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CoTA sounds like it sucks

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12 hours ago, Updawg said:

Will see about that. If they don't get a race this year are they done?

No way to know for sure, but that would definitely be a huge blow. And the longer the track, the concert venues, and the soccer/ruby 'stadium' sit empty, the worse it gets. The money stops coming in, but the bills don't.

Circuit of the Americas Closing Indefinitely, Staff Laid off
Event cancellations due to coronavirus fears put future of Austin, Texas, track in jeopardy.




And now it looks like Baku might be the next domino...


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COTA is now objecting to reporters over the use of the phrase "closed indefinitely", citing that track rentals, kart racing, etc are going on as usual, and stressing that COTA is merely operating at a reduced staffing level until the crisis is over. But COTA operates at a minimum staffing level any time there isn't a race. Hell, there are races where there hardly staff up at all. For races & other big events, they staff up with independent contractors and temp staff, and then send them all home when they're done. Most of the time, they're running with a skeleton crew out there. We're asking around all over, and other than the soccer team's GM who was let go, we have heard of no real employees of COTA who have been let go. What it really sounds like is business as usual in terms of staffing, and that COTA is angling to make a case for disaster relief.

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So much for COTA's righteous indignation over reporters saying the track was closing...

All track rentals cancelled through May, gates closed, & no karting.



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