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  1. Guy on redzone just said there goes the undefeated season for the Bucs. All these talking heads after 2 games they're talking shit
  2. Hell of a job by the guys coming together, I kind of figured if you can't play for Stricker, then you can't play for anyone. Sticker did a great job picking captains and players. Ass kicking, nice to see. Hope Polter's wine taste like shit.
  3. Scottie pouring it on early
  4. Lead pipe lock since Monday was WVU and the points
  5. Julio's is good as well, Taco Tote is legit fast food tacos, go inside and sit. Chico's is okay, Frisco's is better , get the Frisco fingers. I will say barbacoa around here is tremendous, it's not just a weekend thing, it's around the clock. Check out Vista Market if you want some groceries, fresh tortillas, lots of great salsa options and of course, barbacoa.
  6. Friend told me about this today, just watched the first episode, in.
  7. Boise' offense is regressing, was a time when they would have absolutely burned a team if they blitzed like Okie State did. Instead, their o line was porous and qb bellow average. Creativeness is down too,, on 3rd and 2 they ran a qb sneak. I will always bet against ASU as long as Herm is there, they're good for lots of penalties and stupid decisions/plays. Their offense literally killed 5 minutes at the end of the game. I'm not going to say Chip Kelly is terrible or good, Fresno has a team this year and that happened. I think he's good enough for ucla and it must have been a dumpster fire when he took over. Uphill climb against SC, despite them sucking, they still have a brand. tOSU Switching D coordinators? That's umm, well, maybe it'll work out. As usual, Bama gets a win and also a lesson, their defense won't allow that to happen again. Most teams get an L and a hard lesson, Bama gets a W. They good.
  8. The Boise offense ain't what it used to be.
  9. Can't believe ou is only favored by 22.5
  10. When I lived in Galveston, this is how I judged the severity of a storm. If they stop trash collection, I should probably think about buying some floaties
  11. Better board up your house and lock the doors
  12. Scared money don't make money. Playing Dalton means you're playing scared. I'd roll the dice with the unknown in Fields.
  13. Rodgers really earned his money today and I bet he doesn't care. Probably will blame someone in the front office or his coach.
  14. Lots of rain, wind, high tides... on the coast, get what you value off the ground floor and put out the no wake signs. Going to be something, hopefully not too bad, but they do not think it will stall, hopefully it won't have a name beyond TC14.
  15. As an alcoholic, it's is most true that a lot of things I have done/do in life are that of excess, including my emotions. I can let let the tiniest of things go for days, dwelling on them. It causes unrest, I get so tired of thinking about these little things that bother me. It was great to read this morning that reminder, to put some things in perspective, whereas if I didn't have these things to remind me, I'd be a mess 100% of the time. My goals are to be sober and to grow, and I only grow a little bit at a time. I look forward to the day where I can better recognize the littles things as little and focus on what's really important, my family, friends, health. I hope everyone is gaining a little bit day by day.
  16. Bam Morris hook you up?
  17. The world has the pyramids, the great wall, machu pichu and Tammy
  18. Sounds like a job for Tom Tuttle.
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