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  1. I'll stick with the Trojan brand, thanks.
  2. North Ft Worth to the major network transmission sites in Cedar Hill is about 30 miles line of sight. Antenna is rated at about 50 miles if placed at least 10 ft above ground. https://www.channelmaster.com/TV-Channels-a/394.htm#zip=76131&city=fort-worth&state=tx this was the "antenna" I tried initially, just to see if I could get anything ... tv scanner picked up about 40 channels
  3. Installed this small OTA antenna purchased from Walmart in the attic, pointed toward Cedar Hill (south Dallas). Digital scan yielded seventy-something hits ... a lot of religious and Hispanic programming, but still about 20 stations with decent programming. HD picture reception from the network stations and PBS is awesome. Also installed an in-line signal amp to feed the four TV's in the house.
  4. So forget all that you see It's not reality It's just a fantasy Can't you see what this crazy life is doing to me? Yeah Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?
  5. Moral compass or history lesson? It will be interesting to see if "What starts here changes the world" is more than just a catchy phrase.
  6. I knew the building as the "PMA" (Physics/Math/Astronomy) during my undergrad years (1972-1975) ... don't really know when it was changed to RLM.
  7. interesting read ... https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759 ... comments are worth reading, also.
  8. Set up for some single mom looking for her baby daddy ...
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