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  1. No, he looks like a short-haired Mormon wannabe Hugh Grant
  2. It’s been wild. No parenting classes, no breathing classes, no nothing. Learning shit from our family and friends and YouTube, then all of this. But it’s all in a journey
  3. Update: Surgery was successful and surgeon was pleased with how it went. Lot of things to monitor over the next 8 days even before we get to real, actual recovery things. All is well here. We've been done for about an hour or so. Jenn and I are eating with the fam while they get Charlotte prepped to rest and where we can visit with her again. We are relieved, but are just still at the beginning of the journey. But it's a journey that's off on the right foot
  4. Welp. I guess Dak is overseeing a blown coverage, a dropped kickoff, and a slipping running back now.
  5. Read Psalm 30 with the surgeon & nurses after he said a prayer with us this morning prior to the procedure starting. It made him smile quite a bit and he said “Jehovah Rapha, The Great Physician. With His help, we’re gonna fix you’re baby girl up just fine.” Pretty cool moment. She’s in surgery now, and first impressions from the bronchoscopy are about as good a situation as can be.
  6. Thank you guys! Seriously means a lot. Nervous times, but we are confident after talking to the surgeons. And we’re actually gonna get to do the surgery tomorrow at 8am. Surgeon is satisfied that she doesn’t have any signs of the other co-morbidities that can result from esophageal atresia (spine/heart/intestines/kidneys/etc) and that we can proceed to fix the actual problem. So that is some relief.
  7. Could use some prayers right now. Wife and I checked into BSW-Waco on Thursday to prep for Inducing our first baby, a sweet little girl. Well, she was born yesterday at 1:26PM. Beautiful, strong little girl that is healthy but for one thing. We found out after about 2.5 hours that she has esophageal atresia, and that she was gonna have to go to Temple to NICU for surgery as soon possible. So I had to leave the wife at 5:45/6ish yesterday in recovery and head to Temple with the daughter (damn if that’s not some mind-bending, difficult shit). Got to speak with the surgeons last night and they’re looking at a Monday surgery (uggh), and quite a battery of tests today. I stayed with her until about 1:45 last night, and am back em route to NICU rt now. Got 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep somehow, but I had been up for over 24 hours at that point and that was after sleeping for about 2 hours each on Wed and Thurs night. So, I just need prayers. For my daughter, first and foremost, that she’ll continue being the scrappy little thing she’s been the entire process. Kicking, screaming fighting machine with an iron grip of a hand for a little baby girl. for the surgeons, that they can complete a successful and ultimately not too invasive surgery on her, which will help her recover quickly and effficiently. for my wife, because she’s hurting deeply. Her first baby taken from her arms and rushed away. The hurt in her voice last night was enough to make the strongest men break down. for me. Because I’m that strongest of men, but that little girl already got me scrambling to break walls down for her, and I have to be able to break walls and setup “afternoon tea”. I just need some prayers for my sanity that I can keep mama emotionally and physically ok (with her history of seizures under stress), stay with the baby as much I can possibly stay awake, and keep my house in order financially all at the same time. I’ll be under a tremendous amount of stress for a while, and I know I’ll be ok, but with the Good Lord on our side, all things are possible.
  8. Well, I’m sitting in the NICU in Temple while my wife is in recovery in Waco. Sweet daughter has esophageal atresia and will have to have surgery in coming days. Not the ideal thing to find out when she’s 3 hours old. But she’s doing well outside of that. I’m running on fumes, and mama is thankfully resting.
  9. Wife and I checked into the hospital yesterday to induce labor on our first baby. My brother had to go to Shreveport for work yesterday through Saturday. So when he’s leaving I give him a $20 bill and instruct him to go to the roulette wheel and place a single spin bet on 32. At 1:15 this morning while I’m trying to sleep on these God-forsaken hospital couches, I get this: $20 Down on 32. Pays out $720!!! Got yo money mothafucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and another from his co-worker to a group text with friends: This M-fer gets $20 from Trey to put on 32 and he hits. Trey if you don’t get your $720 that’s your brothers fault. So I’ll be welcoming my daughter to the world at some point today, and I’ll have a lucky $720 to boot that pleases the shit out of me
  10. The Scrip Club?? Bar in the front, dance floor in the middle, champagne room in the back.
  11. Who would’ve thought that things that were cool 9 years ago may not be cool now? narrator: wives
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