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  1. That was my guess for cause when 28 was announced.
  2. Never mind I see they reinstated park hoppers 3 months ago.
  3. There is no park hopping allowed presently(park hopping may never return as the park reservation policy has been extended into 2022) You also have to make a reservation in your My Disney Experience portal for the park you'll be going to that day. It appears Disney has found a way to get people like me to buy tickets months in advance instead making room only reservations and buying tickets a few days before arrival as you can't make park reservations without valid tickets for all members of your party. Things are always easier mixing in some uber/Minnie Van rides.
  4. I'm guessing is was the '77 polar vortex? I was in elementary school in the Cleveland area that year. Hit -17 and stayed below 0 degrees F for 17 days straight. Have the same Austin 2011 as well. Weathered it at a friend's villa at Barton Creek Resort.
  5. All my neighbors put their tarps on in late October. No idea if they drain them.
  6. Get on a pool forum and ask people up north what they do.
  7. Frostline is practically nonexistent so waterlines are a foot deep at most.
  8. If you have an air compressor blow out the lines for peace of mind. But sprinkler winterization isn't that necessary. You aren't facing weeks in a row below freezing for the cold to get that far under the top soil.
  9. Just leave water dripping at a steady rate.
  10. AeroPress We still use the kcup machine to heat the water for using the Aeropress.
  11. The Lincoln Project will put it on an endless loop.
  12. The beauty of staying at Pop Century is with how many rooms there are there is a bus to every park roughly every 10 minutes. If it is just the kids and myself, we'll be in the parks all day and all the room is for is us to shower and sleep we stay at the Pop for bus service. Now we do supplement that with a few taxi/uber/MinnieVan rides for convenience when needed. Town car service from MCO to the Pop does earn you some looks. Best thing about being on property is checking your bags in at the resort on departure day for your return flight, hitting a park, and then using a car service to
  13. I took out a 220 double wall ovens and replaced it with a gas range. The contractor spilt the 220.
  14. Install grow lights for your cannabis operation? EDIT- cactusflinthead beat me to it.
  15. I don't want to jump the gun but how good is your title insurance?
  16. I'm a fan of them. Whatever could fail did and got repaired. I've got a few items from a4l.
  17. That flight wasn't on there when I checked 90 minutes ago.
  18. Good chance since he played at USC while Sark was there.
  19. I'm actually surprised there aren't more Bud Foster/Brent Venables types with modern coordinator pay. Getting what was HC money 10 years ago with no HC headaches seems like a damn good gig.
  20. So, an NFLer whose season ended over the weekend?
  21. The last ones to do so have books of the bible in their name.
  22. Get counseling and find a support group that can relate to pain and what it takes to move forward. Get your younger girl counseling as well. Prayers sent.
  23. Pretty sure that plane was near Urban on the West Coast during Urbanmania.
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