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  1. Everybody would also need to restock the good brown water.
  2. I do understand though. I’m a Cowboys fan. Dolan is basically Jerry’s special needs little brother.
  3. It’s possible that Knicks fans hate Dolan more than <<CR>>
  4. If my Longhorn internet memory is correct, you were the GGW guy?
  5. I have my doubts about Rodman, but I’d be willing to roll the dice.
  6. I didn’t know her that well. My aunt is obviously very upset. If there is some silver lining here, my mother told me about it, and it seems to have made an impression on her. She, to this point, has not taken the threat very seriously despite being >70 y.o. with a litany of underlying conditions.
  7. Just found out one of my aunt’s best friends died this morning from covid.
  8. May be time to invest in a new liquor store in Stephenville.
  9. He’s gonna suspend habeas corpus hakuna matata.
  10. I had the pleasure of getting to know Curly’s predecessor on the Globetrotters, Marques Haynes, many years ago. He died a few years back. To say that members of the Globetrotters lived remarkably interesting lives would be an understatement.
  11. For corona. Who knows what other kinds of filth he is carrying around and capable of transmitting.
  12. I value having both of my hands. Aside from that, you are correct.
  13. Traffic might slow you down, but it also helps you blend in. With no one else on the road, I think they would stand out a little more.
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