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  1. He stays away and you don’t give in. He’ll eventually have to decide if his brother or his hard headedness is more important to him.
  2. CooterBrown

    Austin FC

    Our offensive consists at pushing the ball against the sideline and within 5 feet of the backline. So easy to defend when both lines act as extra defenders. Even when we have position in the middle inside the box we insist on passing the ball as far away from the goal as possible. Several time we passed up shots from the middle to instead push the ball outside. Infuriating.
  3. They never were. A function of APD was moved out of the department. I don’t remember which one. The money is still spent on it but it’s not in the PD budget. That developed into the talking point the police were defunded. That’s mostly Adler’s fault. He was so ready to be seen as progressive he called something that was already happening as defunding the police just so he could be in the news.
  4. Kansas is so shitty, they hang their hat on a city in Missouri.
  5. That's a perfect conference if TBS wants to get back into the college football game.
  6. Bought that for my daughter at WDW about 5 years ago. Mouse plays the long game.
  7. Crowd finally filled in at the 30 minute mark. Thought I was at a Longhorn game for a second.
  8. We’re not getting anymore of these games with maybe 50% of seats filled. Jeez what a shitty turnout.
  9. Had no idea t here were this many Qatari in Texas. Huge turnout for them so far. Also, no bottles and cans. Everything gets poured in a cup. I guess so there’s no missles.
  10. Based on the language quoted in this article, what would stop him from enrolling in one Ohio State online course in August, playing for SLC, and collecting his NIL money? There's nothing in that quote about dual enrollment. The UIL informed a lawyer for the Ewers family on Monday in a “staff opinion” that Ewers essentially could not sign autographs or profit off his Name Image and Likeness until his athletic competitions were completed in high school. The email referenced Section J of the Texas NIL bill, which was an amendment added more than a month after the bill was introduced and states: “no individual, corporate entity or other organization may: enter into any arrangement with a prospective student athlete relating to the prospective student athlete’s name, image, or likeness prior to their enrollment in an institution of higher education.”
  11. On the bright side, in a week, you'll never have to see your in-laws again after your wife disowns her.
  12. CooterBrown


    Have you ever tried the skillet method? Works with any pizza. Bit of olive oil in a skillet. Bring it up to a medium heat. Add the pizza. After a minute, cover for another minute or so so the top can heat up from steam.
  13. I'd guess closer to treefiddy per hour.
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