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  1. Man, Bono has really gone off the deep end.
  2. For the electric mowers out there - do the decks hold up well? They all seem to be made of plastic (at least on the EGO models). The metal deck on my 5-year old gas Honda looks like the shield of Leonidas. I can't help but think if it were plastic it would be completely busted all to hell at this point.
  3. Grasping at straws after 3 Wordle 331 6/6
  4. Fucking great movie. RIP.
  5. I'm in. I'll take Guest, McKean and Shearer over another superhero movie all day every day.
  6. Lee Greenwood looks like an AI-produced amalgam of Tim Roth and 1986 Phil Collins.
  7. Son of a bitch I need a drink after this one. Wordle 325 5/6
  8. The combination of the Einstein-Rosen bridge and the great white shark really ties the cranium together.
  9. I just shit in my pants and I didn't even eat these.
  10. Chewie looks like he's seen some shit.
  11. "I can understand why the bureaucrats on Capitol Hill want to silence me. But just exposing my naughty cock videos from way back in 2018 is just pitiful. I mean, that was all the way back when the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled, Aquaman was in the theaters, and the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl. Does anyone remember any of that stuff? I didn't think so."
  12. This lawsuit awkwardness could have been avoided had the 16 other guys taken Philip out on a chartered "Winner's Circle" Lake Ontario fishing excursion.
  13. Don't worry, they inducted Priest under a "musical excellence" category instead of as performers. Maiden will be inducted under a "melodic superiority" category when they are finally included in the HOF class of 2039.
  14. I could run down this geezer just after whipping a chimpanzee's or any large breed of dog's ass with my bare hands.
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