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  1. Fat Jabber already out. WTA tennis, man. I wonder if Halep has a run in her? I don't know who can stop Swiatek but Andreescu could if fit,
  2. Man, fuck the NYT with a rusty butter knife for pushing that cede territory narrative. Has no one learned how to deal with expansionist autocrats yet? Fucking appeasers.
  3. All of these. The tariff war with China is an easy place to begin, along with the Covid induced supply chain issues and the PPP which served very limited purpose beyond injecting lots of cash to a few companies that needed it and a bunch that didn’t. We didn’t take a penny of it, but have bought several companies that did and almost all of them were just as badly run as you’d expect. Government direct stimulus to companies is a terrible idea ; government projects are way better but obviously procurement rules make it a slower process. I think when it’s all said and done QE and other forms of stimulus are going to be found to have been net negatives long term.
  4. Fit and finish. Things you wouldn’t expect at the price point. The ones I’ve read about with software updates and mapping issues are all anecdotal.
  5. I think their QC is pretty poor. I’ve been in several that were nice enough, and acceleration is pretty unreal, but enough people I know have had quality issues that I wouldn’t consider one. But I’m not their target since I don’t like sniffing my farts.
  6. I love fans of every stripe, they pants themselves every time. Poor Elon appreciates you sucking his micro peen. At least the dipshits buying a Tesla have an overpriced crappy EV to slow for it.
  7. I see pain. But then again I am always the conservative one, except in my stonk account. By the way that one is severely shrunken these days. But this kind of sucks, and I don’t see how overall things don’t keep getting worse until total capitulation.
  8. Haha except when you need them. He’s going to spend a lot of his fake Tesla money on lawyers and wind up settling on paying Twitter half the walk away fee. Everyone wins.
  9. China holding 69 percent of the worlds grain reserves seems like it could become a problem…
  10. Reporting in. 10 lbs down, not exactly what I had targeted but progress. I wanted 45 in a year. I think I’ll do about half. But for me the key is this diet and lifestyle is sustainable. The best part is that most of the loss has come off the gut. You guys keep posting. Some of the lurkers take motivation from the success stories!
  11. She’s going to get destroyed. As is shitsipas by Djoker. Two assholes so I support the meteor.
  12. Speak for yourself. My combination of lack of empathy and narcissism can’t be replaced by any machine!
  13. Only if they are corporations. Then they are people.
  14. You poor guys who worship Elon. He and his brother are weirdos. Successful and deeply strange dudes.
  15. You keep saying this, but the historical record is completely against you on this. A great example is the 1st Marine Division at Frozen Chosin. It becomes part of a unit's legend how they treat their wounded and dead. A big part of this is you don't know who is wounded or KIA or MIA. You can't leave them behind. Good armies take care of their wounded and collect their dead. Period.
  16. This is Austin in a nutshell. And in Bee Cave, I'm seeing the natives gear up to fight an affordable housing initiative that's coming. It is needed, badly, due to the Galleria and other service businesses on the 620 corridor. Basically these people have to live in trailers out by Spicewood or down in Hays County (Travis County makes it really hard to do trailer parks, who wants poor people!!). The minute you start talking about having a Jose or Selena in Bee Cave Elementary, it's fucking on, motherfucker. Brayden and Jayden and Aiden ain't competing with them.
  17. This thread has everything I love and hate about Surly encapsulated. What we're missing is a good humblebrag from one of the CEOs who post here during their shareholder meetings. I am mad because today I got behind on Surly mainly due to work getting in the way. That is a damned inconvenience.
  18. If someone says they are going to be Christ like at work I assume they think they can just hang around. People don’t change. There are good and bad employees. There are great and shitty companies. It is just a job and you’re paid in exchange for your work. That’s it.
  19. Hopefully he cashed it in and made hundreds of dollars.
  20. Not so sure. I don’t see any softening in hiring yet and I’m still trying to hire people. Hopefully a little softening coming so that there is a soft landing outside of stocks. The stock market luckily isn’t the economy.
  21. Jokes on me, I already did. Damn that is a lot of blood in the streets.
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