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  1. There's been a couple of shart instances in my life where given the opportunity I would have put a gun to a kid's head so that his mom would have promptly handed over the Charmin she just loaded in the trunk.
  2. On the Star Trek tip - Sam Donaldson’s toupee longevity is rivaled only by Shatner himself.
  3. Did you get a good look at what he’s wearing? Collared cape, shoulder pads, emblem crafted from gun parts... the only thing it’s missing is nipples.
  4. “Whackamole”. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing back here. thump,thump,thump,thump,thump...
  5. It was my understanding that the heart will go on.
  6. Yeah I hear ya. I just favor the type of Batman that's less emo ninja and more put your cranium through a wall. A la Frank Miller.
  7. Yeah, but main stream radio made sure that the majority of Americans ate a steady diet of MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and fucking Whoomp There It Is. It's a wash, really.
  8. So this super-chinned Batman weighs 160 pounds and wears a techno armor suit with shoulder pads and a popped collar? Christ my jockeys can barely contain my boner right now.
  9. His body has become a vessel of Classyalabolas - the dog griffin 25th Spirit of Salomon and Earl of Manslaughter.
  10. Gang Starr is so fucking great. RIP Guru.
  11. Las Vegas show me love up in the Klob. Charleston show me love up in the Klob.
  12. Ah yes, treat your cherished family pet to a meal that will remind them of when they once roamed the lonely garbage-strewn alleys, scouring the urine filled gutters for a diseased bird carcass.
  13. This would get you thrown right out of the Banquet board room. Do better.
  14. When there's an obvious single line servicing multiple self checkout stations, and some clueless sack-lick walks up to stand at an individual checkout station as if he/she is going to wait in line there. This isn't Vietnam, there are rules. Get in the single line and go to the first station that becomes available, genius.
  15. I believe what Shank is enjoying there is the equally legendary "Salinasbury" Steak.
  16. I mean it was invented by Dr. James Salisbury, right here in the United States of America. The man who believed that a diet rife with beef and devoid of fruits and vegetables was the path to a long healthy life. Are we going to split hairs here?
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