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  1. https://ph.news.yahoo.com/report-nets-trade-kyrie-irving-to-dallas-mavericks-200453934.html
  2. I think someone upthread recommended the athletic for n/a beer. Decent stuff. Not gonna lie
  3. New balance was bout it bout it when I was in school
  4. Show turning the corner? I watched from 86-2002. Great run, though I know there were a lot of iterations and ups and downs for that long of a time period. Recent ranking of cast members, Farley at 11: https://ew.com/tv/best-saturday-night-live-cast-members-ranked/
  5. Look, nobody here is going to admit to being a fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Shitty plot lines, overacting, cheesy AF dialogue, stunts that are so unrealistic that they may as well be from the Avengers series. But, I found them to be entertaining for the most part, though admittedly a lot of times it was just background noise. But the franchise is over 20 years old, you start to at least relate to the characters as you grow old with them. Paul Walker died in real life I think during the shooting of Fast 7. Final scene, the crew is sitting on the beach while watching Brian (Paul's character) and his wife play with their son. Anyways, they were commenting how beautiful it was. Al the years of doing crazy shit with cars and that was the scene that resonated with them and me. Vince Diesel walks off without saying bye to the group and it shows him and another car, presumably Brian, who has been his partner in crime for 20 years, riding away from the beach to "till I see you again." Never thought Paul was a great actor but he played the part of Brian well. And I'm a few years younger than him, but it hit home. Not just that he died a tragic death in real life, but it puts into perspective that we're all getting old and what's important to us is taking care of our family. All the other stuff, is just noise. Great life experiences, but ultimately what's important to you is right in front of you. Playing with your wife and son at the beach. So yea, almost cried.
  6. Actually name any head coach that left for a lateral position
  7. Yea whatever team Victor w is on could probably beat the luka less mavs
  8. Won 27 his first year which was 9 better than beard in 2020 and 2021. Didn’t win the conference though
  9. He sucked at Fresno! He can’t win here! but he is winning here. Again if he wins the big 12 and two rounds in the tourney, he has a case. Players rallied around him rather than quit. Lots of turmoil to inherit. I’m not saying he should be coach just yet Emotions or results? The guy is winning
  10. Over 8 games? I’d tell fox to fuck off if I were espn
  11. And screwing over handicapped people who want to shop at Home Depot
  12. That’s where you and I differ. Beating baylor and tech isn’t gonna get me there. Win the conference and sweet 16, I think we’d have a hard time giving him the boot
  13. That’s what I’m saying. If he wins the conference, and when was the last time we actually won the conference outright, makes sweet 16, and has player-alum-recruit support, you’re gonna ask him to leave? Ok
  14. If we win the conference and make the sweet 16, does he come back and do you think he deserves to come back?
  15. Maybe. I think they’ve had the best coach in conference from 2000-2021
  16. I sense this as well. Maybe I’m just being positive
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