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  1. Win on the road at WVU with a -18 FT discrepancy is solid
  2. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see the bitch double up tomorrow. I’d be ok with that.
  3. Im fucking Walter Sobchak’ng this mofo. It’s about to be in infinite gamma squeeze at over 36
  4. Currently: 10 TLRY 5 March 28c @1.25 10 TLRY 19 March 32.5c @2.00 10 RKT 12 March 30c @3.42
  5. Fuck it. Just bought 10 March 12 $30 call options for 3.42
  6. When I had my ACL reconstruction I took the pills for 2 days and felt like absolute dog shit. Threw em in the toilet and just gutted through the blistering pain in my knee and hamstring. I can't handle that shit.
  7. Was bringing some to a buddy up there, an some for personal consumption over the week. I was also 23 and had never been to Colorado.
  8. Had that happen to me in Colorado. Had 4 cases of Shiner in the bed of the truck. Fucker took one and made me pour 1 full case out on the side of the highway.
  9. There were 3-4 times in my 20's that the Sunday afternoon, the day after floating the river, South Austin Jug Band would be playing at Gruene Hall. Absolutely loved watching them. Their version of 'Friend of the Devil' is absolute gold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWAf8V1LzlE
  10. That's so awesome. Slim was one of a kind, and a just a helluva good dude.
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