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  1. Well, if Herman is to be believed then we will not get an OC or DC till Friday the 20th at the earliest. What is that another 50 pages of nothing. Come on Herman, if Ash is a done deal sign him. That way we can bitch about your shitty hire on defense while we wait on the OC for the next 9 days.
  2. So on the recruiting thread we get Kate: On the recruiting of coordinators we get Cleese: I guess it seems appropriate based on what we will probably get as a result.
  3. Where is the Surly worthy image guy?
  4. Have you guys not read the thread. It is one of three. 1) Tom is doing a thorough DC search and is in no hurry. Few believe this one. 2) Tom is pretending to do a thorough search for the optics but he settled on Ash long ago. Most believe this one. 3) Who gives a shit who Tom hires. He is dead man walking since he is over his head. Some believe the last two to be true.
  5. Is that Mangino? That doe looks like it is at a disadvantage in weight class.
  6. Oh wow we never offered sounds so very aggy.
  7. Yea don't all these contracts say that the school must be contacted before their coordinators under contract can be talked too.
  8. Bullshit! I think it a lot easier to negative recruit by saying no one wants to come to Texas instead of quoting names. Only name that we know that can be negative recruited against is Chris Ash. I believe Harrell and Odom would be a home runs with recruits. On Herman building relationships, than the flight being tracked is not about picking up Harrell today it is about going to go have lunch with Harrell today? 9.95ers got to love them.
  9. I said probably. 2 out of 3 was not bad.
  10. I believe what I read from the fan bases. When they are glad to see a guy go then we will eventually hate the hire. When the fan base is sorry to see a guy leave or are desperate to keep the guy then we probably have a good hire. This has been true since the HornFans.com days. What has also been true is rationalizing away clear evidence about someone sucking due to a few things we like about one person. Like dismissing Herman always having the WTF loss and Orlando calling a crappy game against OU yet winning because OU shot itself in the foot. Plenty of people got negged for bringing up the obvious. Now we are living with it. So Chip Long sucks. He has stagnant offense against good teams. RRR would always suck for us under Long.
  11. Yet do a search on the guy and all you see about Notre Dame's offense is stagnant when they play good teams. He is looking probably because he is out. There is one homer article that pleads he be allowed to stay. We have seen those on Burt Orange Nation for Watson.
  12. Do not want the article reads like a Herman presser. Throw the players under the bus.
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