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  1. So I guess I’m saying “muledick” out loud next time I’m at Primary Arms.
  2. https://www.primaryarms.com/?fragment=/primary-arms-4-14x44mm-riflescope-mil-dot-pa4-14xffp https://www.primaryarms.com/?fragment=/primary-arms-1-6x24-sfp-rifle-scope-gen-3-illuminated-kiss-reticle Also bought an ATN X Sight and a Trijicon Accupower but those don’t count.
  3. Malcolm needs to keep his mouth shut. I'd ground him.
  4. Nah. They can do much better than that.
  5. He needs to go today. There’s no reason to drag it out.
  6. You’re destroying the narrative!!!!
  7. That’s disconcerting. I bought several Primary Arms scopes this past year.
  8. Bunch of "The Crown" watching MFers up in here.
  9. That's it. I'm going to have to yell "muledick" every time I go out to eat until I find you.
  10. That was one hell of an IROC race on Saturday. just kidding. I don’t remember a damn thing about it.
  11. If I left right this minute, it would be too dark by the time I got to the ranch. Buck season is officially over. 😩
  12. Who cares where he goes? He’s average at best. Nobody overhypes quarterbacks more than the city of Houston.
  13. [Randy from South Park] You know it but you don’t think you should say it. [/Randy from South Park]
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