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DJ Augustin, PJ Tucker, and Tom Penders to be enshrined in the Texas Hall of Honor


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Congrats to PJ and DJ.  Well deserved.  When it comes to coaches, I’m generally of the thought that once a little time goes by you let bygones be bygones and embrace what they did while they were here, regardless of how it ended.  Tom, however, chose to shit on the carpet on his way out the door.  He can go fuck himself.

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Good on Tom.  He's been the best basketball coach UT has ever had (ooh, there's some fuel). From where he took the program to where he left it is IMHO the best coaching job in UT history (and I'm lookin' at the lizard saying that, and he'll probably get in at some future point, so don't cry).  You could throw in some of the pioneer days coaches (Theo Bellmont and Jack Gray, who did phenomenal jobs, but it was in such a different era and a wholly different game, but they both are up there 2-3 somewhere).   That said dude had his issues <hic> and the ending of his tenure was, uh, rather entertaining (nowadays we don't need no stinking faxes).  But he had almost the entertainment value of Abe and a faster, wide-open game (as opposed to Rick Barnes' offensive plans that made birth labor enjoyable by comparison, and we're still digging out of that era).

Tom might not be a treasured Longhorn memory for many, but damn the guy could coach given what he had to do to dig UT out of the subterranean mire that the program was in.  Good for him. 

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On 8/28/2020 at 10:31 AM, Skipper said:

Yeah I'm pretty surprised Tom was included.  Not sure how I feel about that given the amount of shit he's talked over the years.

Also, surprising given the extremely angry glare that DeLoss Dodd’s gave at Penders during his departure press conference that I seem to recall was captured in a picture in the Austin American-Stateman.

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