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  1. CooterBrown

    Black Pumas

    3rd night at Stubb's has sold out and now they've added a 4th night. Shit, might as well do one night at Frank Erwin at this point.
  2. If he skipped the vocal distortion, it'd be much better received. It overwhelms the music, IMO.
  3. haven't done this but will do it in July when we go... https://www.estesparkatvrentals.com/
  4. I thought Author & Punisher was great for what it is. Much better sounding live than streaming. The percussion is ridiculous. Tool was better than at the San Antonio show.
  5. Well, it’s the end of the line for Jimmy. Since he’s not in my chain of command any longer, this is third hand info. Since his divorce, he was drinking way more than usual and started drunk texting and calling everyone on his team at 2-4AM. He finally did it enough to the wrong person and they complained about harassment. He was on paid leave for a few weeks and then told not to come back.
  6. Cooking with Bird Martinez. Found this when looking around for a Carne Apache recipe. She's a ghetto chola that goes on tangents about CPS visiting her. Pretty sure Vic is probably a subscriber.
  7. I would guess the restaurant business is like the music business. It's better to be lucky than good.
  8. Dickey's. It's his family recipes.
  9. What do these idiots do with their cosplay costumes on the other 364 days a year when they can’t march? I’d guess you don’t want a black light anywhere near those clothes.
  10. With the DNA testing and some research on any of the big genealogy sites, you quickly realize that family histories are mostly hear-say, guesses, and well wishes. Prior to WWII, there were so many family abandonments, second marriages, deaths during childbirth, blended families, raising of non-blood children, etc., and there are no real records to speak of. On 23andMe, I just had a new 2nd cousin pop up last week who was from the neighboring town and one of her family names is the same as my great-grandfather. My grandmother said that once when she was little, she heard that her dad had been married before so she asked him. He said yep and that was the end of it. I would guess this new second cousin comes from the line resulting from that first marriage.
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