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  1. Do none of these morons realize it’ll be nearly impossible to scan those QR codes? Should’ve went with their Instagram handle on the back instead.
  2. Best comments: He got decked. Literally. Chrome to the dome.
  3. For the first time in probably 5 years, I haven’t looked at either my 401K or investment accounts in a month. Normally I look at least once daily.
  4. Understood but I think a legal POV would be based on the rule not the spirit of the rule. You may open yourself up to some liability if you define the rule one way but expect it to be followed differently than as written.
  5. Do you mean just the softball fields or the entire park? That’s a huge, well developed park and sports complex. It’d be crazy but not unexpected the city would just hand it over to the bums.
  6. Touringplans.com is all you need. Costs 15 bucks and it’ll spit out an itinerary that’s was extremely accurate on wait times the two times I used it years ago. Or, just post how many days and ages of kids. At least mdmost and I have been to DLR 20+ times each in the past decade and can give you a decent enough plan of attack.
  7. Past few times I’ve seen him, he played all solo stuff with about 3-5 WS songs out of around 20 total. Never seen him play anything from the other two bands. I think that’s because they’re both technically still active. I’ll be at NIN at Red Rocks. Go if you can. I saw them there on the last tour and it’s great.
  8. Hornian will be happy to handle your divorce for you.
  9. Why should Austin give a shit about San Antonio? I guess it could go right next to the Austin-San Antonio NFL franchise located on the Comal/Hays county line.
  10. Nice cameo by the Lincoln Lawyer in episode 7.
  11. Chris Cornell covering One by U2 and Metallica. At once.
  12. I read the other day do a 4th shot if you’re over 50 or have one of the underlying health concerns.
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