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  1. Y'all muthas need some Jesus up in heah...
  2. Getting tons of virus/unsafe site warnings, anyone else getting them?
  3. Dyson,OK Electrolux/Kirby... Fucking rip-off
  4. Doon no, if I ver wayk up enuff to figyur owt, eye'll let yuu no...
  5. Anyone, ANYONE, who tolerates their wife buying an Electrolux or Kirby vacuum cleaner needs to have their testicles severed and implanted where their brains should have been.
  6. No shit, I've always thought that was the epitome of cheesy
  7. Just stopped in to say fuck Von Miller, that is all...
  8. Two pounds of spicy chili, one pound of pinto beans, one dozen deviled eggs, stir fried cabbage with cajun seasoning and sausage. If I'm going out, I'm gonna take somebody with me.
  9. Shit, with some of your choices you bastards should have been executed a month ago without no last meal request..
  10. "freshly turned out"? WTF?, Is he a fresh hooker? You slavery trading bastard...
  11. Absolutely the thigh. Has better flavor, seems to take to spices better, all around awesomeness.
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