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  1. I don’t really think they’re coaxing a bull-run either. I think the FED’s efforts are merely keeping the economy afloat, and I’m not sure the $5tn or so that we’re on now is enough to do it.
  2. It’s not so much political as it is fulfilling their actual role as lender of last resort.
  3. Even crazier than you were about The Last Jedi
  4. Takes a while for the smoke signals to reach Nova Scotia
  5. I figured you’d talk about the authorities celebrating your imprisonment, but they’re al mismo
  6. But are you in the New York groove?
  7. Hopefully one of these days, they’ll take the bat by the wings and admit how bad they fucked up. But I’d bet the Civet’s got their tongue.
  8. But what are they doing with all the chocolate milk trucks?
  9. Those will be the new Abbot Labs 15 minute rapid test.
  10. The Natural would be a good one right now. It’s on Epix rotation
  11. Good thing the water is sitting next to that window so it gets all fucked up from constant sunlight interaction
  12. Are her nails trimmed? For Zombie purposes....
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