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  1. Neither is a good movie. Tombstone however is a decent waste of time.
  2. Someone just need to invent an ad blocker plug in for the TV app version of YouTube and it’s be golden.
  3. They’re taking interviews now if you just need to schedule them. GE is active immediately after the interview. No need to wait for the card.
  4. Every game on the schedule is gonna be like this POS. After this coat hanger abortion, there’s not a sure win on the calendar.
  5. Manny Diaz is a better head coach.
  6. Manny Diaz is a better head coach.
  7. Manny Diaz is a better head coach.
  8. Puerto Rico and the USVI should be combined as a Caribbean state and the Pacific Territories as a 52nd state. The idea that some Americans don’t have full rights should be abhorrent to any other American.
  9. It’s like he was uncomfortable kicking UTEP’s ass and wants to get back to his win by 1 philosophy.
  10. Just curious, why’s she against some Americans having the same rights and representation as she does?
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