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Indycar 2022


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1 hour ago, elfenix said:

How long until McLaren takes a hard look at O'Ward for Danny's seat?

He's been angling for it for years but they keep rebuffing him, and he just signed an IndyCar extension. 

Based on what they were saying about Rosenpenis not having a contract today, it might be more likely that Daniel takes his seat... 

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Saw this regarding the amount of carnage from Nashville:

Based on figures provided by teams that participated in Sunday’s 80-lap race, the least expensive repair bill was $35,000 and the highest could reach $180,000, with an estimated total of $860,000-$880,000 of damage done across the field in one afternoon.

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Went down to the race this weekend - nice little track. Parking was easy and close, and getting in and out was a breeze. The scoring pylon was highly unreliable though for some reason. 

Vending and concessions were decent, though a little more "local flavor" would have been nice (probably says more about the tasteless rubes local to St. Louis that the lines were longest at the Chick-fil-A and Domino's stands than anything else...), but the non-chain offerings weren't restricted to only those generic and ubiquitous corn dog/cheesesteak/chicken finger stands. 






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Didn't really get many pictures this last weekend. Awesome weather all weekend. Our seats are right at turn 1 and after watching them not even make the first turn, it was sort of a relief that they made it. Of course, the rest of the race wasn't all that exciting. Most of the passes in our location were not for position - just getting around Dalton Kellett again or something. Jimmie's crash was right in front of us, though. Was happy to see Scott M get the win but I wish Lundgard would have done better. Seems he had some bad pit stops / strategy plus the sign really messed him up. Always fun to go, though.

I was shocked to see Dixon suddenly in third. I had to watch a few replays to figure out what happened. Lol.

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power wins his second championship, finishing 3rd in a somewhat boring race.   palou got into the lead after the first round of pits and never looked back, to the tune of a 30 second victory.  newgarden charged up from the back into the top 3 and eventually passed power for 2nd, but power would have had to finish worse than 5th to lose the championship. newgarden didn't even try to back power up into the pack, might want to have taken some notes from hamilton. 

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2023 IndyCar schedule

St. Petersburg, March 4-5
Texas Motor Speedway, Apri1 1-2
Long Beach, April 15-16
Barber Motorsports Park, April 29-30
Indianapolis GP, May 13-14
Indy 500, May 28
Detroit GP, June 3-4
Road America, June 17-18
Mid-Ohio, July 1-2
Toronto, July 15-16
Iowa Race 1, July 22
Iowa Race 2, July 23
Nashville, August 5-6
Indy GP 2, August 12-13
Gateway, August 26-27
Portland, September 2-3
Laguna Seca, September 9-10

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