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  1. I went to Home Depot last week for something I needed due to a plumbing leak. I must have had a look of being confused because an employee tried to help me find something but the asshole was wearing his mask around his neck. I know he was trying to be helpful but I just stepped away. Utter bullshit, I wanted to be a Ken but I just got what I needed and left.
  2. DanTheHorn

    Im drunk

    Beer, wine, tequila and rum tonight in anticipation of football being played in the spring. This sucks we should be talking serious football but one sick QB and a whole game is out the window. Well lets all keep safe and hope for some real leadership at some point.
  3. Someone says, I did the math and death rates are 1.5% which is a very low rate. In comparison to what? Flu is 0.1%.
  4. I don't see the USA eagle standing on a circle.
  5. Throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. They think Trump won because there was a conservative justice at stake. Recreate the same situation and try to not bleed support. People that can't stand Trump and Democrats may stay home since two liberal justices are at stake. They may say no gains but also no harm done. This intentional leak by Alito now makes those folks come out.
  6. In a few weeks when deaths are up but cases are down due to pulling back on the opening. Folks will say don't focus on deaths focus on cases dropping.
  7. In Mexico that hat means the wife is living out those wild fantasies Tom talks about.
  8. I hit this place after the Alabama game. That is the only reason I know about it. I am am an Arandas on Oltorf guy. Pinches tacos was good though, especially the women in line.
  9. What about people that fuck sheep. Are they always aggies?
  10. Some one put an image up of a guy in a mask in the water at a lake being the one to call folks Trumptards as a way to feel proud of being a Trumptard. I wonder if the Trumptards would call these guys Trumptards?
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