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  1. Perhaps but after last year, I think the players will be ready. We know Saban is not speep walking into this one.
  2. Yeah, the political reporter from the NYT did not appreciate a question on mask best practices. This fucking guy asked Leach if he was making a "po....some kind of statement", then admits he does his best with a basic amazon mask. Guessing he knows that will not stop a fart in the wind from getting to his soul, WTF.
  3. Well hello! Who does Nahlin threaten to fight first?
  4. I see we have not offered, never quite heard his name as a target either. Great offer list so it must be that we simply did not see him as a take.
  5. We do IMO but your point is valid, there is 4 years of OL data points that fall on our HC. Tom seems to be exactly what we've seen here with very little progression and maturation as a HC.
  6. Well, we're clearly going to see this fucker on Saturday. Gary does not play school, he hides behind that private wall.
  7. Wager on aggy? Calm down you lunatic, these are opinions.
  8. Anyone know where I can find good frog legs in CTX? Planning on frog tacos for our tailgate, I mean pregame on'ish campus meal.
  9. I refuse to believe Junior & Okafor are the best we can do at Guard until I see the others.
  10. Before this nohomo'boner gets out of control, let's see a few more weeks of ball. My hope is bama & FL break their spirit because those should be some LOS beatdowns. If Leach delivers a win then let's fucking party.
  11. Cole's game seems to be "shaky". We need him to be the stud #1 he's been the last few years.
  12. Man, LSU looks like shit. They can and will improve but they should have lost by 40 to Leach, State is not elite. Pig, SC & Ole Miss are wins IMO. MSST, Auburn, LSU & Tenn are tossups IMO. Likely losses to bama & FL.
  13. I'd love nothing more than for them to go 1-9 but I think 6(7 as the ceiling, with a floor of 5). Bama L FL L MSST L ARK W SC W TENN W MISS W LSU W AU L
  14. This is all going according to plan, now we need them to go 6-4.
  15. Shaka being our coach is not defensible, he's been awful at being at the job he was hired to do.
  16. Wait, Shaka just promoted the guy in charge of cleaning the floor after practice the last 4 years?
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