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  1. It's just grass and water.* * according to my boomer dad
  2. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-01-26/aircraft-slams-into-hillside-explodes-in-flames-near-calabasas
  3. I thought the intentional foul that started it all was a complete bitch move, especially given the circumstances.* Concede the layup, laugh your ass off, and point at the scoreboard. But maybe I don't watch enough hoops (thanks Shaka you fucking incompetent fraud). Then the same guy taunts the dude he tried to decapitate, and for good measure brandishes a chair like he's in the WWE? Yeah, fuck that puto. * unless he was worried about the 2nd half spread or some shit?
  4. SIAP Millenial Farmer MN soybean and corn farmer. I'm not sure how I found this or why I like it. Dude's pretty funny I guess, has a big place, lots of tech gizmos on his various JD equipment. He likes to talk shit about Case-IH, so there is that.
  5. OP: "Check this out, the whole place is filled with a bunch of wasted, inbred rednecks!" Half of Surly: "Oh shit I been there. Good times!"
  6. I'm just now checking in to see how bad it was. Top that.
  7. At a Friday afternoon news conference at HPD headquarters, a defiant Chief Art Acevedo admitted Goines and Bryant had “dishonored” the badge and the department, but defended the other officers on Squad 15, who he said had acted in “good faith” before being shot. “Mr. Tuttle shot at them,” he said. “Nothing in the evidence shows he did not shoot these officers.” https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Former-HPD-officer-charged-with-murder-in-botched-14373874.php
  8. I believe they were in Baja MX, getting ready to slow smoke that lizard.
  9. It just means you are good at standardized tests.
  10. I was surprised to see in the googles that Sikhs make up less than 2% of India given how many you see in US truck stops. Ain't been to Canada.
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