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  1. I see so many of my friends getting their real estate license. What does that do? What exactly can someone do with a real estate license in Texas? Genuinely curious, especially as someone who has thought about investing in real estate.
  2. An air raid offense like Washington State would put up 500 passing yards on this defense. Jesus christ someone stop this madness
  3. Just got back from Hong Kong and they gave us a chicken teriyaki lattice pastry. Tasted like shit and guess who is on the pot at DFW with diarrhea? This guy.
  4. Why not buy a Tesla Model 3? Cheaper monthly payments and you'll retain equity better than most vehicles. Leasing a vehicle makes no sense to me.
  5. I'm in Hong Kong right now. Wow this place is great. Been to a hiking trail, Victoria Peak, and other popular food places and you can really tell that tourism is down. I haven't seen any protests but there are posters and graffiti everywhere. Lots of pro democracy, anti China stuff. There's also tons of anti LeBron James graffiti too. One sign in Mong Kok said "LeBron James pussy ass bitch"
  6. Yeah I'm done with this season. Way too much crying and complaining.
  7. Yikes. I'll give him a pass because he's Earl Campbell but can you imagine the reaction if someone like Colt McCoy said that Texas needs a white quarterback like Tim Tebow or Trevor Lawrence while we started a black quarterback? Heads would roll
  8. If their scholarships are treated as income then would the "student athlete" have a case claiming that they're employees of the university? That would entitle them to health insurance, paid time off, 401k, etc just as any other UT employee right?
  9. Ben & Skin left 105.3 to do Fortnite stuff with the Cowboys?
  10. Jalen Hurts is total garbage
  11. I was about to make a comment about not giving a shit whether or not he leaves because the transfer portal will bring us the talent to fill in the void but then I remembered Bru McCoy. Of course the wide out who has the highest drop rate is the one allegedly complaining about playing time....
  12. TSLA up $51 in after hours trading!
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