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  1. I’m a pretty good swimmer and had a scare about 10 years ago. We were out on the lake and one of the floats blew off and was getting pushed away by the wind. It was about 30 yards away when I jumped in after it, with no life jacket. Well, I’m tearing after this thing and get about 5-10 yards from it (it’s now about 50 yards from the boat) and my right shoulder decides it wants to come out of socket. Now I’m proper fucked. So I roll onto my back as best as I can and try to swim with one arm back to the boat. Every little bit, I’m yelling at my friends for help. They eventually hear me and have to start the boat to come get me. It was so out of socket that I couldn’t even use my hand for balance, and those little ladders on the boat were too difficult to maneuver with one arm, so they had to drag my ass to shore. scared the shit out of me and my friends.
  2. 2 years ago in mid July we had a day in Waco where it was 118. My air went out that morning and I had to beg a buddy of mine to come fix it before it really started cranking up. Thank God he came through
  3. Got into some $CEMI this morning before market for $4.45. Up nicely today. We'll see how this one works while I'm waiting for my options cash to clear.
  4. The music was absolutely outstanding and well-placed, especially (even though it was a cover) the brilliance of Alanis Morrissette's most under-appreciated masterpiece...
  5. I’m pissed put some more money in my TD acct last week and was trying to fill a 15k option order on the July 17 $25 strike. Cash still wasn’t available for options Friday. Seriously just cost me a boatload.
  6. “What did you think about, Ray?”
  7. DC and Philly are fucking nightmares during a heat wave. living in an oven for 3 months is the very definition of insanity.
  8. 104 with a 115 Heat Index in Hewitt/Woodway rt now.
  9. Just read on Twitter that they had a bunch of testing facilities, like 34 of them, claim 100% positive rates today. That’s pretty much statistically impossible, so I’d take whatever data they’re putting out with a grain of salt.
  10. But we’re not 10 degrees above average right now
  11. It’s barely even the largest geographically spread pandemic this century. Jesus dude
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