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  1. Unfortunately for all of us the market pain is a harbinger off coming economic pain. The upside is by summer time I think things will be headed the right way, but the next two quarter are going to be rough.
  2. I feel sort of bad for calling my shot. I moved heavily into cash two weeks ago and will wait until everything settles down. I am not trying to time perfectly but the market was so frothy already I was suspicious. My play account took it in the ass today. Down over 10 percent. That’s where I do my Wall Street bets action.
  3. Until it isn’t. Then the bottom falls out. I moved half my money to money market last week. I’m spooked by the potential fallout here.
  4. Nailed it this year somehow. 43 buck refund. Just glad to be done and not owe a ton, which I did a couple of years ago.
  5. My choice wasn't there. I'll vote for any Dem other than Tulsi who is a Russian asset, and Bernie, who is a socialist and will lose the general in a landslide. If Bernie is the nominee I'll leave the ballot blank for pres. And I am not a Trump fan.
  6. With a mouth full of dicks.
  7. Well I’m taking everything and eye drops and I still feel like I have the flu. Fucking hell.
  8. I’m suffering right now. Hopefully the season is short because so far it’s been bad.
  9. The Black Company Glen Cook Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc Return window closed on Oct 3, 1998 $4.79 What a buy! One of my favorite books. I stick to prime items, no marketplace purchases unless I know the seller is legit. There are a lot of scams on there now.
  10. He's meadiokra.. Charlie was terribad. Both suck and not our standard.
  11. Jumbo Shrimp may be a more embarrassing hire, but Herman is trying to close the gap.
  12. Lulz at the Hope here. We’re into battered woman syndrome
  13. I’m glad I’m so casual of a fan. This team sucks to root for with that ass of a coach.
  14. Nope. And tight end is a minus position too.
  15. Sad to see talent like this wasted. Fuck you guys shitting on Sam.
  16. Awful looking team. Just terrible coaching. Every play that’s made is athletic ability. They are in bad positions, unoriginal play calling, and horrible personal selection.
  17. That was bizarre. aggy going to aggy. i think it’s between 10 and a full season. Can’t have someone try to kill a guy. Pouncey needs to get four to six also.
  18. I was there when Marty Cherry went in. It was not glorious.
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