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  1. It’s actually owned by at least one of the guys that opened Shoal Creek Saloon back in the day. Well, when it became a restaurant. It existed as a bar and brothel before that.
  2. We use Concur Solutions for expenses and travel and, at least on the user end, it’s awesome. It’s SAAS so you don’t have to support shit. Granted we have 5K employees but I’d bet they have subscriptions for any size company.
  3. Do Corey and his woman qualify as little people? They can’t be 4’9”.
  4. If you need an excuse, the West Henley Boil Shack out in Henley is solid. Plenty of open air space to eat and get drunk.
  5. This is great book by a travel writer who was going to travel the Sierra Madre south of the border but ended up getting a first hand experience with a small village engulfed in the cartel drug trade.
  6. Not even logging on to Fidelity. Let me know when we have a green day again.
  7. The fucking Chili’s at 45th and Lamar is gonna be MAGA central.
  8. I need to replace my porch columns and do some roof improvements...fascia replacement, replace some roof decking, and reshingle. Any recs on contractors?
  9. They do not ask. None of them at any location. There is one yes/no question: “Do you qualify under 1A or 1B?” Due to HIPAA laws they cannot ask more than that. There’s no notes or explanations. Just say yes and get a goddamn shot.
  10. Friends own a brewery in Montana and they still require masks after their mandate was lifted a few weeks ago. It’s been a fucking nightmare dealing with MAGA assholes over it.
  11. Even though I paid tree fiddy, I’d prefer this page to continue. My first impression is that Dischord is a terrible user experience and a single page scrolling experience after a few days will be unwieldy. He’ll, I’d keep paying tree fiddy not to have to use Dischord.
  12. CooterBrown


    Replying to an old ass post but the south Central Market has Russian black rye. One of the bakers told me that they had a Russian UT student working there a few years back and she convinced them to start making it and it's been on their rotation ever since.
  13. Just found one. Jeep for 3 days and RAV4 for 4. Changing vehicles midway is a minor PITA but at least I've got a vehicle now.
  14. My 14 YO daughter asked to be in the teenage vaccine trial through ARC. So, we signed her up.
  15. Our friends alternate charters between BVI and USVI. It's the USVI this time around. I don't think the plan is to also do the BVI but then again they asked us to go last night and I didn't get much details other than the charter cost and dates. After 25 minutes of research this morning, I booked flights and a villa for the 2nd week. Going pretty much blind with no expectations and I kind of like it. Just still have to find a Jeep rental. Struck out at the first two I tried and waiting on word from a third.
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