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  1. South Austin

    Fried Chicken

    Looks like I can skip Happy Chicks. Are you talking about Hi Wings? The menu looks really interesting. Definitely will check it out.
  2. Good move for Aranda. Waco is getting a Pappasito’s any day now.
  3. You’re young, you got your health. Whatchu need a job for?
  4. I assume all large governmental works projects all over the globe involve some level of kickback and corruption. Maybe I'm jaded, but that argument doesn't move the needle for me anymore. With that, other cities still produce pretty kick-ass mass transit.
  5. I’m all for this, until collective Surly tells me I should be against it.
  6. For the record, I got 1301. I mean, it's not a competition nor anything.
  7. What difference does it make?* *It makes none, but now you have gone, and your prejudice won't keep you warm tonight.
  8. Then I'm sad about this hire. Until someone tells me I should be happy.
  9. Clearly you’re playing checkers while Herman is playing Connect Four.
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