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  1. Just read an article on Yahoo about the official that collapsed during the Gonzaga/USC game had a blood clot in his lung that he didn't know was there. Collapsing like that probably ended up saving the dude's life.
  2. Saw this pic from Mooreville (East of Bruceville-Eddy in Falls County) Hail about 8 inches deep
  3. Sumbitch just exploded. Impressive long track supercell
  4. Good. I’m tired of already having to water the yard in March/April. maybe my trees will actually start to bloom
  5. Yeah we got some nickel sized hail and a shit ton of desperately needed rain.
  6. Yep. Boban is the type of dude you want to be in your group floating the river.
  7. GIbson with 6innings of shutout ball and dropped his ERA to 7.11 and WHIP to 2.21
  8. Chill, Winston Just saw something that looked crazy and out of whack. Knew it didn’t smell right
  9. Looked at cmegroup and it doesn’t show on there. Not sure why I opened it up and saw those however.
  10. May have to change the title to "Is Deshaun Watson done in the NFL/Society??
  11. What the hell is going on in Natty lately? Range of $2-$3 for several days with what seems to be massive simultaneous trades at $2 and $3. That shit ain't healthy
  12. Yep. Even when Baylor played Villanova and were down 7 at halftime, I knew they'd win going away. The reason being, Baylor is so fast/physical/well-conditioned and plays with such defensive intensity that most teams they play get completely worn out by the 10 minute mark of the second half. The team just grinds you down and lets you take yourself out of the game. That's all about conditioning and philosophy. It's hard to convince kids to do that, but it's proven to work when they all buy into it.
  13. And if they played again today or tomorrow, Baylor is still going to be faster/stronger/better conditioned than Gonzaga. Few would definitely make adjustments, but Baylor would still pressure them to the brink and wear them down physically.
  14. Every program in the country has hired an AAU coach to try and lure a player. KU has done it multiple times. Baylor sponsored Hanmer Parea’s visa, which was legal at that point, and when he went to visit Indiana and said he wanted to go there an assistant said Baylor would stop sponsoring his visa. He was fired for it.
  15. Baylor still with energy. Gonna carry Gonzaga out like...
  16. Gonzaga is absolutely worn out. This game is over
  17. That’s where Baylor kills most teams is in the final 10 minutes. Gonzaga has already expended so much energy just trying to stay in the game that they’ll completely wear down.
  18. I guess H-E-B isn't open...again
  19. Marion County can get fucked if they pull that shit.
  20. I made a lot of money on it. Houston’s “great defense” was built against a paper ass schedule.
  21. Joey with a huge OPS. Trade him now!!! Lulz
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