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The Holland Grill

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Anyone ever heard of these?  We bought a new house that has an outdoor cooking area with one of these "built in" as well as a raised spot for a BGE or other Kamado type thing or another smoker/grill.

I did a little digging around and they're kind of interesting and had a serious cult following.  Bottom line is, it's a gas grill but with the burner apparently under a plate, so there's no direct heat and they tend to come to a temperature and just stay there, so they don't really "grill."  

The one that's there seems to be a bit decrepit, although it could probably be rebuilt.  The problem is, the company went out of business a few years back, apparently because taken care of, these things last multiple generations.  They supposedly have some parts inventory and are trying to get going again, but  . . . .

We'll probably buy a BGE or similar to put in the spot for it, and that will take care of our smoking and grilling needs, which is good because I actually prefer charcoal/wood grilling.

But this seems like it might be an interesting adjunct because it's almost like an oven.

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I had one.  It is very much like an oven.  Pros: no hot spots, flare-ups.  Cons: impossible to sear, very little "bbq" flavor.  If they are taken care of, they will last a long time.

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1 hour ago, Liquor and Poker said:

Aren’t they basically like my gas-powered flat griddle?  Great for burgers for 10 or to show off at breakfast, otherwise just like cooking in a pan. 

It’s Benihana at your house. 

Pretty close, except they have a gas burner, then a metal diffuser plate, a metal drip pan, and then a cooking grate above that.  Heat is all indirect.

This video explains it.


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