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  1. Heat look confident and hitting shots
  2. Owen-17 0-and-17 coming into the game (now 0-and-18)
  3. No complaints from me. Really makes the workday faster when I can sit on the couch with my laptop and "work"
  4. Texas is #1 in the AVCA Fall 15. Ahead of #2 Baylor. Texas Baylor Kentucky Florida Syracuse ND Mizzou A&M Kansas Pitt Louisville GT Iowa State Duke Texas State
  5. Nelson Cruz Hour, featuring the AL Wild Card game 2
  6. Speaking of can't afford, can Tillman even afford to pay a good coach?
  7. Big fan of that, though putting it up less than a week before the registration deadline - meh? Maybe should have been put up a month ago.
  8. I remember being LIVID that we only beat TCU of the MWC 34-13 that day (Dalton's RS FR year). I would murder most of you to win 34-13 against TCU this year.
  9. Someone accidentally woke Mrs. McNair, who freaked out about the hotel incident with his brother. In true Bob McNair fashion, "character" outweighs "winning" and the Texans continue to suck.
  10. That's some fine coach work there, Lou.
  11. Do the rest over zoom so the moderator can mute people
  12. Huh I thought this was for funny memes. Not dumbass trolls
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