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  1. Now that is more like it. Finish strong and lock up Champions League play.
  2. Captain America scores. Shocker. (I credit him with that goal)
  3. That is what makes it so awesome
  4. Happy to take the win and move on.
  5. FA Cup game is on ESPN+. People still paying $5 a month for that with barely any sports to watch?
  6. APMP


    How does he remember he has short term memory loss? I don't know if the Remember Sammy Jenkis thing is enough. But if that is a plot hole the whole movie falls apart, and it is a really fun movie, so I am not gonna harp on it.
  7. Well shit. I really liked him. But if there's truth to this (and to be clear, I am not saying that in a question the victim kind of way, but rather a waiting for investigation to finish kind if way) he gotta go.
  8. See, this here is analysis worth $9.95. Can I say Show Me A Loss, or are we saving that for the season thread? And speaking of the season, dunno how much Julia we will get, as she is like 6 months pregnant right now. But hey, Lil Shep might still be able to get her to post in the season thread after he starts it.
  9. Captain America to the rescue. Chelsea is back (from pandemic), folks.
  10. BOB not planning to hang on to those 2029 and 2030 first rounders though...stay tuned, we either getting Adams or a bag of footballs for them.
  11. I don't have an issue with any of the asks. Moore, Painter, etc. should have been renamed a long time ago. Painter needs to be renamed Sweatt, unless the Law School uses that name for a building. Sweatt v. Painter paved the way for me. We sang The Eyes of Texas at my wedding. And I have sung it after countless games, whether in the stands or watching on TV. My toddlers know it. But I can't in good conscience give Washington football, Cleveland baseball, Atlanta baseball, etc fans crap about their team names/mascots/traditions and then turn a blind eye to the history of the Eyes of Texas and the fact that it is offensive to some members of the Longhorn family every time they hear it. They are Longhorns just as much as I am. And I value their presence and contribution to the Longhorn family more than a song with a racist history, despite the joy the song has brought to me over the years. The song has to go.
  12. Eeeeeexcellent. And it's a tour of England, won't really be able to tell the difference with people not in the stands, given how quiet British summer crowds often are.
  13. APMP

    Tex Mex

    This idea has potential
  14. APMP

    Tex Mex

    Guess I know where July 7th takeout is coming from
  15. Well there's the whole presumed validity thing too, which hasn't been crushed like in the patent world. And maybe it's the patentee-focus in me talking, but I always thought the option of statutory damages was useful. Damages in copyright seem so difficult to prove (it's tricky in patent cases too, of course).
  16. True, but registration is cheap and has a ton of advantages if you ever need to enforce the sucker. The biggest being statutory damages, attorney fees, and costs. Being a writer and a litigator, I think, you probably know all this though. And don't want to detract from the main point though. Awesome work.
  17. Also, not sure that you normally do, but I think this is a piece for which you should formally register the copyright.
  18. That is an incredibly powerful image. FANTASTIC work.
  19. Surely somebody mentioned it already, but worth watching again in 4K HDR. Reminded me of one of my favorite space movie scenes. https://youtu.be/onVhbeY7nLM
  20. Dropped yesterday. Perfect little Saturday Night 4K movie night for us tonight. Incredible reviews. Sitting at 85 on Metacritic and 92 on Rotten Tomatoes. So, not only have most critics liked it, they have loved it. Will report back after watching tonight.
  21. That looks awesome. Also, I am Gujarati, we usually do more soup-like dal... spoon required, fork would be futile. But, again, yours still slams and goes hard.
  22. Reunion quarantine episode being written https://variety.com/video/casey-wilson-happy-endings-charity-reunion-will-offer-new-material/
  23. APMP

    Tex Mex

    Gonna be spoiled for choice here in Crestview with Little Deli, Desano, Buffalina, Backspace, etc.
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