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  1. This team may just fuck. Welcome Tre. Hook’em!
  2. New Zealand is the play if you can swing it.
  3. Congrats to the young man. Phil Dawson and Justin Tucker are the standard here, I hope he can meet those expectations.
  4. Sam has 161k as a reference point for a beloved QB1. Trevor Lawrence has 978k.
  5. https://www.cameo.com I would imagine things like this will be very popular.
  6. You’re going to have to do something of consequence on the field before I purchase your overpriced tshirts.
  7. The general consensus on this seems to be when the after school activities start up, and schedules get a little more complicated, which for most is middle school.
  8. Agreed. Having your 2 best teams play each other twice is a lose/lose situation 90% of the time. This is not a difficult concept.
  9. So, 13 people got shot because 2 high school kids got into a fight on 6th St. Is that my takeaway here?
  10. So, errybody gonna have their own clothing line? I honestly thought this would end up being about autographs and appearances at car dealerships.
  11. It’s the undercard for Bryson vs. Koepka this week.
  12. Christ on a fucking cracker, I hop on an airplane for a couple of hours and Game of Thrones breaks out in the front office.
  13. It’s a major. I’ll take him at a major until he goes a few in a row without being in the mix.
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