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  1. We have a baby sitter at my wife’s parents house watching our girls for the first time in a year and a half. There are so many thing I want to go do, but first I’m going to go take a 45min shit. Glorious.
  2. it’s pretty cool, I guess. just needs a trampoline park to finish it out.
  3. word is there are some crazy pics that may come out including the famous “Cavine Object” one from Scotland in 1990 which shows a 100’ diamond shaped object and British fighter jet tracking it. I may be mistaken but I believe the pic was published in the Sun. UK intelligence set out to see if it was genuine and after they confirmed the pic was real, all traces of the pic were confiscated. For a time they hung a blown up copy of the photo in the Intelligence devision of the ministry of defense until it was removed. It’s the basis for the “I want to believe” poster in Fox Mulder’s office in X-Fil
  4. More from the recent “60 Minutes” report. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ufo-military-intelligence-60-minutes-2021-05-14/ Pilots reported seeing UAF “every day” between 2014-2015 off the US East coast
  5. Video newly confirmed by Pentagon of UAF tracking USS Omaha in 2019 and performing a splashdown.
  6. about 22% of people don’t believe the moon landing happened, so the macho confidence of the “never seen a chimp up close” seems to be in line. of course, if you fuck around you might find out: https://www.mic.com/articles/143192/charla-nash-s-body-rejected-her-face-transplant-but-the-chimp-attack-suvivor-will-be-ok
  7. Army here. Berlin, Stuttgart and Heidelberg. 👊🏻
  8. So I’ve got twin 3yo girls and dont get to watch TV now. We are pretty strict on screen time but dammit if they don’t choose to use it during my only free time. so, they are in to ‘Trash Truck’ on Netflix now. It’s basically what America would be if Japan won WWII and spiked our conquered ass water supply with LSD and Xanax. what do your kids watch?
  9. I’ll defer to your ruling. When it comes to handling ‘yo momma’ shit you’re a damn near a sensei.
  10. so… you’re saying we should crowd source our own? This definitely should go in the Surly Joint Business Venture Thread. It would at least match the ‘legal brothel in the Caribbean’ proposal
  11. I was living in Eastern Germany when that happened and even though the winds were going East most of East Europe including myself were irradiated. I was 7 at the time so I just kinda shrugged and said ok, but it turns out that shit is serious. I can’t donate blood, bone marrow or organs and my risks for shit is considerably higher. I had a cancer scare when I was 20 at UT which sucked and was eventually attributed to my exposure. I believe I read somewhere that over 200 million people could possibly have been affected. it’s some real shit
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