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  1. Of course some rich dude hosts a dinner at DCC and now thinks he can stick the coach with the bill. Fuck right off.
  2. He should’ve claimed being homeless, he would not have missed a single practice and gotten a new hotel room.
  3. With Johny Sharp calling the shots, no one will be able to read or make sense of those books. He can cook'em with the best of'em.
  4. Hell yes, Sullivan has been an incredible addition. OTOH #9 looks to have a solid beard.
  5. Damn, he looks just as bad as Roach & Ketch but on the other side of the appearance spectrum.
  6. He's really struggling and does not look confident. I was surprised to see him be sent back out for the 7th.
  7. He was on a dead sprint but could not get there, one hop off the wall for a double. Rice announcer is awful, called it a blooper.
  8. Most aggys will not deny this, they just don't care and believe PV should be grateful for what "we give'em".
  9. Prarie View being under the thumb of aggie is an example of everything wrong with public, higher learning system.
  10. Parking will be the only challenge you have for a sb/bb day. Softball games under White are actually fun.
  11. Filthy fastball that he can hit at the bottom of the zone, promising start.
  12. Having a smart center will do wonders for our OL imo. Junior will benefit from this most as he has not proven to be a smart player.
  13. Nope. We hit a roller to 1st, she throws home for 1st out. Catcher fake throws to 1st and looks to third where JJ had fallen for it and could not get back to 3rd in time, out #2. Then somehow the hitter ran off the field and that automatically makes her out #3. Not sure how that hitter thought she was out at 1st.
  14. @21 min, you could hear him snoring as he's breathing. Dude has serious health issues.
  15. I think they will be by the time the conference tournament comes around. Outside of Cruz(SS), they don't have an elite talent but they will be a solid team.
  16. They had plenty of tickets available at the gate yesterday, dunno about today/tomorrow.
  17. Oh jesus christ, the buckeye meathead has to try to have the last word. Fuck off.
  18. Nah, nope. We did not look pretty good. Everything went right for them until that point but we did not look good. Zubia was showing real struggles vs any decent pitcher, his at bats today were solid. Our approach at the plate was solid, we did not look lost on the bases or on defense. Our pitchers were throwing strikes and when they missed, it was not a circus behind the plate. This team carries itself different. Kenedy looked out of it today, we need him back to the confident beast he was last year.
  19. This team through 1 game looks much better than what we fielded last year. Having a closer who throws strikes and is aggressive going after hitters is also great to see.
  20. Yep, Antonio is who I was talking about. TY.
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