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  1. PSA Fox sports is replaying a bunch of the Texas high school championship game from last year just watched Ennis versus cedar Park a few minutes ago now the Manville game is on against highland Park I guess...
  2. No...best case scenario is that Vandy kicks their ass also.
  3. Yes it is and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the one in Huntsville.
  4. I know 2 couples that are about to be taken.
  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, living in Oklahoma. Or running out of meth...no wait, that can't be right,, it's Oklahoma
  6. No, no, no, it's her Asian techs that do that for her, they're the best.
  7. Oh please little 8lb 6oz baby Jesus, let it be Vandy, let it be Vandy...
  8. The crunchy peanut butter doesn't hurt either.
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