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  1. Good idea, think I’ll hit em up tomorrow for a Shriners Hospital sponsorship and see what they say.
  2. Natty is keeping me up at night. Uggh.
  3. Just did mine. 10 on my left hand and 9.5 on my right. I do have a not well fixed boxer's fracture on my right hand though.
  4. Monica is high on my list as well.
  5. I'll add, off the top of my head: Ken Watanabe Christoph Waltz Vincent Cassel Alexander Siddig
  6. I’m with ya. I’m just saying it sucks in general. He died doing what he loved, which is a pretty badass way to go. Not fun to have a bunch of witnesses. I guess I just wouldn’t know what to do. if Willie does on stage, Especially in TX, I would hope he’d get a tear-soaked 3 hour standing ovation
  7. Damn. THat's terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if we see one of our native sons in the same situation sometime. I won't mention names, because it'll be a sad, sad day.
  8. This game’s awful. Back to the Breaking Bad marathon
  9. Trey3216

    Time to visit Waco

    It’s really phenomenal. Incredible story. His memorial here in Waco is a beautiful spot.
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