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  1. I’d also like to see the discharge numbers.
  2. I could attend another 1000 years of Texas football games and nothing will come to that night in Pasadena.
  3. Lat22

    Tiger King

    She reminds me of this lady named Hillary.
  4. She has to be waiting out a non compete.
  5. Lat22

    Tiger King

    He's using his code name.
  6. For God and Country-Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo.
  7. Lat22

    Tiger King

    You can't find that taste in a zoo.
  8. Lat22

    Tiger King

    This show definitely needed it's on thread. It's waaaaaay too entertaining to be buried on the Netflix thread. Hey Kitty Kitty, I Saw Tigers, etc. His music is actually better than most of the Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line bullshit that's out there.
  9. Just as legal as the government shutting down businesses and telling us we can't leave our homes.
  10. Mine came back in 34 days. Couldn't believe it.
  11. As if my aging soft ass could put a burning slug into a cute little raccoon. FML.
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