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  1. There's one sure way to stop it. TBone them with your rear bumper a couple of times
  2. Linger? It goes through his drawers like hot grease through a screen door.
  3. Well to be fair, his fingers are going to stay fat no matter which post, or where he posts.
  4. The reason I asked about the vaccine business is because of what I read at secrunt earlier. Don’t you worry A&M IS HERE!!! (Covid treatment)Posted by Farmer1906 on 7/9/20 at 8:47 pm LINK quote: Scientsits from Texas A&M University, biopharmaceutical company Pulmotect and MD Anderson Cancer Center will be testing a lung inhalent drug that could provide short-term immunity against COVID-19. We may single handedly save the football season that we’re about to win. Someone needs to post over there and expose them for the embezzling bastards that they are. I've been trying to but I'm actually having to work today and it's screwing with my ability to post.
  5. Dammit this right here. I remember years ago when they first started doing that crap. Walked into a Lowes or whatever it was thinking WTH? I just want a 3/4" sheet of plywood. "Gee sorry sir".
  6. ...but, left sock or right sock?
  7. Wasn't aggy given millions and millions in the past to develop vaccines and never did squat?
  8. 100% what I believe. The beast has yet to fully raise it's ugly head.
  9. Dammit you know common sense, logical thought and consideration have no place in the world today. WassamattaU?
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