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  1. He had a motorcycle accident in '88 that probably accounts for some underlying conditions.
  2. I like the smashed paper towel tube that gets gently tossed right before he hits the door.
  3. I plan on telling my housekeeper the same thing when she can finally begin cleaning my house again.
  4. smuggs

    RIP Bill Withers

    Lovely Day is such a great song.
  5. The cow shit smell is masking the dead person smell. We need to send investigators to confirm.
  6. That is super hero-style shit right there. That guy is 100% badass.
  7. I've always wanted to be drawn and quartered at the World of Tennis, with my head put on a pike at Mansfield Dam and my testicles sent to be jarred and displayed at El Patio. Childhood dream of mine.
  8. I confirm all of my purchases are non-China with pre-sale DNA testing.
  9. Apparently with only a sunny day and $389.00 plus shipping and handling, I can have Jade's chili in a little under an hour. These sunoven guys drive a hard sell.
  10. smuggs

    Truck Nuts

    Get a 2019 with the 4.0 while they last. For 2020 they are dropping a new 3.8 V6 with the 9-speed from the Titan into it for a year to work out the kinks before the complete Frontier redesign for 2021. So the 2020 Frontier is a powertrain test mule, might be a shitshow. This is pretty cool - they bought a ~30K Frontier and turned it into a legit overlander for under 40K: https://www.fourwheeler.com/news/features/1912-nissans-destination-frontier-budget-overlander-overland-budget/
  11. Fountains of Wayne and The Smithereens are pretty much the center of my power pop universe. Both bands are now essentially toast. Fucking depressing. RIP.
  12. It was my understanding that cunt form will not peak for another 15-30 days.
  13. God damn it all anyway. Fuck this news.
  14. I've been to Guayaquil in June and needed assless chaps.
  15. There’s too much arguing over Covid death statistics and not enough tales of bearded homosexual frenching on this page.
  16. When I sneeze up in the place eh-yo you turn your heads, WU-HAN!!! I spread the viral death! I got that Covid shit that make you lose yo breath, WU-HAN!!! I spread the viral death! You know the markets 'round here they all be nice and wet, WU-HAN!!! I spread the viral death! So give me two boiled bats and fried pangolin neck, WU-HAN!!! I spread the viral death!
  17. The wet markets in Wuhuan are less moist than those in Wuhan, accounting for Wuhuan's lower urn-based estimates.
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