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  1. Low BA, huge OPS. Gold glove right fielder that is rated the 2nd best in baseball behind Mookie. Great clubhouse guy.
  2. Trey3216

    USMNT 2021

    I was there on Sunday night and there was quite the representation supporting the States. Kinda looked like...America
  3. Know how I know you don't drive a truck...
  4. What's the money line on you vs a pit bull? Not Jason Kidd's twin brother Pitbull...
  5. I believe I'll be in on this one
  6. 5.5% out of the money on a blowout quarter for a stock that has somehow managed to underperform the S&P 500 for the calendar year and is overcoming significant headwinds. It wasn’t a bad bet, and yes IV will dry up, but this thing could also jump 3% depending on FOMC news and run 1-2% up 3-4 days straight. You never know.
  7. Could bode well for me tomorrow. Not like I can trade options AH anyhow
  8. And now it’s down 2% AH. Looks like I’m the hare.
  9. Luckily I have 8 trading days to see some movement. APPL earnings were pretty damn solid, stock is up a little AH. We'll see what the open and the next few days hold. Glad I did get the next week expiry rather than this friday.
  10. I went bonkers and bought 100 next week expiry AAPL calls at the 155 strike. Their earnings are out after the bell today. I'm either getting fucked or getting an F-250
  11. Trey3216

    USMNT 2021

    I'm so fucking exhausted today. Didn't get back to Waco until almost 2 this morning from the game last night. Uggh.
  12. You ever watch the NBA??? And they’re allowed to use their hands
  13. I absolutely refuse to read e-books on my phone or iPad. I seem to retain about 1/4 of what I’m reading as opposed to reading an actual book.
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