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  1. The Masters, British Open, and US Open are actually different tests, and if you can pass them all it proves you are a complete golfer. The PGA is just a random collection of golf courses.
  2. Odd since it is the one major with no character.
  3. If you like WWII pacific theater books, this one flies under the radar. I only read it because my grandfather is mentioned a few times, but still a great story.
  4. When their ears are flared like that the wisest course of action is to get the fuck out of their way.
  5. You wanna jerk off with hooves? It’s a gray area, but let’s go with baitin.
  6. Whoever it was that put $20 on Zalatoris is looking pretty good right now.
  7. Spieth is fine. I suspect he will finish close enough to the lead to really regret the triple bogey, and close enough to overcome it if he really has his shit together this weekend.
  8. They would turn down Brady too because he’s 42 years old.maybe Rogers as well, but there’s more meat left on that bone than Brady.
  9. If you trade up to take a TE at 4, in a QB oriented draft when you will be paying a Qb price for that draft slot, when we are already stacked with people who catch the football, when we have post-Hurricane Katrina needs at other positions, I’m completely fucking out. All the fucking way. I’ll quit watching the games.
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