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  1. forgot the pic of the "shaman" and his assistant. yep. I'd trust a dude who looks like this to cut me open and drip toad poison in me.
  2. Magua is not to be trusted. The last of the Mohicans already warned about that. "Toad poison" hangover treatment reportedly kills Russian oil executive at the house of a "shaman" near Moscow https://www.cbsnews.com/news/toad-poison-hangover-treatment-reportedly-kills-russian-oil-executive/ A former top boss of one of Russia's biggest state-owned oil companies died after receiving a dubious treatment from a "shaman" over the weekend, Russian media say. Lukoil board member Alexander Subbotin, who no longer held a management role at the firm, was found dead in Mytishchi, a town just outside Moscow, in a house owned by a local healer or medicine man known as Magua, according to state news agency TASS. Online news outlet Mash said Magua and his wife were offering high-paying clients various unorthodox treatments, including a procedure involving poisonous toads. "They would make an incision on the skin, dripped toad poison there, and after the patient vomited, he allegedly would feel better," Mash claimed, alleging that Subbotin had been a frequent customer who came seeking treatment for hangovers. "Suddenly, he felt unwell, and his heart ached. The shaman decided not to call an ambulance, gave him some usual heart drops and put the billionaire to sleep in the basement, where he later died," Mash reported, adding: "Whether Alexander got sick from poisonous toads or something else is not clear, but the investigation will soon figure it out."
  3. what the fuck do natural gas power plants use to generate electricity? when more demand is needed, more power plants go online to provide supply for the demand. when more plants go online, more fucking natural gas is needed to power those plants. i'm going to let you read up on how natural gas is priced in the wholesale market. education, how does it work?
  4. enron was doing this shit in california. shutting down plants to drive up prices. this shit can't be happening in Texas right? fucking lulz. https://www.shortform.com/blog/enron-california-energy-crisis/ Enron took advantage of the rules to manipulate markets, to the detriment of consumers: Energy producers kept power plants off to spike prices.
  5. jerry jones energy company CFO: "we hit the jackpot again!" probably
  6. haven't any news or tweets warning of impending death but i assume they are coming.
  7. he's seeing what the highest offer is before he goes to aggy for the final counter?
  8. i like where your head is but with NIL, some players are making more than their position coaches.
  9. I worked my ass off so that my CEO could get his $40M salary and $300M stock options! I think that's the gist of the one of the arguments.
  10. honest question. don't tase me, bro. so would discussing this in school be considered critical race theory?
  11. interesting video, to me at least. TLDW: for quantifiable results (ball flight, distance, spin), irons shafts don't matter. basically it comes down to feel, which is purely subjective. ball brand/type and head loft have more say in those metrics.
  12. I'd always heard this. GG and PGASS are only a mile apart. Having visited both many times, this is so fucking true. GG must have an asshole test which assholes need to pass before getting hired. Fuck that place.
  13. doesn't help when most of our elected US officials are old as dirt. they are easily bought. they are the biggest impediment for change.
  14. this has been one of the basic tenets of American values. work hard, own a home. the boomers forget how on one income, they could afford home, have good life with annual vacations, afford to pay 2 kids through college, and still have money to retire. now 20-30 year olds can hardly afford a home on 2 incomes. forget about retiring. i think the older generation who had it easy and now have the wealth forget how fucking easy American life and opportunities were for them. most are hell bent on living in luxury for their remaining years at the expense of the younger generation.
  15. there are many results in google. this is the first best example. https://blogs.imf.org/2021/10/18/housing-prices-continue-to-soar-in-many-countries-around-the-world/
  16. back in early 2000s, the guys in our Sydney office would drink almost everyday at lunch. sometimes on conference calls, you could tell that they'd had a few. they even had beers in the office fridge. i had to be THE guy who flew there to tell them that they had to stop drinking during work hours and remove alcohol from company fridge.
  17. yall forget the shitshow that was 2008 and the following years. and 2002 before that. if you are in your 40s and older, you've lived through some significant recessions. i'd argue that instead of making you feel that having a job is blessing, you realize that jobs are a necessary evil to living life, if you are lucky to make enough money to live a decent life. you realize that no matter how well you do your job, when the time comes through no control of your own, you are just a number on a balance sheet that one day needs to be balanced.
  18. It will be interesting to see the results of Canada's new restriction on foreign home buyers, if this actually works.
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