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  1. TXST completes the hard-fought sweep of Louisiana, now at 41-11 (tied for school record) and 24-4 in SunBelt. Really hoping to be able to catch the Cats in a regional game. Fingers crossed for #2 seed in College Station.
  2. Quality shade from the social media team:
  3. After how anemic we looked starting 7-9, we're now 3 games ahead of the best Astros squad ever (2019). Amazing to think it's primarily due to our other-wordly starting pitching. I have to give a little credit to my Dad, a huge, lifelong Astros fan. A player doesn't really start performing up to his potential until my Dad declares he's "done" with them and doesn't ever want to see them take the field again. He said it for Tucker 2 years ago and did it for Odorizzi earlier this season. Just need to coax him into saying he's done with Yuli and he'll end up .270/.380/.450 with 30 HR.
  4. "Not where you wanna throw Yordan a 93 mph fastball" - Captain Obvious
  5. I hadn't heard this was happening. Great news. I always miss their pop-ups. Have they announced a location yet? I just checked their IG page and it looks they bought a property described as "a few minutes from downtown and few minutes from White Oak Music Hall". So I'm guessing somewhere over East of 45.
  6. Tyson Cole staying busy in Houston. Uchiko opens up over in the Galleria a little less than 2 weeks from now.
  7. Good chunk of the country getting hit with much higher than average temps this week. Gonna be hotter in Minneapolis than Phoenix on Thursday.
  8. No doubt about it, it's full-on pool season. Jumped in both Saturday and Sunday. Water temp went up from 82 on Saturday to 86 yesterday. Was 79 last Saturday. 2nd Week of May and the water's already at "refreshing for now, but trending towards warm"
  9. Looks like we get a very minor reprieve later this week. Should be fairly pleasant in the evenings and early mornings later this week, but it'll be back to blazing hot by Sunday and looks to continue all the way through Memorial Day.
  10. Bobcats sweep ULM to go 4-0 on the week. 38-11 on the season. Big series coming up against Louisiana. Sunbelt Conference race is pretty tight with 2 weekends left. TXST 20-4 GA Southern 18-6 Louisiana 17-7
  11. Definitely worth getting a wireless controller. The joy-cons that attach to the system are great for playing mobile, but when you've got it docked to a TV, it's much better to play with a traditional controller. The "official" one costs $69, but you can get a perfectly good knock off for $25 on Amazon. I have the one linked below. https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Controller-Wireless-Gamepad-Joystick/dp/B086YHLK58/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3C2M0VA89B6J4&keywords=nolansend+switch+controller&qid=1651858375&sprefix=nolansend+switch+controller%2Caps%2C105&sr=8-3
  12. Bingo. They put a lot of money into the place. It's got a ton of nice outdoor seating, family friendly, usually a variety of food trucks on site...etc. The beers are very meh outside of their standard ESB. GH runs circles around them as far as what goes in the glass.
  13. Don't sit there and pimp a double off the wall and turn it into a single.
  14. Social media manager got a cement mixer thrown his way and didn't miss.
  15. New Spirit Adrift single! I don't know of a band out there doing a better modern take on classic 80's metal.
  16. We built new 2 years ago and just have the company that installed them come out once a year to check everything. Tuneups are really more of a professional checkup to make sure everything's in working order and let you know ahead of time if something needs replacing, if refrigerant levels are low, how close an older unit is to finally crapping out... A lot better to detect problems and get them handled before your AC dies in the middle of a heatwave and you have to get a hotel room or run out and buy a window unit.
  17. Splitting the year living between Colorado (May-October) and Texas is really something I'd like to make happen at some point.
  18. I started last year's as well. At least last year we got to wait until June. We're a month ahead of schedule. Furk.
  19. Thanks, thought so, just wanted to confirm before buying.
  20. It's already time. Ugh. Mid to high 90's this weekend pretty much everywhere in Texas, and highs stay in the low 90's through the rest of the extended forecast. So long Spring, we hardly knew ye. Get your AC tuned up if you haven't already. Electric bills bout to suuuuuuuck.
  21. Planning to catch the day game tomorrow, someone remind me, where does the sun shine at MMP from 1-4?
  22. https://www.mlb.com/astros/news/jake-odorizzi-s-talk-with-justin-verlander-helps-turn-season-around
  23. The proliferation of bars and breweries on Wakefield has now spread to Judiway. There's a new "neighborhood patio bar" called The Canary under construction behind Walking Stick, next door to Bayou City Crossfit. https://www.instagram.com/thecanaryhou/
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