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  1. Important to note presidents such as Lincoln and Coolidge had depression. People still have this "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" perception over mental illness but some of our country's most celebrated politicians have struggled with mental illness. I think Feinstein's issues are a bigger deal than Fetterman's hospitalization. Glad she's retiring.
  2. Acenar is a good option too. Owned by the same people as Rosarios and right on the river.
  3. Um, sure, if you don’t feel like eating French food on your bday. All three of the options you listed has a better wine list than Mon Chou Chou. People go nuts for that pasta cheese wheel dish at Nonna. I’d put the new restaurant in the Pearl, Ladino as a good birthday dinner spot as well. You can’t go wrong with any of the options you listed.
  4. So glad I moved out of TX. Can't imagine living in a state where the state's university education is controlled by a Rush Limbaugh wannabe who's not even Texan. Dannie Goeb is gonna force professors to take an oath of allegiance like Mussolini did, isn't he?
  5. Cancelled my reservation and got a United flight on Saturday. Looks like my SW flight though got to its final destination with minimal delays. Go figure.
  6. Flying SW out of SAT tonight and my flight is shockingly not cancelled. It's the only flight flying out of SAT this evening that SW hasn't cancelled yet. Not sure if I should just take the chance and take it or just cancel the flight and book another airline. Have a layover and would rather not get stranded there during New Years Eve weekend.
  7. To add to the the downtown list, Double Standard is pretty awesome. $3 for legit beers like Live Oak Hefe, Real Ale Hans Pils and 512 Pecan Porter. Also legit burgers and steak frites. Near Embassy Suites where Rosella on Houston used to be. Important to note about Toro is there's a speakeasy underneath the restaurant called Cellar Mixology that serves really good drinks. Place can get very loud at night but good during the day.
  8. Biryani Pot near the Med Center
  9. Southwestern Bell -> SBC My dad still uses his swbell.net email. Parents home email is a sbcglobal.net one. I still say "SBC Center" reflexively sometimes when referring to where the Spurs play. Any San Antonians remember Body Solutions? Couldn't go anywhere in SA in the early 00's without seeing an advertisement for that weight loss product. Not sure if it was SA only or not. Product turned out to be a total fraud and believe the owner ended up being prosecuted.
  10. Jack Rose has the best whiskey selection in the city. Churchkey is solid as well. Both usually have some barrel picks and are in the Dupont Circle area. Don't really do much whiskey shopping in the city so can't help with that.
  11. Wow that's very sad. Feel very fortunate I saw her on tour with FM in 2014.
  12. Ga. Tech hiring Willie Fritz https://www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-tech/georgia-tech-hiring-tulane-coach-willie-fritz/DW5JTEGNURDY5ASLGZSL4ZSL5Q/
  13. UVA's basketball game against Northern Iowa already cancelled today. I don't see how UVA football can play another game this year. Especially since they're not even bowl eligible
  14. Pretty sure it was Ted's dad behind the grassy knoll.
  15. Don't forget about the screaming toddlers running around everywhere because their parents brought nothing for them to entertain them with. I usually go to breweries only on weeknights for that reason.
  16. That's a wild website. It's like time traveling back to 2002.
  17. RIP to Earnie Shavers. One of the hardest punchers ever.
  18. Oro is still there. Haven’t been since the 00’s though.
  19. Do they still have barrel pick bottles at the Four Roses gift shop?
  20. They'll probably bring it back as a promotion. Similar to how McDonald's announced they'll "permanently remove" the McRib from the menu in 2005 yet it still comes back every now and then.
  21. Actually now that I think about it Choche’s bbq made tx monthly’s honorable mention list. Never been but that’s an option as well
  22. This is probably the best restaurant in EP. Every time I see family there that’s where we go. Either that or one of the restaurants at the Lucky Eagle.
  23. This move really hurts UCLA baseball. USC was on it's deathbed already but UCLA was the #1 overall seed in 2019 and has finished ranked the last 5 years.
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