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  1. Sorry everyone. I thought I was on the political thread since I had several tabs open. When I started getting negged I wondered what the hell, I made an obvious comment. I guess I deserve it for not paying attention.
  2. Fox News (Laura Ingram) is saying that people that are COVID-19 positive should not really be counted as COVID-19 deaths if they died of their underlying condition (Yesterday's show). So if I am made weak by COVID-19 and my condition is given a chance to win out then don't count it since it makes Trump look bad.
  3. Add Dr. Fauci to that list. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/01/politics/anthony-fauci-security-detail/index.html Watching Ingram opening statement and they are blaming him for the President's poor decisions on the economy. Instead of saying, guess what folks we did not prepare and Germany is already doing what we should be doing but we can't because we wasted a ton of time trying to downplay this virus. Years ago I watched Fox more often to balance out CNN but now they are all ideologues with zero integrity. The folks with a little bit of objectivity have all been pushed out. Joe married Mika and he is now preaching. Just no objective hosts anywhere anymore.
  4. Pretty much the low 90's this March ttps://weather.com/weather/monthly/l/b65c724ce925568855569ccd26a6e4dda4cac34c1ba58148fc20b7bb8fa815d3
  5. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications-data/cloth-masks-sterilisation-options-shortage-surgical-masks-respirators Will if true this sucks.
  6. I could have saved myself lots of grief on this thread if I had not mentioned my thoughts yet I thought it was worth it because like me I think people will need to change their attitude on surgical masks. Maybe if it was just me at the time but I doubt it.
  7. Yea mine will come from an old Texas shirt when I do make it. Maybe even a polo so that I am ready for game day. Just kidding, we are probably not going to have a football season this fall. By 2021 we may have immunizations or heard immunity or I made it through getting sick or am gone, either way I can watch from where I am at without concern.
  8. Yea, I know it was wrong but like many here I could not help the internal bias, I felt it and happen to share in the post as way to say it was bullshit to have done so since I clearly changed my mind.
  9. I am interested in what others think regarding surgical masks. Last week I did not wear a mask on my grocery trip and had an internal smirk seeing others wear a face mask knowing it does not protect the person wearing the mask. I changed my tune this week and wore a mask and sunglasses on my grocery trip for the following reasons before it became hot argument today. 1) Suppose to act like you have it even if you don't so wear a mask. 2) Wife says I was constantly touching my face on the first grocery trip without noticing. So mask would block hand touches directly to nose and mouth. Sunglasses rap so they block access to the eyes. So I wore them and never took them off. Got home sanitized hands outside took them off discarded mask and sanitized sunglasses and then sanitized hands again. Arguments against mask that don't make sense to me. 1) Mask can become infected and then can infect me when discarding. Well hell, I probably would already touched my nose or mouth if I infected mask. 2) Mask can cause you to touch face more. I guess if it is uncomfortable, I have seen people take them off and then put it back on while shopping. I say put it on and it only comes off before going back into the house. I am thinking of making cloth ones that can be washed that way I am not fighting to find masks that are best used at hospitals anyway. What say you? To wear or not to wear? To make or to get disposables? https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-outbreak-sparks-face-mask-debate-should-you-wear-them https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/01/asia/coronavirus-mask-messaging-intl-hnk/index.html
  10. I hate to give this fucker credit but I was already wearing a mask since if your suppose to act like you have it then you wear a mask even if it does not protect one it protects others and one is protected from touching one's own face. Well, Trump scarf suggestion finally brought it to the general public and the CDC is taking notice and thinking of changing their tune. Even CNN is starting to say Asia may have had it right. Still one good thing in a world of screw-up means he has been a crap leader.
  11. Where do you live? I was out today for groceries and 183 is pretty much empty compared to a regular Sunday. Yes there was more traffic but business at usual in Austin is traffic at a stand still.
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