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  1. I just saw this on the news. What the hell did he ever accomplish in Houston? Laughable.
  2. I know the sound he's talking about though. It's like a low buzzsaw. Only the big planes seem to make it.
  3. I think it’s because the heavys use high bypass turbofans. I should let an actual pilot answer but that’s my guess.
  4. I like Niko’s Wings. That guy uses the hell out of his Cirrus.
  5. We have quite a few mullet floating in our canal at Tiki Island. Haven't seen any real fish. Kidding.
  6. Every time I walk out of the bedroom with it, my wife probably wonders "is this it?"
  7. Joey Farah posted a picture of a 30.5 in 10lber he found. Also some video of dead trout on the bottom. He really blames barge traffic for a lot of the devastation. I've also seen lots of pictures of dead tarpon and snook. It's just stomach turning.
  8. And the only easy day was yesterday......😀
  9. Generally no. I saw a cow well over ten years ago on our place to the south and then we had an orphaned calf hanging out with the cows on a different property. I'm really surprised we don't encounter more because everybody else around us seems to have them. Maybe we just don't see them.
  10. The cold killed a bunch of Nilgai in South Texas as well. They’re pretty much a nuisance animal except for hunting income they generate.
  11. I currently have one on my bedside FN509 Tactical but I’m really concerned that it takes me a couple seconds to find the dot when I bring it up. Of course it looks great but if it slows me down at all, it probably needs to go. Maybe I’ll put it on top of my Elcan.
  12. I thought I was the only dork that watched him.
  13. I used mine every meal for four days. We're not fucking around any more. We're going the whole home generator route. We've kicked it around for a couple of years (mainly for hurricanes) but this last experience put us over the top. Kohler guy is coming over today to do a site survey.
  14. Me too. I can fillet 10 trout in the same amount of time it takes me to do justice to one redfish. I throw those carp back.
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