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  1. I was shocked at how bow-legged she is.
  2. We got a nice 20 minute downpour on my end of Hewitt and looking like we’ll get another lil dip here in a minute. My garden is like..
  3. <Lives in an area that would typically have had 20+ inches of rain at this point in the year, yet sees 8.75" officially so far this year. And is bitching that we need rain>
  4. Yep. Rain chances are...evaporating. Shit
  5. Yep. I also did a re-watch of the prequels since last Wednesday. Aside from Jar-Jar and and some of the terrible dialogue in AotC, they're actually fairly solid shows, especially RotS.
  6. So do Vic Mackey's ladyfriends
  7. Did a little 11.5# yesterday for a “supper club” the weekend after the 4th. Only sliced the chef’s check to see how it turned out then vacuum sealed and froze. 8 hour cook at 300, 2 hr rest and straight into the bag. Absolutely delicious
  8. Next time, make her a drink with some arsenic in it.
  9. More likely that she’s watching Pinterest/FB/IG and “listening” to baseball
  10. Apparently got some amount of rain in Hewitt last night. No idea when or how much, but it happened.
  11. Xi is FAFOing and realizes how badly he needs to feed his people
  12. I think I’m just going to take anything important out of my truck and leave it in the driveway with the windows down for the next few days. Hope I don’t find a hornets’ nest when I go to work next week
  13. and they're 'still loving you'
  14. It's mostly women who ask for separate checks. They're incapable of understanding "I'll get this round, and you get the next. and so on"
  15. Goats are gathering in masses Trippin' wires as they tresspassing Making orcs pay for their sins Putin crying in his drink Oh Lord yeah
  16. I water mine 2x/week and just keep the grass a little higher to hold in moisture at the root level a little better. Yard still looks good even if it is a bit dry.
  17. Getting bent over at high prices is much more profitable than getting bent over at low prices. That’s why your mom stopped doing cam work and went big time, remember?
  18. I usually drink 1/2 of some sort of electrolyte replacement drink everyday. I also cut way back on coffee and other stuff during the summers. I know I drink plenty of water (1.5-2 gallons/day). Cold beer just tastes so damn good during this time of year. 3-4/day during the summer tastes good but doesn’t help the hydration.
  19. I’m already getting to the heat fatigue portion of summer where I’m always tired and I’m dehydrated just because.
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