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  1. MNF is just a boring product. Chris and Kirk, as much as I enjoy their broadcasts, won't be able to save it.
  2. What's odd about it? Emory is a top 25 school in the country. It's a big move for someone like him.
  3. I just bought a Texas Rangers cotton mask that I am going to wear over my surgical mask for the next few months. Stylish AND businesses won't feel like I'm going to rob them.
  4. Anyone actually considering making more of an effort to expand their business in this climate? I'm lucky that my side gig is just me with very little overhead. I'm actively looking at expanding my services and fill gaps where others are pulling back.
  5. I like most of this. 2: I'm more interested in putting holes in bad guys so I don't really have much of a focus on the kinds of rounds I carry. Any is better than none. 4: not doing that. Cash is trash if the shit hits the fan. 5: I would look into a backup battery brand like Anker. I only have 1 appliance in my bug out bag that uses replaceable batteries.
  6. That portion of the TOS is really interesting. It makes me wonder....is it possible to trespass on a website? If OU bans me from their campus because I was videotaping their practices and sending it to Herman via snail mail causing problems and I return then I'm going to get arrested. Can you arrest someone for visiting a website you told them not to visit?
  7. Jobless claims are 8x higher than they were during the financial crisis 12 years ago so it only makes sense that the stock market will be up 3-4%.
  8. I'm so sick of the "globe life field looks like minute maid" herp derp. If anything it looks like a new version of Safeco Field. I like the idea of air conditioned baseball in the DFW area but man this new park has little charm. Why is the roof red by the way? It looks strange with the dark green metal and lighter green seats. Might as well call it the christmas warehouse
  9. Man you're not kidding. I feel like a clown
  10. As huge as college football is, they can't just make a decision to cancel the week before. They'll need to commit to something this summer IMO.
  11. I'd be extremely surprised if college football was canceled this fall. But what wouldn't surprise me would be a reduced bowl schedule. I'm talking about the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, whoever is hosting the two semi games, the national championship, and that's it. No more Ranch Style Beans presents the Office Max Armed Forces Bowl presented to you by Pepsi Blue.
  12. I decided to go all out on Saturday and support my favorite local steakhouse Bob's and wow that was the worst to-go steak I've ever had in my entire life. I'm going to give them a pass because their dine-in experience is amazing but goddamn I've had better steak from Saltgrass. I think I'm done getting food to go anyway. I really need to take this seriously and just cook from home. From what I understand, restaurants cannot serve opened bottles of spirits and a mixed margarita counts as that. The only way they can legally sell it is by giving you the liquor in a sealed bottle. Stupid as hell and just another reason why the TABC needs to be launched into the sun.
  13. I was wearing a mask for awhile but it freaked out A LOT of people. I'm talking about people coming up to me at grocery stores telling me to get the fuck out.
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