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  1. Thought that was when the girl blowing you had a ‘Zooey Deschanel’ mustache
  2. ahh those fucking sticks. Man, and festivals and shit where there are crushes of people the police dont shout or give instruction, they just randomly swing those fucking sticks and tag andom people. It’s like they are beating cattle. If you are a foreigner they will avoid you and clock the guy next to you. Usually.
  3. A little overview on Americans perception of COVID. Pew Research is usually pretty nails. https://www.forbes.com/sites/traversmark/2020/03/27/covid-19-survey-data-is-pouring-in---and-it-paints-a-bleak-picture/#2ec247fe6ec6 This week, the Pew Research Center released a series of surveys that measured Americans’ attitudes toward the Coronavirus pandemic. The picture that is emerging is alarming, to say the least. Here are some of the more noteworthy top-line results. #1: Americans perceive the COVID-19 threat to be growing, and growing fast. Last week, 47% of Americans viewed COVID-19 as a major health threat. This week, that number has risen to 66%. Not only are Americans viewing Coronavirus as a growing threat to the health of the U.S. population, they also perceive it to be a growing economic threat and a growing threat to their personal health. The outlook is no less bleak for people’s personal finances. Almost half of Americans (49%) are now viewing the pandemic as a major threat to their pocketbooks and 20% of Americans report being laid off or having lost a job while 27% of Americans have taken a pay cut. #2: Americans are more likely to believe there has been an under-reaction, not an overreaction, to the pandemic. Highlighting the perceived severity of the situation, most Americans believe local and state governments have responded appropriately to the threat or haven’t taken the threat seriously enough (as opposed to overreacted). Americans also believe that ordinary people around the country aren’t taking the threat as seriously as they should be. 95% of Americans believe that restricting travel to the United States has been a necessary measure, 91% agree with the cancelling of major sports and entertainment events, and 90% agree with the closing of K-12 schools. #3: Confidence in the U.S. healthcare system to effectively manage the crisis is waning. Approximately one-quarter of Americans are “not too confident” that hospitals and medical centers in their area and around the country can handle the crisis. This number is even higher for nursing homes; 33% of Americans lack confidence in the ability of nursing homes to effectively manage the outbreak. Bright spots? There are, however, a few silver linings in the data, if you can call them that. For one, only 12% of Americans report having seen a lot of fake news on Coronavirus and most are satisfied with the way the media has been covering the pandemic. Second, social distancing and quarantines may open the door for more Americans to engage in remote work in the future. According to a 2019 National Compensation Study, only 7% of U.S. civilian workers enjoy the benefits of a “flexible workplace” or telework. This number is likely to increase as companies adapt to the demands of COVID-19 distancing efforts. Republicans should also be pleased to know that Trump’s approval ratings are higher than ever; 45% of Americans approve of the way Donald Trump is handling his job today compared to only 40% in September of 2019. Moreover, 48% of Americans believe Trump is doing an excellent or good job in handling the crisis while only 32% believe he is doing a poor job.
  4. Machismo and being undereducated strikes again. If you drive around TH or Olmos Park its like Christmas morning. Most people who have them left for their ranches weeks ago.
  5. SIAP wonder what an “I told you so” from the entire world feels like... Attention seeker who licked toilet seat and joked about getting coronavirus now has coronavirus Comment A young American who licked a toilet seat to take part in the ‘coronavirus challenge’ has reportedly since come down with the disease (Picture: TikTok) Jacob GeanousWednesday 25 Mar 2020 1:39 pm A clout-chaser who licked a toilet seat and joked about catching coronavirus has reportedly done just that. The unidentified youngster gained internet notoriety after he filmed himself putting his mouth on the toilet as part of the ‘coronavirus challenge,’ which has seen people licking objects in the face of the global pandemic. The footage was later posted to TikTok That person has since reportedly contracted Covid-19, according to Piers Morgan. ‘You may remember also the other idiot, this is also in America, as part of the coronavirus challenge some morons are doing, went into his local toilet cubicle and licked the bowl,’ Morgan said on Good Morning Britain. ‘I think this called karma – he’s got coronavirus.’ The ‘coronavirus challenge’ has seen young people all over the world lick public objects despite the worsening public health crisis (Picture: TikTok) Health experts have branded the internet challenge to be ‘highly irresponsible’ and said it will lead to the spread of the viral infection. It reportedly began after a woman was filmed licking an airplane toilet seat as someone in the background said, ‘It’s corona time’.......
  6. It’s incredible to me that public health issues have now become fodder for a manipulative culture war. If we can’t agree that 1 million+ Americans dying would be bad, we are screwed.
