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  1. Even within the Top 5, it seems like there is a clear Top 3 of Cade, Mobley, and Suggs. Which of the three would y'all want if we picked first? I think I lean Cade because he might have the highest ceiling. Suggs /Mobley are basically tied for second.
  2. Probably overpriced, but I chuckled. https://www.fantasytrophies.com/baseball/armchair-ace/
  3. So did we end up deciding to do simple redraft next year, or are we going to have keepers?
  4. Only similar thing I can remember is Mets v Braves NLCS and the walk off grand slam single.
  5. My guys, imagine if you drafted Bellinger like I did and then watched what he and Justin Turner did this afternoon to my home run. TOOTBLAN on steroids.
  6. APMP

    2021 MLB Thread

    In what world is Lindor worth more than Betts, especially in the uncharted post COVID baseball economics era.
  7. Agreed on not wanting a dynasty league. That's why I prefer two keepers per team max and a draft pick being replaced for each guy you keep. Whether the guy was drafted by you or not doesn't matter as much to me.
  8. I actually like having the option to keep a FA or trade addition. Otherwise every trade is for a rental, which seems weird for a keeper league.
  9. If I am reading it correctly, the issue is that teams out of the playoffs trade for injured guys they will keep (because their Tommy John recovery will be complete by next year), and in doing so freely send studs in exchange to the playoff teams. Limiting the number of players each team can keep will usually fix that. And in my proposal two things address the problem: players drafted in rounds 1-3 can't be kept, and players carry their keeper cost all season long.
  10. I'm just the new guy but I would vote in favor of this.
  11. Keepers can get complicated fast. But, if we do kerpers, I like the idea of keepers with "progressive draft round" prices and a max number of consecutive years kept. At the risk of inviting a bunch of TLDRs, here's a proposal to get discussions started. A fantasy basketball league and a fantasy football league I was in have each used it successfully. 1. Each year before the draft, you can keep zero, one, or two players from your previous season's roster. The vast majority of your roster must thus be drafted each year, which keeps things interesting even if you don't have anybody worth keep
  12. I assume that would also take a flamethrower to his pitching ratios for the week.
  13. I 100% agree that if you have OPS you should not have either of the individual components as an additional category. If we want to reward extra base hits then SLG or TB instead of OPS makes sense to me. No idea what is actually supported in the fantasy league stats.
  14. AVG and OPS is weird to me but I don't have a ready fix. Total bases might seem weird too.
  15. The darts scene was the single best thing I watched during the pandemic. It was perfect television. The eyes on Ted when he delivered the "better manners when I'm holding the darts" line . And the writing genius of the "barbeque sauce" line that calls back to earlier in the episode. Choose second best was the pandemic episode of Mythic Quest. Interesting that both were on Apple TV+ because I watched absolutely nothing else on that service.
  16. Expected a rise or a fall. Definitely didn't expect a flat day.
  17. Even putting my views on religion aside, I feel like the only thing that will save this franchise is a new and rational ownership group moneywhipping the McNair family into selling. Everybody needs to convince the idiots that they would be better serving God if, instead of playing on his day, they left the football world and used the money to do charitable Christan work.
  18. There will probably be mutations and boosters. And we still have a lot of shoulders to jab. But in America there's been a death a minute for the last year (525,600, as the song goes). And most of us know someone that didn't make it. So cheers to y'all for doing what you had to and getting to this point. May we all soon be in a sea of vaccinated burnt orange at DKR, where the only sick feelings are on the visitor's sideline as Bijan breaks off long runs again and again.
  19. So what does everyone think will happen today and the rest of the week? Prices are crazy but still trying to figure if there's an option angle here...
  20. Gave our newly hired nanny the day off on Friday so she could volunteer at the Bastrop vaccine site. She did so and got her first vaccine dose at the end of the day.
  21. Houston and East Texas folk, Orange and Hardin counties have open appointments for ANYONE. I know at least adult who is not a 1A/1B/teacher but got the shot there, and know another who made an appointment for Tuesday. Needles in shoulders is how we will win. Do it for the rest of us and go get pricked you pricks.
  22. I think the Bastrop volunteer spots get posted here: https://bastropcountyconnects.galaxydigital.com/need/
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