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  1. Simple question. If someone takes the exact opposite stance of their longstanding, well known CR views to try and win an argument outside of CR, can they be called out for their absurdity of their position on the forum in which they are being a hypocrite?
  2. I could say the same about a lot of law firms.
  3. And by not specifying, he is accepting plain ole Weller. My palette is more refined, so I am letting you know that you need to have some WLW on hand if I deem your home worthy of a visit.
  4. I’m a WLW guy, that guy needs to up his game.
  5. At present, the Mavs are in the 2-6 pack with only 2.5 games separating those teams. They have a 4 game lead in the standings over the 7th place team.
  6. We’re aware. You dedicated an entire thread to it.
  7. We like bigs who can shoot, particularly FTs. It’s why Drummond is a non-starter with me.
  8. I’m in on Coming to America part deux, and if Eddie really wants to just take my money, they can do another sequel to Beverly Hills Cop. He has a nice little window here to just take money from 40-somethings.
  9. You talking about the last 20 years when he was trying to be a family man? Because once he was on SNL, Eddie Murphy became Eddie Murphy pretty quickly.
  10. Right, but he’s not Eddie Murphy.
  11. His films would largely be ok. Standup, not so much.
  12. conVINCEd

    68 Whiskey

    It had a strong opening scene.
  13. If he had serious damage he wouldn’t have been cleared for full contact practice. This is an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It sucks, as I would love for this team to rip off 9/10 and compete for home court advantage in round 1, but being healthy in April is what matters. If that means we lose home court. So be it. We’re better on the road anyway.
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