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  1. In his next tweet, Finebaum called on a fan vote to declare Alabama the 2020 National Champions.
  2. Free chips and queso with every burrito. They are wrapping those burritos up with their hands though. I assume they're wearing gloves but the fact they aren't cooked past the handling point, would make me avoid them.
  3. I personally like the movie going experience. Granted, 99% of my movie going is at the Alamo. I don't have nearly as much interest in watching movies at home.
  4. What random theater was open and hauled in $5K last week? Is there a theater on the Liberty University campus showing a Left Behind and God is not Dead double feature?
  5. I wonder if we will ever get The World's Greatest Athlete or if it was flagged as culturally insensitive and will never be shown again. Used to love that movie when I was little.
  6. I'm going to try that ancho jalapeno hot sauce. Gotta try my hand at fermenting peppers for the first time.
  7. When does it take off? I’m on S1E6 and it’s been kind of amusing but I’m expecting greatness from all the hype.
  8. Reading forums, it’s a 50/50 split between it working perfectly and being a dud. I have the RBR40. Maybe there’s a newer version that’s better.
  9. IIRC, they cut around 20% of their flights and all international flights through May.
  10. I fucking hate the Orbi. It has software updates way too often and instead of it being overnight, it’s always between 10am-3pm. It’s down completely for 20 minutes while doing it and it never successfully restarts. You have to get up and hard boot it to get it working again.
  11. The best sauce is just Pomi finely chopped tomatoes with some sea salt sprinkled on top. Once you taste the simplicity of it, you won't go back to a multi-ingredient sauce.
  12. I'm actually looking forward to the attempt at my own hair. I've always thought I could do it, now I get the chance.
  13. What's the scoop on Jester King? There were rumblings about it being in trouble before COVID-19. They did lose their head brewer last year.
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