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  1. Truth, that really surprised me when I heard that and had to go online to research it further. It's a bad combination when you mix narcissist/racist/small man syndrome into one person.
  2. In my ignorant opinion, defense is tripping over their weiner on cross examination of Dr. Smock
  3. SHOOTER12

    Getting old sucks

    Bunch of sweet rides on this page
  4. Well, I took a deep breath, clenched my teeth and went to texags to check out their thread on the trial. Good Lord that was sickening.
  5. Virgin here, but why is there a disparity in the number of strikes allowed?
  6. Somebody's kids need their disrespectful little asses torn up.
  7. Only if he really brakes, better to just slowly ease off the gas pedal....
  8. Should have moved up to the Eastside Mr. Jefferson
  9. SHOOTER12

    Getting old sucks

    That's good, if I have to get down on the floor... I'm out, takes an hour to get back up.
  10. SHOOTER12

    Getting old sucks

    Don't you have to get down on the floor to do yoga?
  11. Been craving some Lowake, hate that they moved. They were only a few miles from my daughters house. It was always a go to when we went to visit.
  12. Were you spitting on toilet paper at the same time?? If so, impressive, if not...no
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