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  1. Looks like rafer averaged 11/7 while under sark. Played with three other nba dudes. Finished 21-13 https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/fresno-state/men/1998.html
  2. And he was the hc for those two years as well? So they showed improvement? Look I’m not and have never said this guy is bill self but “sucking at Fresno st and utep” doesn’t mean as much when just about everyone else has sucked there
  3. A female colleague of mine just told me to rock out with my cock out before attending a customer meeting. Not the first time. Grounds for a sexual harassment law suit?
  4. Name the last time Fresno was good at basketball?
  5. Yea but if he were a front runner he wouldn’t have ever played for the bullets
  6. Michigan football is about 90x more prestigious than we are and they promoted Moore. I dont necessarily agree with it but it puts our situation in perspective getting portal or high school talent doesn’t seem to be an issue with Rodney or our last five coaches Choir preaching. We just won the conference tourney and were a couple of questionable calls from making the final four. When was the last time we did that? Doesn’t matter if it was Chris’s players as some have pointed out that “we didn’t have nba talent”. Rodney did a good job last year. My preference was for an open coaching search but I get why we hired him. Now let’s see what happens ina. Year or two
  7. Sweeping the years But I see the confusion so I adjusted the wording.
  8. I feel like mj would’ve just found a way to win, bad matchups or regular season record be damned. I know MJ had great stats vs the Magic, but they didn’t seem at their peak.
  9. Yes. I’m not sure Rodney is a top fifty coach but at the moment we were painted into a corner. No he wasn’t my first choice. Guy recruited some crazy players. Absurd athletes. I hope Rodney can get on that level. I have my doubts but I’m willing to see how this plays out rather than screaming at people on the other side of the fence
  10. Works for me. Maybe the wind is messing with the dial up connection in Lubbock?
  11. Beard would've been perfect for here. I'm not sure he's a top fiver like a lot of people in this thread are claiming.
  12. If he hadn't retired. Your vote counts.
  13. All 13 have been euthanized as evidence shows they were all involved in the attack
  14. Per Sheryl swoopes she’s already played 8 years. That’s the only way she broke scoring record
  15. I’m not real sure but he may have been on drugs then. Chris Farley as great on snl but he’s not in Downey league as far as an actor my opinion again Downey has range, is the cool dude we want to be but not intimidating like say Chris hemsworth. Downey is witty funny. Not caricatures like Sandler and Farley. Sometimes the latter does better in sketch comedy shows and he’s certainly had rough roles that didn’t fit him like back to school and Johnny be good. but he’s grown and elevated. I thought he was perfect for Ironman and stood out against your typical muscleheads like hemsworth and Evans.
  16. Should be. But is Guy beyond manipulating the judges? No way right?
  17. In my hood as well. Doodles galore including my own
  18. I wonder if we are due for a man to win this? I’ll root for Izard as well. Would love for volt to win. Dale talde is a guy I’d love to see lose. Hate his schtick
  19. I like jet as well but his schtick is old too. And he made Bibimbab? Got lucky imo Yes and now is the time to drop the 3-2-1 schtick
  20. I teared up a bit when Rose pushed Jack off the door they were “sharing” to stay afloat
  21. So I will watch this to the end. The quality of the chefs is incredible. Great food. But some negativity: -get some of the repeats out. I’m pretty done with mularkey, jet, Antonia etc -hunter is the clearest case of nepotism this world has seen - the chefs glowing over the judges are getting old. “Omg Carla hall!!l - I’m in the middle of watching. Not sure who wins but Mike v seems due
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