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  1. “Lady Bird” is always incorrect. It’ll always be Town Lake except to carpetbaggers.
  2. The superintendent’s career is going to end over this decision.
  3. The only skill humans had to get to the top of the food chain was being smart enough to stay out of sight when something that could kill us walked by. The poll shows we no longer have that skill.
  4. If you don’t give a shit who your cell provider is, switch to AT&T and get it for free.
  5. Yeah, we’re gonna need photographic evidence of said tits to verify legitimacy. It’s Ok, it’s science.
  6. The small details make this show. Any other show would've had a drawn out heroic death. Here it's like 1/10 of a second and you don't even get a chance to confirm it really happened until the scene is basically over.
  7. Goddamn it. If I have to pay $12 instead of $10 + $2 tip for my pizza shooters, there's gonna be hell to pay!!!
  8. Whenever I make Salisbury steak, I always make way more onion-mushroom gravy than I need so I can then have this.
  9. Yes. It's great. Depressing on the surface but really, really good and fast paced for the material.
  10. We are doing a house on St John. I wouldn't stay at a resort unless it was waaaay more cost effective.
  11. The $2.13/hour for waiters is a legislative mandate that harms more than it fixes.
  12. You're like the horse and buggy sales guy trying to keep out the automobile. The existing setup is broken and has been broken. It's not being fixed by maintaining the old status quo. Adapt or die.
  13. Luckily, no other restaurants exist in the rest of the world other than high end ones. Otherwise, their living salary model would fail.
  14. From a caveman perspective. At best, we would be at the caveman level compared to alien intelligence if they can even recognize humans as sentient life.
  15. I've had great and shitty service under both models. I'm not a diva. Let me order. Bring me my meal. Refill my drink once. Bring me my check. It can be fast, it can be a bit slow. I'm pretty goddamn low maintenance and don't give a shit about service beyond that. What's noticeable is that the service is uniformly more competent in the living wage model.
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