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  1. That could be a picture of 1/5 of America’s workforce
  2. It would be an absolute dream to deal wiyh monkey rather than human employees. Flung shit considered.
  3. Porter. One of the hardest cuts to properly cook, you get portions of 4 cuts in one steak
  4. So, I just talked to my younger brother in Seattle and after some small talk and me prying a little (because I’m his older brother and give myself license to be a dick like tha) he tells me in an “oh, by the way...” manner that he has covid and has bee battling it for the past 2 weeks. He said that everyday a new symptom will flare up: one day he will be so achey he can’t get out of bed, the next he will have a high fever, the next abdominal distress. Evidently because his symptoms aren’t necessarily life threatening the hospital told him to stay home and monitor his shit. If it gets too bad he should come in. He seems to be on the final leg of it fortunately, but has been told he will need an eeg and ekg in the next month or so to determine the damage that has been done to his system. I’ll update with details when I get them.
  5. sure, I take them to my office and warehouse to ride their scooters, but i was speaking more to interactions with their peers. right now it’s cool, I can do the super dad routine and take them to parks, riding bikes, learning soccer etc, but if the schools shut down, undoubtedly the parks will too. That’s the bitch in this equation. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve planted a garden, made a bird feeder, etc for the back yard- hell I had a bounce house back there for 3 weeks- but they miss out on hanging out with their school friends. We’ve set up play dates, FaceTime visits and stuff but what I learned from that is people are ridiculously flakey and quite frankly don’t give a shit. With work being reduced, I have no problem being with them all day or loading up them up and taking them to a park/lake/whatever but this past lock down got pretty tough since there was literally no place to go. If they were 9 it would be a shitty inconvenience but right now the thought of this being the case for 1/3 of their early life so far has me a little concerned.
  6. Good for him. Quality guy who turned into a fantastic NFL QB. I thought he might do well in the league but thought he would have to land on the right spot and boy howdy did he. aggy or not, I got give credit where credit is due
  7. Seems they're having their #metoo comeuppance. Lotsa big names (I guess?) getting fingered. Bravo sir
  8. Used to nail a dancer/cheerleader in HS. This reminds me of that.
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