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  1. The Scandinavian coeds are welcome to spend the holidays at my place.
  2. I hope Houston fires D’Antoni then.
  3. I’m gonna watch a few games that matter before I start writing the Lakers obituary. That being said, of the teams they could possibly have faced, Portland is, by far, the least desirable outcome for LA. I imagine they will have a team watch party tomorrow with everyone decked out in Morant jerseys.
  4. You should’ve followed through. I’ve seen a six minute video clip about how it would’ve ended if you did.
  5. The teacher was along for the ride. It was a normal crew otherwise.
  6. Private team plane back home, family waiting in the hangar.
  7. 5th grade for me, and it was a combo of it still being a big deal to launch people into space and the fact that there was a teacher on board who was going to do some teacher things while she was up there.
  8. We’re gonna need a shitload of dimes nickels.
  9. Dogs are the real winners in all of this.
  10. Ok, then try to convince 12 Cajuns that Geaux Tigers was wrong.
  11. The places where football is going to happen would seem to also be places where a large judgment against State U’s athletic department are less likely. Convincing 12 Alabamans that Roll Tide was wrong and needs to be punished feels like an uphill battle.
  12. And if you think the west is insanely deep this year, don’t forget that GS gets Klay and Steph back next year, plus a high lottery pick or whatever they trade that for.
  13. Some end of the bench guys gonna put up career highs today.
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