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  1. No facts or details needed, no flowery bullshit or excuses needed. It's a big boy world where institutions look out for themselves, if others didn't... shame on them.
  2. Hmmm...back to back games against Texas and Oklahoma, Texas 77 aggy 0 Oklahoma 77 aggy 0 Doit.gif
  3. But... who's going to be daddy #1 now that they have so many?
  4. Shit I've been reading for days and I'm still about 80 pages behind... dayum...
  5. I had never noticed before how "downy" most aggy students look... especially the women.
  6. What in the blue ball fucking hell kind of drug are you doing? Meth? That post begs to be read at warps speed and made me dizzy. Other than that... very entertaining.
  7. Why do I have the overwhelming desire to kill everything that breathes? That's some mind warping crap.
  8. Maybe in year 11. I want the first 10 to absolutely destroy their psyche and delusional brained bullshit, heck 77-0 ten years in a row would be wonderful.
  9. If it does happen, and we are thrown back into the yearly Thanksgiving game, I think it would be a fitting pay back to beat them by 40 points for 10 years straight.... sweet, sweet aggy tears.
  10. Fuck flooding in China covid starting pieces of shit
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