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  1. Just a simple song, but it’s words are true...
  2. Head would fit smoothly into South Austin’s mom
  3. Other than dogs, of course. Which is why we decided to share our food and our houses with them so they’d stop trying to kill us and they understood the social contract.
  4. I was hoping a rogue wave was gonna hit the beach and knock the other 2 over and drag them out for a leisurely swim in their home tank
  5. The Brazos is gonna be angry down river.
  6. I hear Tel Aviv is nice this time of year...
  7. Need one of those bug bomb bounce houses for the entire residence.
  8. Was gonna say that NE of Sudan is pretty much east of Earth, as in...it's like a whole other planet.
  9. Yeah. BTC looks like it’s gonna go straight to 40k. Look out of it breaks down from there
  10. The “Go get her, Ray” of economic theories.
  11. You could probably smell her through the internet.
  12. Michael Crichton was one of the most scientifically accurate authors of the last 50 years.
  13. First rule of emu fight club, dude. I’m glad NatGeo was around 65mm years ago to know for certain.
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