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  1. Agree with all of this. Bucky has needed reining in for quite some time. He often interrupts Erin with some uninformative comment or tangent, and Erin never gets back to the point he was trying to make. He's still funny at times, but his best radio years are well behind him. Someone said it earlier, but I think they should move Rod to the morning with Erin. Some folks don't like Rod, but the dude is constantly doing his homework and comes to his show well-prepared. I think he and Erin would crush it in the morning. And while I don't listen to much late-morning/mid-day radio, I like Craig and Jeff. They don't bring any comedic relief, but if you want to listen to a few guys talking really good sports, they do a great job, especially when it comes to Longhorn sports and recruiting and high school sports. And Craig is still one of the best in his profession.
  2. So they didn't have cable or internet in the hospital?
  3. I'm convinced that chips and salsa are one of the Top 5 reasons we have become a nation of fatties.
  4. Reminds me of that time I landed in Newark.
  5. Daily Texan: For all your dryer vent and plumbing needs.
  6. Recipe please. And where do you find the kraut in Central Market (North Lamar location is my hood)?
  7. It’s not like it’s going to be hard for the Russians to bork Surly.
  8. Where were you in 2001-2004, and did they have cable or the internet?
  9. I'll admit that I never thought Priest would have a great NFL career. My first year at Texas was his junior year, and while he had a pretty good season (524 yards and 5 TD), I don't remember his performance screaming NFL career to me. His Nebraska game is of course an unforgettable part of Longhorn lore, but he hadn't done that much all season having to play sparingly behind Shon Mitchell and Ricky Williams (he did score 13 TDs, but most of that was short yardage or garbage time). I do remember him running for 1,000 yards for the Ravens and thought he'd find a roster spot for the next few years. But I didn't foresee his dominant run from 2001 to 2004 (I'm counting 2004 even though it was cut short by injury, because he still scored 14 TDs that year).
  10. It's not when it ends, it's how much you've been drinking all day and throughout the game. And my character doesn't need any more building.
  11. Pretty shocking that a stripper would go down that road.
  12. It’s like he doesn’t have an eye for it.
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