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  1. I bought a 2020 Marlin 7 a few months back and have been having a blast improving my skills. There were a couple of things about the bike that weren't ideal but at the price-point it was pretty solid. The three main things it doesn't have that I would like are a 1x11 or 1x12 groupset, tubeless tires, and a dropper post. I'm trying to rationalize if it is worth it or not to make these upgrades. The bike itself was just $800, and looking at something like the SRAM NX Eagle groupset would be about $370 before the bottom bracket. This is going to be half the cost of the bike. The overall range would slightly decrease from my 2x9 drivetrain that came with the bike but I have seen my chain slip gears as I'm landing from larger jumps, so a clutched derailleur would be nice. The wheels are not tubeless ready so I would need to replace those, which ends up getting quite expensive. The dropper post is doable, but was hoping I'd be able to get rid of the left hand shifter to free up room for the post. So it probably isn't really worth it, is it? I'm probably just bored/money is burning a hole in my pocket. What are yall's thoughts?
  2. Didn't Brad have a long history of substance abuse?
  3. You sure about that? The lenses are supposed to have a focal point at infinity so you should be able to see fine in them. I never felt that HL 1 or 2 relied on jump scares too much. I do feel like VR is the next logical choice for the HL franchise seeing as how each game had huge innovations to the genre. Be it in-game scripted scenes, physics, realistic lip syncing, etc. A big game needed to be made to help push VR technology and convince people to jump on board. This game has the opportunity to get the buy in needed to expand the platform.
  4. Can't wait! Got a Vive on day one, been holding off buying the index controllers but if you buy the controllers you get this for free, so I guess I have my excuse now! Hopefully this will be the convincing title to get people to start really buying in. Valve would be the ones to pull that off.
  5. I played on the original Project1999 server for a few years, was part of the world first Tunare kill. Did a decent amount of raiding but the endgame drama was pretty brutal. Had an absolute blast though throughout. They should have most of the kinks worked out this go-around. They recently have made a few changes to be closer to the original, such as hotbar restrictions and changing of the pet window which seem like they will be pretty obnoxious. Its a great game that holds up in terms of the reward cycle but it requires a huge time commitment.
  6. They were stock rims on a Camry...hardly an extravagant vehicle. I just want the OEMs.
  7. Had my wheel stolen over the weekend from my gated apartment complex. Thieves only had two blocks so the car was sitting on the front rotors. I'm hoping there is no damage. I'm considering getting wheel locks but I know that a dedicated thief is going to be able to get through them. Do any of y'all have any experience with them? Is it worth it? Will it do nothing? I have concerns that now that they know where I live they'll hit me again.
  8. Some people use the leg extension machine to do hip thrusts/glute bridges. I'm assuming this was her intent.
  9. Thats slick! Did you make the whoopie slings or did they come with the suspension system? Do you have a link?
  10. Went on Friday for my birthday dinner. Great food, GF had the short rib (which is insane, never saw a short rib so giant) and I had a ribeye. The smoked gouda mac n cheese was divine as well. I will echo what others said, Pappa's had a better steak but if you want the wood-fired taste you get with BBQ, STQ brings it hard. I'll definitely go again.
  11. They have standard wings. Wingstop is not top tier or anything but its way better than BWW, that place blows.
  12. Oh wow I didn't know that! That is great news.
  13. I don't know how they didn't get distracted by all of the oddities on display at Ripley's Believe it or Not...
  14. But Bro, I'm totally sure my sedan can make it through that puddle, those idiots over there were just driving through the deep part!
  15. Whatever you do, don't buy Benefiber. That shit tastes like nothing and dissolves super well, which is awesome, but on the way out it turns into razor sharp crystals that lance your anus on the way out. If I'm having issues with my regularity I just make sure I get a large portion of veggies. Broccoli, cauli, brussel sprouts, you name it.
  16. This is the standard in Canada. They have been way ahead of the US in terms of this, they even had chip cards way before us. They don't require signatures either, just enter a PIN. Vancouver has a decent rail system, that is always an option if you don't want to rely on cabs. Capilano suspension bridge can also be really beautiful. They have an arborwalk that makes you feel like you are in an ewok village. They have a great eggs benedict place called Yolks a bit south of downtown if I remember correctly as well. The local beer scene is good as well! I really like Vancouver. I don't think I could ever afford to live there though.
  17. If this is the case I would say fuck the machines and just get to lifting the free weights. Just be conservative when you start. These programs have built in progressive overload so start at a comfortable point to practice form again at lighter weight and let it naturally get up to where becomes challenging after a few weeks.
  18. Thought this was a good video. I'm a big fan of Queen so based on a lot of the feedback I decided not to go see it in theaters, concerned I would be disappointed. Finally saw it this past weekend and it far exceeded my expectations. Pretty campy at parts but I felt that they went into plenty of detail about Freddie's struggles rather than just being a story about the band. Not best picture worthy but I thought it was very well done! Rami Malek did wonderful, the guy who played Brian May is a clone. Mike Myers cameo was awful, really didn't care for that. I do wish they would have had more of Freddie's decline in the film, but I get why they decided to use Live Aid as the finale.
  19. Last year when I started Keto I had dropped 18 lbs within the first two months. 11 days in I had lost 7 lbs. Keep in mind I was at about 37% body fat when I started, so results will vary based on where you are starting. It can be easy to take in a ton of calories with all of the added fats if your portions still are too large, so be careful with that.
  20. Those photos are incredible. The quality is astonishing.
  21. They also have a standalone app that gives you access to the classes. If you have a stationary bike you can try that much out to see what the class component is like. The actual metrics of cadence/resistance/power wont show up on the screen though. If you buy the bike but you don't subscribe to the service, you'll just have a fancy spin bike with a screen that I don't think you'll be able to do anything with.
  22. My apartment complex has a Peloton. That thing is badass. I've recently started running though so haven't been on it in a while. If I didn't have a gym membership/had room for one/wanted an at-home form of exercise this would be my #1 choice hands down. 53 days straight is awesome! Good job man.
  23. Yea but the scrapped it after some backlash immediately after announcing it. I think this is the only time I have only seen 1 of the best picture nominees. Thats pretty crazy to me. *shrug
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