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  1. Enjoyed this post, but if it’s true that LSU had Riley as their #1 option, then the last paragraph doesn’t seem right. Looks like the bigwigs mainly desired a big name “splash” hire.
  2. Casey was killing it by halftime of OU game, but i think that was Sark’s scheme/offense more than Casey. The thumb injury didn’t cause his slow decision making, poor reads, and bad pocket presence. Time to move on. If we’re gonna have a shitty/subpar defense in the immediate future, we need a slinger at QB.
  3. Looks like some of our fanbase wants to have our dick in our hands when we enter the SEC in (hopefully) 2023. Sign Ewers. If he's a bust, so fucking what. We have Maalik or a future signee/transfer to take over. If Ewers plays well, we're set up nicely entering a new conference. While we've farted around with a couple of mediocre coaches and shit the bed for the last decade plus, other schools have smartly and aggressively found ways to compete and level the playing field against us. Now it's time for us to drop our nuts on the table and play to win. Are we the villain? Good. Embrace it. Use it to create a chip on our team's fucking shoulder.
  4. I'm pleased we're being this aggressive with Ewers and NIL in general. This is what college football is moving forward. Adapt or die.
  5. Soooo...we should expect a decision from Ewers soon, right? I'm sure every program he's looking at wants the chance to flip other recruits before Signing Day.
  6. I though this was an interesting article about the Venables hire: https://theathletic.com/2999821/2021/12/05/kersey-for-oklahoma-brent-venables-is-finally-willing-to-make-the-jump-to-head-coach/ Maybe he's the next Stoops, but these could be red flags. He's never really wanted to be a HC it seems, and whatever strengths he's shown as a DC get weakened with all the other duties he now takes on. He developed a reputation as a film junkie who loves the hands-on aspects of coaching. Venables has been known to line up as scout-team quarterback during practice, for example. He was in the middle of the action again Sunday night as he took hold of the microphone and worked the already fired-up crowd. Former Clemson defensive line coach Dan Brooks, who worked with Venables until Brooks’ 2016 retirement, said he always wondered if Venables would be willing to give some of that up and step into a head coaching position. “I knew he had all the intangibles,” Brooks said Sunday. “But I always wondered if he really wanted to do it, because he just loves to coach. He loves to strategize.” Venables will have to delegate many of those duties now. “It’s a different chair to sit in,” said Chuck Long, the former San Diego State coach who worked on the OU staff with Venables from 2000 through 2005. “Obviously, he’s watched it with Bob and watched it with (Clemson coach) Dabo (Swinney). There are a lot of different factions that come into play there. You do less coaching, actually, and more administrative work. The key for Brent is to hire coaches who he can trust so he doesn’t have to micromanage, like Bob did.”
  7. Tweet and article have been deleted. Lol, what a circus college football has become
  8. OU fans will convince themselves Venables is a great hire. Texas fans will convince themselves that Venables will not be a good Head Coach. History favors OU here, but also OU sucks. Advantage: push
  9. Wonder if OU was making a push for Aranda and got the word last night it wasn't happening.
  10. When you're bleeding recruits/players, yes.
  11. If Venables gets the job, I wonder why it took this long. Were they shooting for the moon trying to hire someone else?
  12. A championship is a championship, but that 2007 LSU team w/ Les Miles lost to Kentucky and Arkansas in the regular season. One of the trashier NCs I can remember.
  13. Maybe Ewers can donate his mullet hair to Milwee. Win-win.
  14. Yes, and I'm absolutely sick of it. But let's cry about Ewers' hair and be super negative on the idea of us signing him.
  15. Jesus, some of y'all are acting like you have battered spouse syndrome. Time to move on from this season and embrace the chance at getting a #1 QB recruit.
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