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  1. I assumed numbers matching at the number you mentioned. I would still be interested but at less than that. If they look to sell the group and you still want the Coronet, I may be interested in throwing out a package number if I could get more info.
  2. It would probably take a package offer to get it done. Estates don’t typically want to sell them individually. After further thought, I might be interested in a package offer and you can buy the Coronet out of it if they are interested and they all check out.
  3. Might have an interest in that GTX if you get back in the door with them depending on specifics about it.
  4. Damnit, going to have to keep an eye on this one. I never realized what a racquet Mecum is. I registered to bid in the upcoming Muscle Car City auction and it’s a $200 bidder fee and a 12% buyer’s premium. There are a couple of Chevelles I’m keeping my eye on.
  5. Brew

    Golf Cart Mods

    Not a swap, but we bought a new cart with lithium batteries. It’s night and day different than regular batteries. Zero maintenance, more power, ability to charge at any charge level without damaging batteries, etc have been a significant improvement. The charger is different, but I think it was about $300 for an extra charger so the price of them isn’t bad.
  6. ERC has been opened up for PPP participants. That could be sizable credit numbers depending on the timing of PPP funding for some of you. It’s a colossal pain in the ass the way they have done it, but what isn’t with any of the tax laws the last 10 months.
  7. I cannot recommend enough getting a Jeep and doing Arches/Canyonlands that way with kids. Most of the hikes at Arches are short and you can see them from any vehicle. However, it’s nice to just be able to cut off down a trail and see where you end up. The maps are well marked and the rental places give you a lot of information on where you can and can’t go.
  8. Using Park City as a base camp will be pretty well impossible unless you are going to just drive out for an overnight stay in different areas a couple of times. It would also be worth it to split it up and spend 2-3 days or so there and 3-4 days park hopping. With kids that age, you could easily do Arches/Canyonlands out of Moab or Zion/Bryce out of somewhere in that area. I preferred the Moab area myself, but that was just because it had been on my list for a long-time to rent a Jeep and go trail riding there.
  9. Shorter wheelbase negatively affects towing. I’m not looking for several feet shorter, but the 6 inches or so they have grown over the last 5-10 years feels like more than it measures out to be. Let me see what one looks like with a little less room in the back seat and/or a shorter bed and if I give up 1000 pounds of towing capacity I’ll survive. Checked the towing numbers and the regular cab has a higher towing capacity than the super cab.
  10. I run a lot of highway miles (30k+ a year on each of our vehicles) and still have to visit Memphis/Nashville somewhat regularly for work. I’m not having to mess with parking garages much any more, so the 3rd time may be the charm. I do wish they made a shorter wheelbase version.
  11. Such a strange sequence of events. Did the guy driving jump out when the boat broke loose without the SUV in park? It seemed to be going too fast for that though.
  12. I don't know how he deals with parking it. Talk about a land yacht. F350 dually with quad cab and long bed. The last two times I’ve traded, I’ve walked in with a plan to buy an F250 and walked out with another F150. The new ones are just too long for everyday use where I still have to drive on occasion.
  13. A cabinet full of bottles and as usual I’m drinking High West Ryes (Double and Rendezvous). I’m not sure when the last time I finished a different bottle was, but I know I’ve finished a couple of these the last few weeks. Something about them keeps me going back to them. I could have saved a ton of money by just being only these.
  14. I didn’t even think about there being 2 models, but it was definitely the Sport. It had the slanted rear side window and looked like the new Defender. I’ll keep an open mind until I see the larger one. I have an order on a low optioned 2 door still.
  15. The Old Ezra, Rebel Yell, and Evan Williams. Several of the others are still unopened,’so I probably need to slow down my buying and increase my drinking
  16. Have 7 of the 10 currently in the cabinet, we may have similar “cheap” bourbon tastes.
  17. Are they in dealers. Yes and no. This was the dealer demo, so they had 1 four door model that was pretty well optioned out for street use. In the 4 door model with regular street tires, it just seemed like another 4 door boxy SUV.
  18. Damn that is a lot of concrete. For those that live in rainy environments, building a pool during that time period royally sucks. My builder has made one hell of a mess of what was a pretty nice tract. I told him last week I wished I would have fenced in a small backyard area they had to work within instead of them just going wherever they wanted. They should drain the mud puddle in the next week and put the finish on and install travertine. Then I get to figure out the cost of repairing their mess.
  19. Looked at a 4 door Bronco this weekend, definitely didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. They did not have a 2 door, so we’ll see what that one looks like
  20. If you don’t come up with a bottle, PM me your address and I’ll send you one. You can return something of your choice. I bought several to have for client gifts. Walked in today and they had the big bottles of ER and BT out, so stocked up on them, some EHT SB, an Antique, and a few other things. They had a couple of the Angels Envy Cask Strength out but I couldn’t pull the trigger on it. If anyone is interested in trying Marianne Eaves new bourbon Sweetens Cove, it is on the shelf now also. Bought one of the original releases last spring and it is a solid bourbon although pricey.
  21. Legislation getting voted on includes making PPP related expenses deductible essentially making the PPP funds nontaxable. It’s a boon for those businesses that ended the year up and also needed relief for those that didn’t.
  22. Watched Ava, it wasn’t horrible. I’ll watch anything with Malkovich. Also watched Old Guard, thought it was reasonably decent for a movie on Netflix.
  23. Today it’s taxable, tomorrow who knows. The current legislation being batted around has it corrected to non taxable but that specific piece has been in discussion since May. It will eventually get changed to non taxable I believe, but it makes tax planning a bitch right now.
  24. I stopped in a new liquor store the other day that I haven’t been in. Looked behind the counter and he had bottles of Birthday Bourbon, the full selection of Weller varieties, a number of BTAC bottles, etc all sitting in the case. I walked up and asked for pricing and this jackass said it was his personal collection he was keeping on display in his store. It was sitting right behind the counter where most people put things they are selling at a premium. When you got closer you could see several were missing small amounts. Guess I’m going to have to buy a liquor store if I want any selection go
  25. In one of my finer moments as a dumbass teenager, I funneled Jack Daniels with beer chasers. Up until that point I drank JD like water pretty much daily. Now it makes me sick to smell it. The rest of that night I have zero recollection of still comes up when we all get together.
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