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  1. Bruh. As many as 20% of known pregnancies end with a miscarriage. The state sure as shit doesn't give a fuck about pre or post natal health care so don't give me a fucking line that the "state has an interest in protecting" a fetus. Y'all certainly don't give a fuck about the fetus after it's born. Stop lying to yourself. On that note - the exact same logic alito applies to strike down Roe is explicitly applied to Obergefell, Lawrence, and Griswold in the opinion. It's just followed by a winkyface "I pwooooomise to not apply this to those cases" I don't think you'll be angry about being wrong, you'll be giddy about how owned the libz are and how much you see your religion expressed in the state
  2. hey now, APD had a TON of protesters to shoot at and brutalize, their hands were completely full!
  3. On a similar note while I was googling to find any other reporting, I came across a Malaysian Airlines flight that had "technical issues" in early April this year causing the aircraft to dive 7,000ft so aggressively the passengers got negative g's. The pilot recovered and safely landed the aircraft, but jeeze, I'd be keen to know what caused such a similar failure to the other recent 737 crashes. Combined with the recent news of the FAA finding the 787's certification documents incomplete... I'm feeling less and less keen to get going on a boeing.
  4. well you seem to be more concerned with whatever some random BLM organizer is doing than a woman getting her rights violated by a hospital, police officers, and the state of TX justice system. It's more what you didn't say than what you did.
  5. not to pick a nit, but I did some googling and both the candice owens and fox tweet aren't real and appear to have originated from reddit shitposting That said, I do hope these fucking idiots who took an antiparasitic med to treat a viral infection do get to keep a souvenir of their idiocy
  6. Roe v Wade is still the law of the land and yet, you're totally fine with Texas law enforcement breaking the law to jail a woman who just miscarried.
  7. this sounds like something an oil man who thinks he knows everything because he knows oil would say
  8. And these are the places that the GOP wants to give public tax dollars. Fucking awful.
  9. Eagerly waiting for the resident CRT academic @Johnny Sack to incorporate this new wisdom into his writings on the subject. I got a kick out of the last time he posted his writings, they were fantastically incorrect and dishonest
  10. You're implying that the majority of its energy usage would be from stranded electricity. You're doing the jordan peterson-style shithousery where you make a ton of implications in your posts and then when someone states the thing you've been dancing around actually saying, you retort with "WeLL i DiDnT sAy ThAt!!!"
  11. Turns out that twitter bots were critical to TSLA's inflated valuation that he's now trying to weaponize to buy twitter
  12. As discussed in the other thread - this sort of set up of a small mining rig or a single rack at a site is NOT going to be representative of the majority of the hashrate in the state. The vast majority are going to be ran like data centers because it's a pain in the ass to your profit margins and breakeven on your specialized ASICs to have the lights go out. You are being dishonest with yourself if you think that it's going to be all "stranded electricity". Plus, we should be exploring better electricity storage techniques - NOT capitalizing your ponzi scheme.
  13. It's literally the underpinning of any proof of work system. It's HARD to mine a bitcoin and takes trillions and trillions of random inputs to a complex calculation, that's designed to only be guessable once every 10 minutes. So that means that when the network hashrate is about 220 million TH/s, that means 220,000,000,000,000,000,000 calculations are wasted per second. Given a 10 minute target block time, that means you're wasting approximately 132,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 calculations before a single correct block is hashed ("mined"), yielding net new BTC and granting the gas fees to the lucky miner. The fact that it's so difficult to do an consumes so much electricity is a feature, not a bug of cryptocurrency. It's what makes the proof of work valuable. Because of the incredible opportunity cost you're paying computationally and energy-wise to achieve it.
  14. The goober should have just kept doing the rich person thing where he just takes out loans against his speculatively valued paper to lock in the value, rather than open his books with a big flashy acquisition play
  15. That is not representative of at-scale bitcoin mining, which is more akin to plain old data center ops. If that flared NG was such a viable power source, I'd imagine that those savvy well operators would not have been burning money for so long. All that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is is a mechanism to expend energy and capitalize that you just consumed the energy. That's the basic underlying market force. So if you're saying the value gained from dragging a server rack out to a well, paying a nerd to manage it, maintaining data connectivity, and maintaining adequate cooling is more profitable than just capturing the flare or selling your excess energy back to the grid.... Not sure I follow your police work there Lou
  16. It really is a pure expression of the modern GOP power politics dogma. Rather than doing fewer things to incite protests in the streets, the solution is OBVIOUSLY to first ignore them and then weaponize the state against the protesters.
  17. Crypto doesn't represent any real-world value or utility, for one lol. A stock is a measurable percentage of a business, a bitcoin is a number on a ledger that holds zero intrinsic utility. Hell, even the most novel and evolutionary parts of cryptocurrency like DAO's and smart contracts are just horrifically inefficient replacements for current systems like voting shares or an actual contract on the public record. [Ponzi intensifies] The only thing fueling your line going up is the influx of new stupid money with the advent of NFT's and shitcoins and pump and dumps which are all just mechanisms to drive demand for ETH and ultimately, BTC. There's just not much to spend your crypto on in the real world. If you wanna buy a thousand dollar booster pack for your new age baseball cards, then it's the best thing since sliced bread.
  18. I agree with all of this - some items are nonsense that they're included in the NFA, and some things are nonsense that they're exempted from the NFA like """pistol""" AR's and the like lol. The problem is - the dialogue and the political climate is so stagnated that small changes are no longer possible. We as a nation have just accepted that school and mass shootings are par for the course and that ANY further regulation is tyrannical reduction of rights. Which in turn engenders an attitude that gun owners shouldn't get any more toys or get the rules loosened further. So then it ultimately just turns into a game of power politics rather than good policy making. And from the direction of recent gun laws (like TX becoming constitutional carry for example), I don't see that trend reversing any time soon.
  19. No shit - it's why we need a general data protection regulation in the US. Fucking ANYBODY - literally anybody - can buy your realtime location data from your cellular provider. Your unique user traffic data from your ISP? Sold. Your usage histories from your smart thermostat? Sold. It all says in the privacy policy that they're selling your data, it just usually doesn't have the threat of christofascism backing it.
  20. https://truthout.org/articles/privacy-experts-warn-data-from-period-tracking-apps-may-soon-be-used-against-you/ Do you or anyone you know use a period tracker app? You may want to read your privacy policy instead of just clicking "agree" next time
  21. I took some pretty nice pictures with my s21 ultra, 100x zoom worked well until the eclipse and then the sensor couldn't get enough light
  22. Lmao well it's always nice to be thought of, but I don't really report people in CR unless it's outright racism or someone going on a legit bender. I also haven't reported you or sack, but don't let me get in the way of your victim complex
  23. I'm a millennial ass millennial, and have been working in IT/enterprise architecture and ops for about 8 years now. I started out stacking, racking, provisioning, and administering physical servers in racks and now I do enterprise scale cloud architecture and some machine learning on the side. I've been able to own the deepening of my knowledge and expertise and scale it up because of my upbringing and super tech-nerd dad teaching me how to reason through a problem and troubleshoot. It's not some magical "it" thing that enabled my success, just good parenting and getting comfortable with making mistakes and learning from that. It's just much easier to tolerate making mistakes and taking risks when you've got an emergency fund and financial stability. It opens up so many more doors for me just by virtue of being able to be picky about what shots I take on stuff
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