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  1. I've eaten corn dogs one day a year for the last 35 years (and when we played SMU that one time). Guess I'll be hitting up Sonic this week.
  2. Cancel the whole season. Stop stringing us along.
  3. Lat22


    Did any of y'alls grandfathers call you "grandson" every time?
  4. Damn. Guess he hung it up for good today. Goodnight planet earth. God Bless.
  5. Damn. There's just one kind of man that you can trust, that's a dead man. Or a gringo like me.
  6. Acevedo needs to be fired. Will he be? Of course not.
  7. I find it hard to believe that Harley would have a single friend or ally in the entire fleet. Does that cocksucker ever find crab without potlicking off of somebody else?
  8. Better get here before November or nobody will care.
  9. Is there a tennis player in the household?
  10. Me too. I do a sock purge about once a year and replace with 10 pairs of the identical sock. That worked great for me until I bought a three pack of "boot socks" that were foot specific. All I get now are LL, RR, LL, RR.
  11. I never have an R and an L when I pull them out of my drawer.
  12. Lat22

    Benny Mardones - RIP

    She's just 16 years old, leave her alone, they said.........
  13. Jeez. How hard is it to leave out "Chinese"? He should have said zombies or sleestaks.
  14. It's a South Texas thing. They want to get you in the store to buy a taco.
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