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  1. I dig Haim, but does she have much acting experience? I know she’s done some TV writing.
  2. I just want a win and a healthy Longhorn team heading into OU, however we can get that.
  3. True. After the N.C. State debacle to open the 1999 season, Mack's special teams were pretty stout.
  4. Wow. Arkansas held aggy to 10 points and 272 total yards, and they "never stopped" them.
  5. Mack Brown owes a few of his Texas seasons to his kickers. He had a pretty great run at the position. Kris Stockton, David Pino, Ryan Bailey, Justin Tucker, and Hunter Lawrence all won some big games for Mack.
  6. Easy there, cowboy. I'm hopeful after thrashing Tech at home, but I just don't see a Gary Patterson team giving up 50 points to Texas in Fort Worth.
  7. Did anybody make it through the first four words of this article without giggling?
  8. Significant rain chances in weekend forecast. That sucks.
  9. Yes. The past couple years I've walked to the area of Fifth Street near El Arroyo to pick up an uber there. It's worth the walk. But I'm guessing uber rides are going to be expensive this year.
  10. I'm not sure how helpful the Arkansas game film will be. Sark adjusted with a new QB and tweaked the running game, and the Razorbacks played out of their minds.
  11. I'd like to think Tucker has a great shot at the Hall of Fame, but it seems like it's been harder for special teams players to make it in. Owning the NFL record certainly helps.
  12. More japs and this would be a perfect 10.
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