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  1. Left my M-I-L’s house at halftime. Just sat down and flip the game on and we’re down 8. W. T. F.?!
  2. We ever hear about the possible murder/suicide with Junior Miller?
  3. The grease fighting power of dish detergent does better than laundry detergent.
  4. “Menutaur” from Jack in the Crack. So terrible.
  5. Porzingis with a tidy 11 in the early going. Dude is dialed in now. Looks fully fluid and healthy.
  6. Which one is your grand daughter?
  7. Still ended up winning some $$. Now I’ll roll that into next weekend
  8. You were counting on rickie on the weekend to make you money? Well I’ve got JT as well
  9. Well, Fowler’s slide is costing me badly in DraftKings. Good Lord, I went from squarely in the money to out real quick
  10. Your ridiculous amount of angst is embarrassing.
  11. Ladies and Gents, someone here is suffering from immediacy syndrome. Good Lord dude, it’s been fine. That’s why it’s called a test flight.
  12. Just get drunk and then eat some sashimi for breakfast prior to fishing. Works every time.
  13. The sand in your vag on this thread seems highly problematic.
  14. Lol at the private boats getting that close to the capsule. I mean, I’d do the same thing if I was out on the water, but seriously.
  15. This is so badass being able to watch all of it in real-time. Just incredible
  16. Check your CashApp, I just sent $$.
  17. Had a 7:40 tee time this morning and it was, well, glorious golf weather for 8/1
  18. Could have been Malice the Most when you think about it. Go Gata.
  19. Trey3216

    2020 MLB thread

    Scott Miller needs to check his grammar.
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