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  1. We don't do that anymore but I can assure you they were "perfect" calls. The best calls. Very beautiful calls.
  2. He is probably checking to see if the Russian hackers are set up yet to change votes in the voting machines so he wins the election. I am guessing he is telling Putin to rig it so he wins every state and that 95% of the votes go to him or something unreal to feed his ego.
  3. I am not sure I agree with this. Yes there are a lot of people like this but I also think there are a lot of naïve people that watch Fox and believe it is the truth. I have a guy a work with from Indiana. Watches Fox all day long. Real religious church kind of guy. Doesn't drink, smoke or curse ever but nice guy. He watches this stuff and believes the all the big cities are war zones now and it's all because of the D leadership letting it happen and groups like ANTIFA. Maybe he is racist as I haven't had that conversation with him yet but I think there are people that watch this stuff and assume its real and think all the other channels are reporting it also in the same way.
  4. I have posted before about Fox News being a big part of the problem in this country but this morning I put on CNN to see the top story at 8am and it was about the huge spike of Covid cases in TX, FL, AZ and interviews with doctors from those areas stating the hospitals are getting filled up and they are slammed right now. I switch to MSNBC and it is the same story but they are interviewing different doctors. I decided to see what good old Fox News is reporting as the top story and it is all about the civil unrest in this country and how crime is up in the cities, "run by Democrats" and those cities are falling apart and even a baby was just murdered by these bad people. If you watch Fox News you literally are living in a different reality. I find it interesting as I would think anybody with any semblance of intelligence could see their broadcast and realize it is just political propaganda to scare its viewers into how bad the Democrats are and how their leadership is ruining the major cities and will soon ruin their small towns also. It would be like if a hurricane was about to hit the gulf coast and all the stations are telling people to evacuate and Fox is sitting there telling people don't leave or Antifa will loot your home. It is criminal and sad.
  5. Trump would be more likely to add Eminem to his ticket than Kanye. At least Eminem is white.
  6. So I was thinking of upgrading my wedges. I have a Cleveland sand wedge (56) that is probably 20 years old and a Cleveland lob wedge (60) that is like 5 years old. I have been reading how important the wedges are and thought I would maybe lose the sand wedge I have and get a newer one along with something else to go with the lob wedge (or replace the lob wedge). My PW is part of my current irons set (Taylor Made M4's and I like that club). Thinking of doing the "fitting" thing also just for the wedges like I did with my irons. Any recs on brands of wedge to look at or what loft is best to have in the bag?
  7. Well that is because everyone knows that 1+1= Trump is the Bestest President ever.
  8. So is Jobu stronger than Jesus? I know he hits the curve ball better but not sure about Keeping the Covid away.
  9. Thanks and she is fairly better already. Had a fever, got tested and it came back positive. Her fever was gone the next day and she felt better but she is still quarantining for the next 2 weeks to be safe. One of her roommates also tested positive while the other tested negative (guessing she will test positive in the next week most likely).
  10. I just had a conversation with a neighbor and they are not taking any precautions when it comes to Covid 19 because, in their words, they prey and know Jesus will protect them. It's good to know that nobody who prays to Jesus has gotten Covid or died from it yet. I must have missed that news article. All I could do was smile, say good luck, and walk away. Meanwhile, my niece at UT just got diagnosed with it this week and she wears a mask when out, social distances and really only goes to the grocery store. Guess she didn't pray enough.
  11. I would bring back Adam Yauch for Kanye West so I could hear what the Beastie Boys would still be coming up with.
  12. It was quite telling. I am shocked they didn’t boo when he mentioned the abolition of slavery.
  13. I thought this was President Trump’s rally but I think I turned on Drunk History instead.
  14. I bet if he was asked to turn around and point out which President is which he would get 2 out of 4, maybe.
  15. You can look at those 3 states but you won’t like what you see. All will be Red again. The Dems need the Blue Wall in WI/MI/PA to come back and then tack on AZ, CO, NC and I believe that would do it but you need a mathematics degree to figure out the electoral college in this country or at least 3/5ths of a degree.
  16. I was thinking "bs" was for "blood and soil" but we can go with yours this time.
  17. I love the last line of the article with the quote from Larry David. Larry David added, “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are. One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.”
  18. This. Go to foxnews.com and try and find this story. I couldn’t but I did see that Biden apparently doesn’t have the stamina or brains to be President. Fox News is propaganda not news. Until that gets fixed the country is hosed.
  19. This is the absolute fucking truth. How long until we hear, "well the soldiers wouldn't even be over there if it weren't for Obama/Bush". I wonder if any of the soldiers that died because of this have family members like parents or spouses that can go on tv and ask the question of why did the President allow this to happen. That is what the news reporters should be trying to find right now.
  20. I think it’s obvious the lone warrior refers to Draymond Green. Curry and Thompson are injured and Durant went to the Nets. Trump is just excited the NBA is coming back in July. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. As a Pats fan, this is a fantastic deal. I really never liked Newton all that much and he is probably shot but if there is a 10% chance he can still be a solid QB and they are paying him a 1 year minimum salary deal there is no downside. There is like a 10% chance he will be good but if he ends up in the 90% chance he is done as a player it didn’t cost much salary cap wise and they will just cut him in training camp ala Chad Johnson and just like every other big name veteran they bring in every year. That being said there may not even be a NFL season so who knows.
  22. He is too much of a wimp to really start a war with Iran or any big country. I would think a war with some Caribbean island is more likely. His followers will eat that up the same way. USA-1, Barbados-0.
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