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  1. Morris is now following Sydney Carter and vice versa. This would be a great picking at the guard spot in a JAT role. Harmon, Matharu, Morris, Moore, Jones is an elite lineup
  2. Horford possibly through Tuesday. Robert Williams expected back in some capacity
  3. Monarch got pushed from January to the “fall” for some unknown “COVID” reason
  4. I like Welcome to Flatch which got a season 2. But I catch it on Hulu Letting the Orville go Hulu-exclusive what a dumbass move
  5. At the moment, 4 strokes above the cut line and tied for 3rd with Ole Miss. Up 2 spots today.
  6. Appears DePaul's Sonya Morris may be visiting. 4 years at DePaul, so a one year 5'10 guard rental if she picked us 2021-22: 17.6 ppg, 46.4% FG, 34.7% 3PFG, 75% FT, 3.9 rpg, 98 assists to 79 turnovers, 7 blocks, 45 steals. Second leading scorer behind fab freshman Aneesah Morrow 16 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal against A&M 20-9-2 against Northwestern 10-3-4 with 2 steals against Rutgers 10-4-4 against Arizona 36-6-4 with 2 steals against Vanderbilt 15-5-1 with 1 steal against ND 19-5-2 with 1 steal against UConn
  7. They met at the CS regional in 2012 and 2015-2016 in supers Texas and A&M met in the Rice regional in 2014 and the Austin regional in 2018 (both years TCU missed the NCAAT)
  8. But now they have the "A&M stole TCU's coach" revenge story!
  9. Yeah the NCAA postseason committees are extremely inconsistent on when they use a true S-curve or focus more on geography and cutting down on expenses. A true S curve would have the highest #2 seed (#17) at the lowest #1 seed (#16) but they'll also factor in geography to avoid paying less in flights and trying to avoid already played matchups if possible. And a sprinkling of viewership/eyeballs. I.e., it's easier to send Texas to College Station based on geography as the 2-seed, but TCU/A&M > Texas/A&M and Arky/Texas > TCU/Arky. Not a huge difference sending Texas to the #6 or #9 overall seed, but to the committee, more people are going to tune TCU/A&M for the storyline and Arky/Texas for the historic rivalry. Plus Texas and A&M played already this year.
  10. Oh please, you know why. It's as CR without being CR as it gets. This thread should be nuked and moved. It's someone's way of saying "LOL you say you care about gun violence, but not when it's inner city black on black violence!"
  11. I thought it was very brave to admit to future teammates/employers that you are apparently “unlucky” enough to continually hurt your teammates.
  12. Yes. Think she went Greek life full time
  13. So many gunshots around July 4 and New Years. So weird!
  14. Though an early consensus is Washington is slumping, Plain is struggling and Klingler is in a slump, so Texas may be able to take that regional. We'll see.
  15. Texas was 14th in the RPI used by the selection committee. I can see why the team looked disappointed. OU - seeded 1, #1 RPI FSU - seeded 2, #3 RPI VT - seeded 3, #2 RPI Arkansas - seeded 4, #4 RPI UCLA - seeded 5, #6 RPI Alabama - seeded 6, #5 RPI OK State - seeded 7, #7 RPI ASU - seeded 8, #10 RPI Northwestern - seeded 9, #11 RPI Clemson - seeded 10, #8 RPI Tennessee - seeded 11, #12 RPI Duke - seeded 12, #9 RPI Washington - seeded 13, #16 RPI Florida - seeded 14, #13 RPI Missouri - seeded 15, #18 RPI UCF - seeded 16, #15 RPI Texas was the only team in the top 16 of the RPI who didn't get a seed. Missouri stole it. Texas - 38-17-1, RPI 14, non-conf RPI 8, #4 conference, 5-13 versus the top 25 and 4-2-1 versus 26-50 Missouri - 36-20. RPI 18, non-conf RPI 23, #1 conference, 9-10 versus the top 25 and 14-6 versus 26-50 SEC team got the benefit of the doubt over a Big 12 team. An SEC team had more games against the 26-50 range than we did, since the SEC has Ole Miss, Miss St, Auburn and Texas A&M in the 26-50 range and the Big 12 had 3 teams in the top 14 and then everyone else 59 and below. Goodbye to this crap ass conference.
  16. We aren't hosting. Easier to just accept it now.
  17. This. People are insane these days. You never know if your neighbor is having a bad day or maybe they are a piece of shit and the odds of them having a gun is entirely too high.
  18. You don't own the NBA thread. I know it's basically your entire life, but other people are allowed to post. You do come off like a dick, sometimes. Like, just chill.
  19. Internet: CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING HACK Company: Oh, thanks for bringing that to our attention The TikTok generation has ruined everything.
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