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  1. Not going to go back but pretty sure that literally happened to another Lion Air crew (MCAS tried to lawn dart itself and pilot flipped the correct toggle and landed the plane)?
  2. Always like that one. Scottish buddy of mine, "See you next Tuesday! Hey!"
  3. Didn't this happen last year also? Nvm googles say Sawmill Fire in AZ 2018 A CBP agent no less.
  4. GringoSalado

    Malcolm Roach

    Another username checks out. Jesus look where he is lined up on that play.
  5. GringoSalado

    Malcolm Roach

    Nope (but yeah, me too)
  6. This is already the best thread on here.
  7. Are there any examples of this? I've never understood how you do collectivism w/out authoritarianism, and that usually involves murderous despots.
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