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  1. That was a dry run for her Halloween punch. Simple misunderstanding
  2. Think about your money helping poor people. What you’re doing to their economy. Bigger tips
  3. Wait so you’re not gonna give Banks first string just from watching his game tape vs Lampasas?
  4. It’s not just them that think that’s. Not saying they’re right of course
  5. There’s a lot of variance with banana nut bread. It can be amazing or nasty.
  6. Better than the Gatorade bucket
  7. My question is why the hell did it take so long? It’s been one got damn week?!?? I hope Sark didn’t do irreparable damage to their relationship. A lot can happen in one got damn week!!!
  8. Hold up someone has issues with fruit on pancakes?
  9. I was there three days ago. Dirty airport
  10. @someguy I'm just busting your beans. Thanks for the info. Do you ever go by "cream of?"
  11. Why are we listening to some guy?
  12. Hey man with all this uncertainty and upheaval, do you want to call off our bet?
  13. I always liked professor Garner for business foundations. He said he used to say “I can be bribed but I assure you none of you have the money to meet my price”. Apparently a few people asked him to throw out a number
  14. Love this but am shocked he unhooked your car before you gave him the money tow truck drivers are scum
  15. Noice. Is Lowry around Stapleton? Loved that neighborhood. I miss Denver
  16. Wait but ou was the one that reached out to the pac without us?
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