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  1. Today marks two months since I left Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Feels pretty good. I had intense FOMO at the beginning but now I realize that was bullshit.
  2. CFU new perk of 3% back at drug stores is great but all the ones that sell gift cards are cash only. Fucking stupid!
  3. I get that Riley wants to be multiple but jesus christ OU's receivers are wide open. They should be up by 28 already.
  4. Tough to watch, especially when you can see it in his eyes that he realizes something is wrong. Probably a good time for everyone to come up with a plan if something goes wrong whether it's at work or at home. The worst thing you can do is panic or enable other people who are likely to panic.
  5. Texas Tech +17.5 seems like easy money which means there's no way I'm betting on this game. Taking off the burnt orange glasses, Tech always seems to play up when we come to Lubbock. Last time we had to win the game on a drive with 20 seconds left on the clock. 4 years ago Foreman had to rush for 300+ yards and the D needed to intercept Mahomes for us to win the game. 17.5 is too many points. Then again, who the fuck is Houston Baptist? Also looking at the under in the Baylor/KU and Aggy/Vandy game. LSU/Miss St is another I'd look at but that total is way too low for me to put money on.
  6. How exactly do liquor stores order their inventory? I have a ton of smaller stores around me but most of them are never able to carry the select brands I'm looking for like Woodford Reserve master's collection. Are they required to buy in bulk? Can they not order 1 bottle of time from a wholesaler? Really not sure how it works.
  7. I could only stomach a few bites. Instead of potatoes with some mayo it was mayo with some potatoes.
  8. There's a pickle place in old east Dallas called Pickletopia. The half sour and full sour pickles are incredible.
  9. Hurtado has some nice bacon burnt ends and beef ribs but everything else sucks. Sides are way too spicy and the potato salad made me want to vomit. They definitely have potential but jesus christ cut the cayenne back just a little bit.
  10. Until the team commits to banning songs like Mo Bamba from being played during games while they jump up and down on the sidelines I can't take their "feelings" seriously. While there is a lot to respect about this movement for change, hypocrisy has never deserved respect.
  11. Logistically speaking, could the Dems block a nominee at all?
  12. Transfer your points to Freedom or Freedom Unlimited instead.
  13. Trying out Hurtado BBQ in Arlington this weekend. Heard lots of good things and will report back with the verdict.
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