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  1. The Old Guard is pretty solid. With this and the Hemsworth film a few months ago, Netflix is finding a good niche in the small action movie genre.
  2. I dunno. I think it can push to $30 next week because why not. I feel like ADOM was testing the water before making a run over the next few months. I'll probably buy a big chunk on Monday.
  3. Asking TEA and ISDs to come up with a solution to an unsolvable problem is a bit unrealistic. We'd be better off planning for how we catch up after the pandemic is over.
  4. Anybody else got a STONK pick for today? I need to buy something with no research again.
  5. CooterBrown


    The pepperoni Sicilian and the Italian sub are the two best things on the menu at Home Slice. While the thin crust is solid, it's pretty forgettable.
  6. CooterBrown


    I don’t think Conan’s is the best but I voted for it. Then again, what really compares to a deep dish savage and a couple of ice cold beers? It may be a perfect dining experience.
  7. Pooh is also a complete acid trip. They better not fuck with Mr Toad. Ever.
  8. I’m up 9% in less than a hour. Just ridiculous.
  9. Yep. Did that with ALT too. No ragrats.
  10. Out of fear of missing out, I just bought 1,000 shares without even researching it. Stonk life!
  11. The only issue with Spain is that your annual income taxes are based on net wealth not income. At least, that’s how I understand it. Then again, if all your money is offshore, they only know what you tell them.
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