego games with me on. I am a proud member of the PC master race, but I thin this might be the best starter system. Essentially I am terrified of letting him play on the desktop because that is also where I do my research from home. So what are the best kid friendly Xbox games you guys recommend and anybody what bundles/setup should I be looking at?
  13. So baby #2 is due in May. So how soon after should I worry about snip snip? We are pretty sure we want to stop at 2.
  14. So 2021? Doubt they want to release head to head with cyberpunk in 2020....
  15. Got it Saturday... been traveling a bit so I didnt start on it till Sat night... Love it so far
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