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  1. The SAOS Cask Strength SiB Rye is one I wish I could have back. I bought one bottle at Total on a whim. Forgot about it and then tried it a few weeks later. It was a terrific rye for a 4 year. Of course it was long gone when I tried to buy more. While I like the NASA SAOS bourbon picks, the rye was much better. I should have spent my money there. Jack Daniel’s makes better ryes than “Tennessee Whiskey”. Everybody understands except for Jack Daniel’s.
  2. Thanks for the review. I believe there’s a FAE-02 is coming out in the fall.
  3. The haul from this week: Distilled in Indiana: My Maker’s Mark Limited Release collection:
  4. What are the chances the BOMC controlled UIL lets him play next season?
  5. Is WhistlePig really rye from Vermont? I believe Piggyback is their one and only product that doesn't contain rye whiskey from Alberta. I'm off of the 100% rye whiskeys regardless of origin. They don't fit the flavor profile I'm looking for in a good rye. I'd much rather drink the barely legal and Barton ryes.
  6. I understand mourning the loss of a good movie theater. I still miss the Sundance in Downtown Houston. The River Oaks Theater closing is even sadder because it's in a historic building. But movie theaters will come back. They'll come back looking different, but they'll come back.
  7. The Sopranos' dysfunction at home is a reflection of the dysfunction of mafia life. If AJ is normal and well adjusted like Meadow, and if Carm doesn't watch movies with Father Phil or flirt with Furio, it's a pretty normal household. Dad works late, sees a shrink, comes home drunk, sometimes smells like whores, he's a dick but a good provider. All pretty normal.
  8. Artie had a nice string of hot hostesses at Vesuvio. Adriana, the French chick, and Benny's goomah. Charmaine wasn't too shabby herself. The man can evaluate talent.
  9. I'm not surprised. After that "surgeon" took a battering ram to her face, there was no point in keeping up the charade.
  10. Some pretty good pick ups today. Maker’s Mark FAE 01 and Rebecca Creek 12. I’ll probably drink the Rebecca Creek this weekend to determine if I need to buy more.
  11. I think Mary Welsh was a a very successful editor. Without her we don’t have A Moveable Feast and something resembling novels in Islands in the Stream, and The Garden of Eden. Tip of the cap.
  12. Janice reaped what she sowed, but I did feel pity for her by the end of the show.
  13. Oh I like Chazz. He was great in a Bronx tale. I just wish a guy like Siravo got more work while he was living.
  14. Good actor. RIP. I wish he had in more shows/films. Hollywood seems determined to keep rolling Chazz Palminteri out there for every mob role not directed by Scorsese.
  15. Roegels gives you a vinegar sauce on the side. From my brief stay in North Carolina, they usually sauced the pulled pork before serving it. You're then strongly encouraged to put hot sauce on it. They drink Texas Pete by the gallon in North Carolina so that's usually what's on the table. I'm not sure if there's a right way or a work way to do it. I also ordered brisket at Roegels. Of course the brisket absolutely lapped the pulled pork, but it was nice to try something different.
  16. The cult vibe is strong at Garrison Bros, but it's not unlike Blue Bell saying their ice cream is the best in the world over and over again during tours. To their credit, Garrison Bros does do an excellent job of explaining their processes and the history of the distillery. It's a good tour.
  17. I’m not a fan of Blackwell’s shipping prices. I think I’ve paid $40 before. I’m sure shipping costs have increased during the pandemic, but 40 bucks is absurd.
  18. You can make reservations next week. I believe each volunteer is allowed one guest.
  19. Maker’s Mark Boys, come out to play. FAE 01 has hit Houston.
  20. Andrus Astro Killer status confirmed. He’s hitting .094 on the season, yet he has three straight hits versus the ‘Stros.
  21. They had a few calf scrambles today. The Wine Garden will be open on weekends in May for volunteers and their guests. I’m glad to see things returning to normal. Hopefully we have a great show next year to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the HLSR.
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