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  1. Yup. Just lost power in 78746. Lovely.
  2. The "he's hurt" answer is a bit of a smoke-screen. I have it on good authority that's he nowhere near ready from a mental perspective and is far behind Wright in terms of maturity and understanding the offense. Wright is QB3.
  3. Oh buttercup, reading comprehension isn’t a strength is it? I’m not betting on a win. What I am betting on is a gritty, determined performance by The Horns. DMO, Bijan, Rojo, Jwhitt, Tsweat, etc are prideful players. They ride for the brand. This will be a game. We will be in it. That’s the bet hoss.
  4. I’ve been to several 11 am Texas OU games that would qualify.
  5. In. Horns + points, name the bet. I draw the line at fisting.
  6. Holy fuck this site is pussified this morning. Y'all act like the Alabama football team is some conglomeration of mutant cyborg football robot assassins. Guess what, their players put on their pants one leg at a time. What's more, Nick Saban is an old, senile fuck and his OC is fully regarded. This is gonna be a game - mark my words. Take the Horns and the points! Also, all you gaping vaginas do the rest of us favor and stay home next Saturday. I don't give a shit if it's an 11 am game - get up early, get the bloodies rolling, and be ready to bring the noise. Hallelujah...holy shit!
  7. Thank you Sark. You have cured this site of the aids.
  8. Not a drop thus far in the ‘46. Think I’ll take the convertible Bentley for a spin around the 360 HEB Parking lot and ogle some Westlake MILFs.
  9. Fuck the off-season. That is all.
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