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  1. -5 @ Michigan -8 vs OU +2 vs UGA -18 vs Florida -5 @ A&M
  2. July 15th at 3PM central, to be exact
  3. Doubt he’s updated anything but the opponents for a while now, seeing that he still thinks the standalone Cotton Bowl will be an option. A Creighton-aggy double cult member is a truly terrifying image.
  4. Sark was also hired before the national championship
  5. LSU must have hired Daylon Mack as a recruiting staffer. Not sure I’d be taking credit for running that shithole state.
  6. CDC’s newsletter is out https://hookem.at/FortyAcresInsider He gone
  7. Wonder what Mukuba switched to if Cole is #13 now.
  8. Hand out free Zyn and every frat on campus will be there.
  9. What makes you think he relies on his running ability?
  10. Will be hilarious when our first game on any of the SEC Networks comes around and Lowell Galindo is on the call.
  11. Have to say it’s nice to see the board focusing on what X is doing with his first round draft pick money rather than melting down over the clearing of his IG page like the previous two offseasons.
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