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  1. Scott Ferrall was a great listen during football season for betting info. Other than that good lord I can't listen to his show. The Ticket really does need a nighttime show though. A Wild Ass Circus kind of show.
  2. That's the problem. Most who do Roth conversions do it either same day or next day depending on the institution so there wouldn't be growth. Doesn't really make sense to contribute then grow if a Roth is your plan in the end. Let it grow tax free in the Roth and you owe nothing to the IRS. If you make too much money then you can't deduct contributions into a traditional IRA but you can't directly contribute to a Roth IRA. All you have to do is contribute nondeductible funds and then roll it over. You owe taxes on the contributions divided by the balance on the traditional IRA at the end of the year. If you do it properly in 2020 it will be $6000/$0. Cant divide by zero. Zero taxes.
  3. Top statement is a fair point but the bolded is not true assuming you do the conversion correctly. I have never paid taxes on earnings from a traditional to roth conversion and I won't pay a dime once I get to withdraw (assuming current law stays the same but you just never know). If you know someone who is paying taxes on that then they are doing something very very wrong.
  4. I can stomach the CSR fee price wise since it's technically only a $40 a year increase after you max out DoorDash credit. I do targeted spending so most of my points come from CFU and CF. I need to use the Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit this year and reevaluate in 2021 I guess.
  5. Roths only have limits for direct contributions. The income limits don't really apply to the totality of having a Roth IRA since you can max out a traditional IRA and roll the assets over. You only lose the ability to write off the contributions on your taxes.
  6. My wife is absolutely terrible with song lyrics. Case in point. I made the comment that Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Not THE greatest but one of the greatest. Just the way he flows and how complex his lyrics can get, it's something that you just don't hear today. She said "Eminem is also the first openly gay rapper so that's pretty cool". Uhhh what? She said that his song Cleanin Out My Closet was revolutionary. Uhhh yeah because he talked shit about his mom who was a pill popper and how he wanted to kill his ex wife. She sends me a link to the edited song (makes sense because she only heard this song on the radio) and shows me where he does it. I still can't believe this shit. This is what the lyrics said But because the radio censors songs for kids she heard She thought Eminem was going to fuck his dad and Kim at the same time. But it doesn't end there. She also points out this She didn't hear "dead". She heard "gay". It doesn't even make sense in context! Oh son I wish you were dead instead of your other brother. Oh yeah mom? Well I'm gay.
  7. Perverse incentives by the IRS? Huh? There's almost no tax incentive to purchase a home unless the amount of interest you're paying on the mortgage every year is higher than $12k for a single person or $24k for a married couple.
  8. I was just fine renting an apartment before I got married. Seeing these comments about feeling sorry for people who live in apartments is bizarre. If I never got married I'd probably live in an apartment for the rest of my life and be happy with it. Not sure why people want to force their hopes and dreams onto everyone else. Kind of sounds like Varsity Blues
  9. Calling it a monster is putting it lightly. I got shredded for talking about this in another thread but it's so wild to me how our economy and job market is better than it has been in 60 years yet so many people in my generation are broke. People my age are taking out loans to buy $400 shoes, buying the new iPhone ever year, and renting in desirable places but barely making rent. You can't make those claims without being dismissed as "racist" or "boomer" either. @Ghost of LL made some really good points. I grew up in a small town and was lucky enough to get out but there are a lot who stayed. One of the biggest mysteries I have yet to solve is the high number of people in small towns who cry about how they want to get out of their small town yet do everything in the power to make sure they stay. It's like openly desiring to be a safer driver but then removing your seat belt and smashing your front headlights.
  10. At this point there's no denying that Joe Biden is going to be the nominee. The House keeps delaying the articles of impeachment and this trial will probably last as long as the Clinton impeachment. It's a real possibility that Bernie and Warren will be in DC for the trial and miss the first 4 states. How much faith are those 2 willing to put into their street team? Will those efforts be enough to surpass Joe and whatever Bloomberg and Pete have ready for the campaign trail? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. All of the Oscar nominations it got is going to force me to watch this. Kind of excited since international films don't often get this kind of recognition from the Academy so it must be good.
  12. Is Bloomberg still in the race? The highest polling number I've seen is 7% in Wisconsin behind 4 others. He's 1% in Iowa. 2% in South Carolina. 2% in Nevada.
  13. I know it's fucked up to boo your own team at home but jesus christ you had a first round bye and gave up 21 unanswered points in a quarter! Playing like some damn Sooners
  14. American Factory (2019) Saw it get a lot of buzz as a potential Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary and it lived up to the hype. Great story about a Chinese company who buys a shut down factory in Ohio and the story of how these 2 cultures collide. Lots of anti-union sentiment in the latter half of the movie but otherwise stays out of the way while we observe this community trying to forge a relationship with this company and their Chinese workers. Very enjoyable film.
  15. I'm occasionally reminded when I see something cool outside a house on trash day that someone put it there for a reason. I guess Harry is finding that out too.
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