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  1. I disagree that it improves the taste. It changes it for sure, but doesn't improve it for me.
  2. Then you're going to lose. You only get one chance to be slower than the other guy.
  3. I've never had a whitewing react to a mojo. Hawks on the other hand.....
  4. You want me to expound on "wage war in the most heinous way imaginable"? I said "go for it". End of story.
  5. I don't believe one bit of it. It has to be prearranged between the boats. With tens of thousands of dollars on the line, there would be massive fist fights back at the dock. Pull up next to a wade fisherman in any bay Texas sometime and see how that works out for you.
  6. I’ll be watching two hockey games in Lubbock.
  7. My 24ft Pathfinder belonged to a roofer before he traded after 60 hours for something bigger. It has radar and an autopilot. Lol.
  8. And JV makes $33 million next season.
  9. I’ve always hated Glocks. That’s why I only have four of them.
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