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  1. Look man, if you’re into turning shit personal and trying a troll job, I not going to take the bait
  2. Yeah, I say the date on the mugshot was 11/2017
  3. Yeah I do care, for very personal reasons. Be thankful you’re in a position to not give a shit
  4. Into cat tshirts. The signs were everywhere.
  5. ...we are all not the “most powerful woman on Earth” either and didn’t get that way by hawking our femininity and moral superiority.
  6. No one has a problem with what she does necessarily, but might have a problem with her motives. as a woman who has publicly campaigned against rape whilst sharing (and profiting) from her own story of sexual assault, it seems a bit hypocritical to refuse to speak out against a notorious rapist in the supposed wake of #metoo.
  7. I must say, I absolutely love living in an unincorporated neighborhood that has no HOA with a ton of ridiculously specific city ordinances and Nazi police force that’s mean to everyone but those of us who live here. I was not thrilled when we boroughs our house 15yrs ago, I mean, the people suck but now I wouldnt live anywhere else in this city
  8. that's a great haul. Im a huge fan of Trijicon in general. Good shootin
  9. I mean, this pic is meme worthy for shit like “that’s my fetish” or some shit
  10. Jim Panagos looks like he’s guilty of something
  11. It shouldn’t be deleted less we forget. and Orlando can definitely, definitely go fuck himself for that call.
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