  7. Well, we thought it would be a big deal because he was a resident at the address. If that’s the case anything that happens to drummer could possibly go sideways onto Buddy. Drummer is a known pot dealer to Leon Valley PD. In fact a mutual friend got a ticket by LVPD officer close to the house who told a younger officer with him that “he’s coming from the drug house. That house over there is a big time dealers house” Turns out before buddy moved in drummer got arrested at his home for Unpaid parking tickets and there was a huge mason jar of bud out. It’s a weird situation because there were absolutely no repercussions for drummer and then some of his weed contacts started to get busted. Leon Valley PD is shady as shit and we are thinking he may have been a CI until he moved into harder shit. either way parents are divorced, have a good relationship with each other and are nice, respectable people. The issue is dad lives 4hrs away and mom lives here and is a textbook mom who’s addict son treats her like shit so she is force to enable him to even stay in contact. She confided in Buddy that she worried about drummer because he’s lost weight and she feels it because of stress because his tenants “haven’t been paying rent” which is epic bullshit. In past 6 months Drummer has been fired from his job as a music instructor, bailed on his bands, told all of his friends to fuck off. He basically plays poke mon go all day. Basically he lives off the cash he can scam from his mom, selling small amount of meth to people he’s turned onto it and the rent from his tenants. I’ve literally been trying to get this guy out of this house since last Christmas.
  8. Do you think it would make any sense to call the sheriffs dept and see what they say? My buddy wants to respect Meth Father and his property and just want to reach a place where they can talk reasonably. It seems there’s a lot of hostility because Father only knows what meth son is telling him which is tiring out to be bullshit on epic levels.
  9. He’s always payed rent, and when he couldn’t I did for him. Meth head has been lying to mommy and daddy. Either way, it seems daddy is taking out his issues with his son on everyone there
  10. Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction here for a friend of mine. He seems pretty fucked, but just want to see if you guys know of any options for disable housing I can look into for him or if the COVID shelter order has any effect on his situation. TDLR: Buddy moves in with friend during sudden breakup and pays rent for room w/o lease. Buddy then has multiple serious medical events that renders him fully disabled. In the time it takes to get on SS disability his finances are depleted and he is forced to stay even though the friend descends into severe meth addiction. Father of Meth head calls Buddy a couple days ago, says he is pissed about how the house is being cared for/sons obvious addiction and everyone there is squatting and has 30 days to leave. Buddy is on disability and does not have the finances to go get an apt without some sort of assistance. are their any options available to disabled people for housing he could inquire about? Could the COVID order give him some more time to save his disability checks to move? He is legally blind and does not have a car. He’s seriously looking at being homeless. Full Backstory: A buddy of mine had a breakup and had to move in with a friend for what was supposed to be a short time. The friend was a very talented drummer in a number of bands and they had a number of mutual friends. Drummer charged him $200/mo w/o a lease agreement of any kind. Things were fine until a couple of years ago my buddy had 2 severe strokes at 33. It was a hard time for him and he’s fortunate that besides a cane he is able to compensate for his brain injury and for the most part seems unaffected in casual contact. Drummer waved rent for 8 months and then I paid drummer for about a year until my friends SS Disability was approved. Since then he almost died and had to have serious stomach surgery because of his stroke meds. He still has at least a year of recovery to go according to his multiple Drs before he could start working part time. well, in that time Drummer has descended in to severe meth addiction. Like crack-head level. When my buddy moved in he knew the guy casually did blow, but he was like ‘hey, he’s a drummer in a band.’ Evidently, Drummers coke dealer turned him into it and Buddy felt helpless to move out since he was basically living off charity until his SS was approved. He now gets $1100 a mo and has a mountain of medical bills so was planning to hopefully move out this summer. flash forward to a few days ago Buddy gets a call out of the blue from Drummers father who turns out to be the real owner of the home rather than drummer. He says that the yard is not taken care of and he want to do a renovation and perhaps sell the home. He has 30 days to get out. After talking to Father a little it turns out he suspects his son is in drug (big time ‘no shit’) but was unaware that Buddy was paying rent, was disabled and couldn’t do the yard work but didn’t care. He said he was squatting and would call the sheriffs dept to have everyone thrown out. Buddy does not have the finance to go get an apt in a couple weeks and has a lot of trouble with reading comprehension and confusion when trying to read about disabled housing options. Additionally, he’s pretty stressed out because he’s looking at being homeless. I can keep his stuff for him but can’t give him a place to stay. Anybody have any idea how to deal with this? Any ideas would be very appreciated.
  11. Let’s get down to brass tacks. Have massage parlors been deemed essential yet? asking for a friend
  12. Siap Marijuana dispensaries are deemed 'essential' in LA, allowed to stay open during coronavirus order 11:54 AM EDT March 20, 2020 With California residents being asked to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and all "non-essential businesses and areas" being closed down, officials in Los Angeles are making sure that marijuana is still available to the public. Marijuana dispensaries are being deemed as "essential businesses," as they are allowed to remain open under the state's "Safer at Home" order. Los Angeles has "cannabis dispensaries with a medicinal cannabis license" listed under "essential infrastructure" or "healthcare operations" that are exempt from closing. California Gov. Gavin Newsom made the announcement on Thursday night, asking nearly 40 million residents in the state to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. "There's a mutuality, and there's a recognition of our interdependence, that requires of this moment that we direct a statewide order for people to stay at home," Newsom said. There are approximately 995 cases in California, including "presumptive positive" cases and 19 deaths. The US has more than 13,634 cases with at least 196 deaths.
  13. Plague and floods? pfffft... that only affects olds
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